Monday, August 11, 2008

Tales of Tease - Volume 11

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Disclaimer! Please Read!! This blog will contain things that are not exactly suitable for all, and will be a little sexually graphic in nature. Hell, it will also be VERY long, and is a testament to how low my mind can go. If you DO NOT like sexual fantasies, and you especially don’t like ones that might be a little over the top, then crying to Yahell, your friends, me, or your mommy, will not overcome the fact that you are an idiot for reading past here. Thank You … signed The Madman Behind the Big Curtain!

It started innocent enough, with the two of us watching a movie together. I don’t think we were even past the opening credits before your hand started careening up and down my chest as you were snuggled up under my arm. We had been talking quite a bit I think, but it started here, and when your hand found its way to the front of my jeans I had no complaints whatsoever. I even remember sucking in my gut to try to encourage you to unfasten them because it was already getting very uncomfortable in them. Your touch was so gentle, and my mind was so full of the intoxicating sense of you being there and making me smile. My mind completely left me as you swallowed me whole in your mouth, no warning, no tease leading up to it, just warm lips enveloping me and forcing my mind to shut down with the ecstasy of it. I wasn’t going to complain because I already could tell that I felt better than I had felt in a very long time.

Your lips and tongue spent a while making me feel like the king of the universe before I felt the agony of separation. You stood up and stared at me as you stripped off your clothes to reveal your delicious body scantily clad with black stockings making me more aroused than I even thought possible. I reached to pull you to me so that I could caress your gorgeous legs with my hands, and caress those buttocks that your jeans had so teased me with the entire day. In a gentle motion staring straight into my eyes I found myself being guided inside of you, and ending with my eyes focused upon your beautiful face which now wore an almost innocent smile. The feeling going through me was so amazing that I even woke up a few times, but fell back inside of you as quickly as I rolled over from looking at my alarm clock to see that I had more time to enjoy how soft and warm you are. The feel of your stocking clad calves rubbing against my hips as you forced me to quiver inside of you hasn’t left my mind all day, and after the agony of holding myself back so desperately I finally lifted you up and placed you down on the couch.

My intentions were many as I slowly caressed your beautiful body laying soft kisses in every place that I could reach comfortably. I couldn’t hold back my need to explode inside of you, and at the same time I wanted it to last a lot longer. I wanted to taste you so bad that my hands were quivering as I placed my hands behind your knees and lifted your legs up so as to have easy access to where my lips and my tongue in all the places that it so desperately needed to be. I can still taste you as I sit here typing. My tongue bathed you, and my lips and teeth gently explored the place that had been so passionately making me feel like I was entering heaven. As a good student I started learning all of the places that made your body react the way I want it to, the way I need it to, and within hardly any time at all I had found the perfect combinations to force your body to submit to me. The cooing, the trembling, and screaming made me even further excited, and I worked furiously to bring you there again before your body had even recovered from being there the first time.

It was with the soles of your feet gently running up my chest and perching your sexy ankles on my shoulders that I entered you again, softly without a word, but the soft murmur of a stifled moan. The correct term for it all was “making love” more certainly than it had ever been an emotion that I could even explain. My hands were gliding up and down your legs as I kept the slowest pace my mind would let me. I was terrified of exploding at any moment, and wanted the delicious feeling coursing through my entire body to last as long as it possibly could. Your fingers were running up and down my stomach when they weren’t gripped around my thighs, and your gentle caress was telling me more than even your beautiful eyes were singing to me as I stared at them. It could have lasted forever, and quite frankly should have lasted for all of my days, but it didn’t.

I cursed the damn alarm clock when it woke me up, and I knew that I couldn’t just go back to you even though I desperately wanted too. The call of responsibility and a day that was not going to go on without me, had ripped me from your arms, and now I was furiously trying to stop the screeching of that alarm. I lay in bed shaking off the cobwebs and watching ER to try to calm down but needless to say I stumbled to my den so that I could try to snap out of it long enough to hop in the shower and take on my day. Namelessly, facelessly, the scent of you, the sensuality of everything that you were, or possibly are coursed through me, and made me a bit sad to actually have to walk away from you. In the end my day wasn’t exactly a failure, as I made the best of what little I have, and tried to forget about the memory of the woman of my dreams. It failed as I heard your voice again and had spent every moment since thinking about how wonderful you felt last night.

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Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, screw ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! .. Jeremy

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  1. Nice story,as i have been reading your blogs off and on for the past few months.
    I indeed have read this before to me personally.
    Hmmm? I wondering when?

  2. Can't fault a guy for recycling his own writing now and again :)

  3. I'm not faulting a guy for recycling his own writings now and then.
    Just needing to say thought that this particular writing was personal to who you wrote it too at the time.
    It's such a erotic writing.

  4. Yes very erotic.
    Uh, what movie was that the two of you were watchi-- never mind.