Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Jeremy Crow Christmas Countdown 2007: #8

Yesterday I took my father to the airport so that he could escape from here just in time for Christmas. I don’t blame him really, because I would be quite a liar if I didn’t say truthfully that I would love to escape before Christmas every year. Back in September I got that phone call that meant I had to go out to the den of human waste {Florida} and look after my father while he was in the hospital. I brought him back here with me and looked after his recovery, and then he up and left right before Christmas. It’s typical, and understandable wrapped up in a tampon wrapper, because you really do have both sides of the coin here. The one that I truthfully have to acknowledge is “I wouldn’t want to survive, just to be thrust into hell” either.

I would be lying to say that having my father around for the last few months didn’t have it’s advantages as well. I am for the most part caught up on all of my bills with only 7 days left until that day that usually sets me back on my bills for most of the year. After spending the last few months dealing with all of my father’s financials and his will I have discovered that he is even more wealthy than I predicted, which is neither here nor there, but it did help a out when I asked for assistance when bills came in. He did cheerfully cover all of the debt I incurred going out to hell {Florida} on a moments notice, and broke. I would be lying if I also didn’t say that I worry that it wasn’t my last trip out there as he is going back again.

The question of why he would want to escape must be on someone’s mind at this point, but it is a pretty simple reason, chronicled quite well in my past blogs, but the people here are completely and utterly fucked up! First there are the whiners that will pester you the entire day to wait on them hand and foot. You then have the headaches of never being able to please anyone. Follow this with the unfulfilled expectations, and you have no reason to want to be a part of this. Am I saying that this is normal on Christmas day? Absolutely not! It’s quite demented and sad really, but it is after all what happens here, and again I say that if I didn’t have to be here for this I certainly would not. The fact remains that there are now seven days to prepare for what is left.

On that note I haven’t done too badly this year. The whole “Christmas Present” issue ran me about 500$ and I got all of my shopping done Sunday morning {Newegg.Com}. I got a cell phone with a built in camera for Greektradgedius Inyiddish {translation – because I never learn – I bought an electronic albatross that will place the queen in her throne demanding that I press all the buttons for her or face the wrath of guilt}, a Wireless N router and card for Greektradgedius Intraining {translation – because I bend in the wind – so she will stop damaging my computer every night when I am at work}, Two Fuji 5 Megapixel digital cameras for the littler evils’s {translation – because all that matters is the “out of the box” impression – they will get sick of using them after 2 days}, a HD DVD Player for Greektradgedius Intraining’s Husband {translation – I couldn’t find any tools he doesn’t have}, Lazius Boycrazius I got her a Palm Pilot {translation – I am stupid enough to think that a 15 year old girl can get organized} and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for us all to watch Christmas night. I’ve done better, but at least I didn’t have to go anywhere to do it all. It doesn’t help that all of the time I missed being in Florida with my father has made it so that I am the only person at work with no time off left either, so the run up to Christmas means that I have to work 10 hour evenings right up until Christmas eve. It’s a pain considering that I have 45 minutes of rive time each way too, so I have no temper for doing other things on top of it.

There are some caveats to it all though now that my father has left. I have a bedroom again. Another day sleeping on that futon in the entertainment room was going to kill me, and the lack of privacy has worn me down to my last nerve. You can imagine how it has been dealing with it all as nobody had a respect for my privacy when I could lock a door what it has been like with no door at all. I will admit that it could have been worse considering that I don’t expect respect anyway. Tonight I am going to go into MY bedroom, lock MY door, and sleep until MY alarm clock wakes MY lazy ass up! It’s all about the small victories after all ;8o)

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  1. I know work can be overwhelming, not to mention really cold, but at least you do have about 12 hours (including drive time) by yourself. The bad thing is you actually have to work.