Saturday, January 5, 2008

Superdaddyman Takes on Lazius Boycrazius - Volume 9

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Oh woe-be-gone is the life of an A Class Super Hero of such amazing prowess as the Superdaddyman. Despite the greatest of means and superior mental ability, it is quite a task for the greatest super hero known to mankind to try to deal with the most awe inspiring gang of super villains ever assembled. Sure there were a few times when that whole Spider smashing combination of Venom, Doctor Octopus, The Green Goblin, Sandman, Carnage, and The Vulture looked formidable, especially with The Kingpin pulling the strings, but let’s face it, The Superdaddyman would have been mildly bored taking down that troop. When dealing with such vicious, conscienceless, craven lunatics as Lazius Boycrazius, Imtoocutus, The Diabolical Captain ADHD, Greektradgedius Intraining, and the strings being pulled, knotted, and burned at both ends by Greektradgedius Inyiddish, it leaves little time for sanity. This is, after all their time of year to create havoc and chaos that those light weights that grace the covers of the Comic Books, could never understand.

It was a mere two days ago that the Superdaddyphone {powered by Sprint} rang and at the other end was one of Superdaddyman’s operatives stationed at the Casa-Di-North {High School} who had been keeping look out over the Muscle of The Terrorist Organization Known as the Evils’s {TOKE} Lazius Boycrazius, with bad news. Despite the amazing mental abilities of the Caped Pervader, he had somehow been lulled into a false sense of believing that Big Evil had been tamed as of late, or at least house broken. She had been involved in many activities at Casa-Di-North which had always been believed were “Merit Based” and would have been taken from her by the administration should she fall behind in her training there. It has been a time honored tradition among the reputable institutions of discipline across this great nation that “failing” means you can’t participate in electives, so the Superdaddyman felt confident that he had finally gotten her involved in electives and because of this she would apply herself. At the very least, the Superdaddyman was assuming {when you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME} that by being expelled from these activities it would at least be an early warning device. If Superdaddyman has one weakness {which all of you fine boys and girls should know by now} it is his overwhelming need to believe that some things in life will merit assistance. WHAT AN IDIOT HUH?

The voice on the other end of the Superdaddyphone was not cheerful, it was not wavering, and it was not mistaken. Lazius Boycrazius was failing classes and not handing in homework, and she had successfully disposed of her progress reports and notes that were being sent home from administrators at the Casa-Di-North. The Superdaddyman should have been shocked, but was unfortunately NOT shocked in the least. If anything he was mildly surprised, because this would be the fourth time that these things have disappeared, and the “educational” department makes it easy enough to do so. It would be the norm around here for the “educational” system to ignore it’s responsibilities to take away electives when Lazius Boycrazius has decided to simply not do the work, and worse than that her diabolical little mind manipulates these things and people with college degrees in dealing with people like HER fell right into it. As always she simply waited it out and pushed the limits until she realized there were no limits and then simply quit.

Now what actually infuriates the Superdaddyman in all of this {and I am sure that someone understands his frustration} is that it is simply another one of those things where nobody will help install responsibility or even encourage it. Superdaddyman was forced to have a “sit down” with Lazius Boycrazius and lay down the “law” which included taking away all of her electives. In the goal of “wild animal” training it simply falls into the mind of the “wild animal” that you are training that “Superdaddyman is mean” as apposed to “There are certain expectations with responsibility.” It would be an acceptable situation if they would at least sit back and say “Oops we’re idiots” like the Department of Human Services does when they fail to make The Mother of all the Evils’s pay her child support, but on the contrary the people that were supposed to make her ineligible to be involved in these activities call the Superdaddyman and try to make him feel guilty for removing her himself! What in the name of God is an Evils’s supposed to learn from all of this other than “Superdaddyman is mean!”

Now here is where the Guardian of the Gates {Greektradgedius Intraining} comes into all of this as she like the Superdaddyman has had to fight the fury of the evil Greektradgedius Inyiddish throughout this entire endeavor. Calling a spade a spade it is obvious that GTIY hates teenage girls. She has done nothing over the last year but point out every fault that Lazius Boycrazius has ever had and what faults she has from moment to moment. Some of it is true but most of it comes under the heading of “nit picking” at best. It has been immeasurable tyranny to try to micro-manage the Casa-Di-Evils’s with GTIY stomping around ready to whine at everyone at every given moment about Lazius Boycrazius’s faults and what she ought to be doing instead of her electives, and it had brought the Superdaddyman to the point of having to have loud {very fucking loud} discussions with her over “leaving her alone” which now has not only made an ass out of the Superdaddyman, but GTIT as well. GTIY has NOT been smearing our noses in all of this {or at the very least hasn’t been doing the “I was right you were wrong I am gonna sing the I was right song” in front of us} but that is merely because the Superdaddyman and GTIT have both installed a certain fear of death in her if she should choose to. The Superdaddyman would actually accept a certain amount of this because he feels really stupid in it all, and is thinking more dreamily about the fact that he only has 3 more years of this before “golden footprint” number one gets applied. It’s rather sad actually, but she is simply biding her time to use this weapon later.

It doesn’t exactly end here though either unfortunately for the Superdaddyman is also dealing with the second round of some of the things that might have made Lazius Boycrazius what she is. Captain ADHD is now in the fourth grade at Casa-Di-West where they are gearing up to send him off to Casa-Di-North completely ill prepared to be there too. GTIT has been desperately trying to head this off, but the Superdaddyman fears that she is fighting a losing battle as well. Despite his amazing amount of ADHD, and other learning disabilities they are giving him work that is far too difficult for ANY fourth grader. This was affirmed by GTIT and the other teachers at the school that she teaches at {eighth grade} who wouldn’t give the work load to THEIR students. Captain ADHD is already displaying the signs of what {sadly} is the only solution to impossibly difficult tasks in most people, which is to simply quit. The Superdaddyman tried to have logical conversations with the people on that end and they are using the normal pabulum of “We have a high standard” to which the Superdaddyman was forced to point out the obvious of having been down this road before. They may have a high curriculum but they won’t fail anyone either. Evils’s will be victims of this every year as they will get pushed along to the next grade after struggling for air for an entire year without learning anything. ;8o)

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