Friday, June 20, 2008

Some More Reasons I Am Jeremy Crow After All - Volume 10

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Well there is a little black and white cat sleeping downstairs on the futon, which wasn’t here a few hours ago. I actually could have avoided this one, but I decided to go across the street and get some more work done at the offices about 11 pm and there she was wrapped up in the back axle of one of the trucks. I really did try to ignore the thing as it whined for help, and I even went as far as to turn my headphones up so that the noise was drowned out, but it couldn’t drown out the tapping on the window of my car. This tapping was from one of the guys that work’s in the company downstairs from the office that I clean. I was so screwed at that point.

He stood there holding this limp black and white bundle with a knotted rope hanging around its neck, and that was how it had gotten hung up in the back axle of the truck I so desperately tried to look at. It was pathetic, and didn’t appear to even have the energy to struggle as it was held out to me, and I opened my window, like a moron, and took it. Her fur was so nasty that you couldn’t even tell there was white in it, and the matted balls of fur {that later I had to cut out} numbered in the several dozen. The poor thing sat on my lap as I drove across the street to call the local police, and laid perfectly still against me as I carried her through the plant to get to the phone. Again she didn’t seem to have the energy to struggle, but as I talked to the police, I realized that I didn’t like their way of dealing with strays like this, which would be a call to the emergency vet and a needle.

I filled out a PTO {Paid Time Off} slip for the last three hours of work and took the cat to my car with the makeshift leash still on her. To be honest with you she had obviously been living on her own a while and with a 5 foot leash hanging off of her was a miracle she survived. It was a bit worrisome because the factory is nowhere near any houses whatsoever, so the search for her home is not going to go well, but then again why should it? That leash I left on to get her home and make sure she stayed ok {which ended up being moot as the cat passed out on the passenger’s seat and didn’t move a muscle the whole half hour ride home} but was a bad statement towards whatever owner she may have had. I am such a sucker for cats, it’s horrible.

She wasn’t exactly thrilled with finding herself in my kitchen sink when she got to my house, but I wasn’t allowing her into the general population here without being cleaned of fleas and ticks, but in the end she just basically stood there with her face in a food dish while I brushed out all the gnarls, cut out all the burs, and washed out all of the fleas. She remained quite docile throughout it all actually and didn’t even show any free will until I took her downstairs to the section of the house that my son and I live in {in seclusion because of the girls, and in an area that my other cat can’t get to} where the second I put her down she went straight under my antique ice chest and refused to come out. At this point I thought it was probably a good thing since she could adapt in her own time. About an hour later she had popped out demanding some attention, and then went even further downstairs and set up residence on the futon I sleep on when my father is in town. The rope and the home made noose collar have since been removed.

Now of course my other cat is furious with me. If I try to go near her {see you can never have two women of any kind under one roof} she hisses at me violently and takes swipes at me with her claws. I even tried to bribe her with a chunk of ham and she sniffed it and then spit on me. Little brat went scurrying into my oldest daughters room and I have a feeling that she won’t want anything to do with me for a while. Upon coming back downstairs the new kitty runs away from me so I just put the food, water and the kitty litter box {which she used the second I put it down thank God} that I made out of a copy paper box so that the two of them don’t get all snippy over the other one. I’ll simply figure out what I am going to do from here after I get some sleep but I am sure that she won’t be able to stay here long term. In the end if I have to take her to the animal shelter I will, but I will have to have some sort of arrangement that they need to call me if she goes beyond the “remains alive” period that they give them there. Of course I hate going in there because I can never handle looking at all the cats that are in there begging me to take them. I better get into heaven for this crap ;8o)

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