Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some More Reasons I am Jeremy Crow After All - Volume 7

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Well somehow I managed to save up a small nest egg and was applying it to getting myself in order financially. Life isn’t all about screwing with the credit card and credit reporting agencies after all. Part of my working on my financial security these days is by staying ahead of the flow. I’m not wealthy but I have somehow managed to crawl out of my poverty that was created by my injury, divorce and custody battle, and have become a bit of a finance hawk. This of course is how my father got started, so I am trying to take a page out of his book and balance it all a bit better. It was time to start buttoning up a different angle of my life, and that means my appearance.

The last time I had bought new clothes was because I was on my way to Seattle, and that was quite a few years ago. It predated my injury as a matter of fact. I added to what apparel I had in bits and pieces through Wal-Mart. Things like shoes, socks and underwear needed to be replaced more frequently than jeans, and shirts. There was another problem in all of this which is the fact that I am a pack rat and accumulate free clothes and never get rid of them. Sunday night I had decided it was time to take a few hundred dollars and redo my wardrobe, but it was inspired by being sick of owning cheap shoes. While looking online to purchase a pair of my favorite shoes {Merrel} which I haven’t owned in at least a year, I went a bit crazy.

After deciding that I wanted more than a plain black pair of Merrels I actually ended up purchasing 3 pairs in different colors, which cost me about 180 dollars. Now for me that is a huge investment, especially on shoes, but I had the money and figured I will just get myself set up in that department. As I was sitting here in my pants that have been uncomfortably too tight I decided to get some of those too. I purchased 6 pairs of Wrangler jeans and 6 new baseball shirts. Socks I didn’t need because I have always made sure I had 100 pairs of socks and underwear at all times. Growing up rarely ever having these things obviously damaged me, but the second one gets a hole I throw it away and replace it with 6 more pairs. As I was going up in size on my jeans I decided to get a nice belt, and a new “wired” back pack, for my dozens of tech things I have to have on me at all times. Pretty boring, I know, but it was over 350 dollars worth of decisions which for me is pretty bold.

The clothes showed up today, which was pretty surprising, but it was time to take on the other reason I was doing all of this. I squeezed open the drawers on my dresser and looked in on the mess of clothes that had been piled up over the last few years and no longer fit in there. I felt like a slob because I always had to keep a laundry basket full of clothes in front of the dresser, and the scary part was that when I got into the back of it all there were actually a lot of good clothes that I never wore because they were hidden behind crap. I used the huge box that the clothes came in to throw all of the clothes on the way out away. The trick here was to be all encompassing, since I hate throwing clothes to the Goodwill people, and have a collection of shit clothes that would rival almost anyone.

I decided that I only needed 2 Patriots shirts and eliminated the 12 that had holes in them. I only needed 2 Red Sox shirts and eliminated the 8 that had holes in them or showed off my baseball fan style beer belly all too well. I eliminated the 2 dozen t-shirts that various political candidates had given me over the years {all of which had lost sooner or later} and the 2 dozen bowling shirts with various teams I had been on, or competitions I had competed in. They were all no longer reasonably nostalgic. Then the jeans I had been saving because I was going to be that size again someday. Some of those sizes weren’t very healthy when I was that size anyway. Now it was a bit scary that all of my things {including the new ones} could have fit comfortably in 1 drawer. It felt good though. ;8o)

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