Tuesday, January 8, 2008

God Bless The Idiots - Volume 16

I can hear it already “here he goes again” coming from the mouths of both of my dedicated readers, but it is after all “that day” when I have to go in and vote for my presidential candidate. I rant like a lunatic just about every year, because voting in the primaries has become a total waste of time, but I do my diligent duty every year. To a hail of jeers I am always willing to admit I am a Republican, and I have been ever since the Democratic party has been hijacked by weirdoes {notably I was a Democrat when I voted for Tsongas over Bill Clinton in the New Hampshire primary} and decided that it was best to just admit that I was a Republican and fight the fight over there. Since then though the Primary system has been hijacked as well, and it doesn’t matter what party you are affiliated with because you can grab whatever ballot you feel like.

Now despite the sycophantic whining that I hear from the wishy washy every couple of years when I complain about this, I stand pretty firm that only Republicans should chose the Republican candidate and Democrats should chose the Democratic candidate. I point out quite fixedly that we have had bad candidates on both sides of the political isle ever since they initiated the “come and go” voter registration in this country. The horribly uninformed, dispassionate, uninvolved masses simply walk in and vote for whomever they “heard” they were supposed to vote for, and in a lot of situations simply to vote against the other. Anyone who is angry that Bush has been president the last 8 years can firmly blame the lunatic fringe of the Democratic party, because they started a huge campaign in New Hampshire to go vote for McCain instead of in their own primary, and the Republicans around the country went and voted for Bush just to keep McCain OUT. There were better candidates that could have been elected had this childish crap not gone forward, but we also have to blame the two worst presidential candidates in the history of the Democratic party running against Bush in the general elections as well. This too was caused by the “I have to vote for him?” mentality and look where it has gotten us.

I’m going to pull the lever for Huckabee despite the fact that he is slated to lose badly in the New Hampshire primary. I make educated decisions and because of that I am still running nearly perfect in primary voting. My candidates have NEVER won the general election, and in most cases the people I vote for in the general lose too. I am no expert but I am terrified this time around because the campaign has gone on so long now that I know without a shadow of a doubt that the two best candidates will never win the primaries and the candidates that have been chosen by the media are unanimously the most scary we have ever had on both sides of the isle. The Republicans have made it a battle between a former mayor with no morals whatsoever, a senator with no sanity whatsoever {better learn Spanish people}, a governor who was so hated when he left office that he made Massachusetts even more Democratic then even I thought was possible, and an actor who doesn’t even “act” like he is really running. The thought of the Democrats parading out a woman who was the reason that her husband lost the house and the senate {that health care bill still gives me the quivers}, a senator who’s only credential is that he is black {sorry to be blunt but every time he opens his mouth I feel doomed}, a man running around talking about the “poor America” who is filthy rich from suing people and pretending to channel dead spirits in court {proud of me for not bringing up that he has never met a loved one he couldn’t kill off for pity either?} makes me ill. The Democrats actually have a very good candidate by the name of Bill Richardson running, but he will get killed. He’s not “lunatic fringe” enough to win a Democratic Primary. If it were a contest between Huckabee and Richardson I would be happy with either of them!

Let’s face it, we are doomed by our own inclusiveness, and we always will be. Rather than accepting a certain set of norms, we will always do our best to change our ways in the hopes of integrating other. Those that seek to kill us for simply being “us” know this dirty little secret and it always comes down to our own inability to accept that “including” those that don’t want to be included, shouldn’t be an option. Actively recruiting those that don’t believe in anything that you do is ridiculous at best but integrating them into your body like a cancer is fool hearty. I go through this with people on religion quite a bit too. It has nothing to do with being a religious zealot either, but if you completely disagree with a certain religion then you are NOT a part of it. Demanding change from within a church is rather infantile, but equally as destructive. It comes down to your set of beliefs and how you believe is what makes you what you are. If you don’t like the way Catholics worship then you are most likely the idiot for sitting in a Catholic church with hundreds of other Christian fellowships to chose from. Your belief system should take you to the one that works for you instead of playing the martyr to change the one that works for others the way it is.

Politically speaking this is the same theorem, because I sit and listen to people with their laundry lists of things that they want to change about their political parties. The answer to the rant is “then you are not a member of that party” but the problem in that is that realistically we only have two parties to choose from in this country. I actually get that but there is a certain amount of cowardice in this as well. Starting a new party is too difficult for people and there are enough excuses to "not do it" as well, so why try. Despite the rancor, I actually believe in about 98 percent of what the Republican party stands for and I vocalize that which I do not. I am actually one of those evil Pro-Life people, and have my reasons, but I would never vote against a Pro-Choice candidate. It’s not a political issue and would take more than any one candidate is going to do to change the law on abortion. I used to love the dingbats that believed that Bill Clinton personally kept abortion legal, while at the same time totally neglecting the fact that G. W. Bush did absolutely nothing to make it illegal. Perceptions will always keep people in power or out of power and the Pro-Whatever debate has been one of the greatest weapons against the dreadfully ill-informed. People are all over Death Penalty issues as well, but perception keeps everyone from knowing anything. If that were my biggest regards then Bill Clinton would have been my man. His record of presiding over death row inmates deaths was impeccable. He even watched a man with an IQ {officially} of being severely retarded killed after he left half of his “last meal” for when he got back from the execution. This of course occurred during the presidential campaign. The governor after him {Huckabee} gets ripped for commuting too many sentences, but it takes someone who looks into these things to judge, when you merge the two and get an obvious outcome. Happy election farce ;8o)

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