Friday, May 30, 2008

Realities of a Wounded Crow - Volume 3

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You never know what is going to happen next around here. I’m sitting here at another one of the myriad of doctors appointments that I have to sit through when my father comes back into town, so needless to say you are going to have to forgive any punctuation or typo issues I have because it is nearly impossible to fix them all when you are typing on a cell phone. On that note it always seems to hit the fan when my father comes into town. It isn’t his fault it is just a rather large disruption in my new and improved “orderly” life that I had installed over the last 9 months. This said “orderly” life was installed because of the whole ordeal I went through going out to Florida and bringing him back here to recover last September, which had shown me how amazingly “disorderly” my life was.

This is how it works unfortunately when you add in another responsibility on my already taxed soul. I have 3 kids all with amazingly different needs. The combination that God threw me of a 15 year old girl, a 9 year old boy, and a 7 year old girl is pure chaos. One is in high school; the other two are in elementary school. The fact that girls are inherently born without a conscience and boys are inherently born needy for their mother doesn’t aid my situation, especially as it pertains to my time and energy. My son can’t have his mother because she is a total loser, and the daughters get on my nerves so fast because they torment the son and have no respect for anything outside of their own drama. It goes beyond that sometimes and I just can’t put my finger on it.

Yesterday I was busy, having to take my father to his doctor’s appointments. It’s not all that easy because when he is in town I have to sleep on the futon which makes it very hard to get up in the morning and getting up early and quickly is a large part of the task. It makes me grumpy to put it lightly and I can’t stand being rushed around. My father is good enough natured about it all, but nobody else seems to care about the loss of several hours every day for a week in the life of a single father and how damaging that can be to his psychological and physical nature. Why should they anyway? The smallest things can set me off though and unfortunately when I have little to no time and am falling apart emotionally and physically there doesn’t tend to be any small things.

I got through it all yesterday relatively unscathed and was home in time to make my breakfast and go off to work. My breakfast was interrupted by the phone call. There always seems to be that phone call when I am squeaking by, and this one was a doozie. It was the vice principal of the high school on the other end of the phone needing to talk to me about an incident. My mind started racing because my oldest had been home for over an hour and was trying to con me into letting her go on a church trip to Canobie Lake. This is her usual method of operation as she is totally devoid of conscience, she will usually try to lock in “promises” from the rest of us before the shit hits the fan and then fall on martyrdom when they are taken away from her. It was all falling into place quite nicely actually.

It appeared that my wonderful daughter had witnessed a student assaulting another student at school and recoded video of the whole thing. She then went around the school showing it to everyone and talking about how she was going to send it to YouTube. It wouldn’t sound like much if the police hadn’t been involved. Her camera was taken away as evidence, and she was suspended from school. Her completely devoid of conscience mind found no problem with anything she had done, and she even seemed to think that her version of the story was better than the vice principals and the police. I was LIVID because it was beyond anything that I could possibly accept in anyone much less my daughter. Her closed little mind didn’t even accept the logic from where I was standing, which would be that her vice principal was literally shaking as he talked to me on the phone. He was at a total loss for words, and for a vice principal to get like that is nearly impossible. Did I mention that I had to deal with all of this during the half hour before I had to go to work? I did lose my temper and will not be apologizing for it any time too soon, because in one stupid idea she probably has lost her summer job and her scholarships for college. Both of which were predicated on her being a role model, and I think they will check with the police somewhere during the process. What a wonderful way to head off to work.

While we are on that subject it always appears that work gets ten times more difficult when my plate at home gets too full. This week was no exception, and on top of that I appear to have a rather growing animosity between myself and my boss going on. He has been willingly not ordering the supplies I need, and we ran out this week, which meant that I had a lot of angry people looking at me for answers. The answers they got were “BLAME HIM” and now as I sit here dealing with my lack of time and typing on a cell phone, I also am facing the pending doom of him hanging around to “talk” to me tonight. I may get lucky and get fired tonight but I never seem to get that lucky. In any regards my level of “don’t give a shit” has lifted itself to an all new low there. This of course coupled with a poor night’s sleep followed by getting up to early and a back that always starts killing me with all the stress, I wouldn’t really want to be him tonight either. No matter what happens tonight, I have tomorrow off figuratively as I still have 4 children to take care of all weekend regardless. ;8o)

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