Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Jeremy Crow Christmas Countdown 2007: #1

Another Christmas is just about in the can. There were a few more surprises this year, and a few more things left to do. I have the new harry Potter DVD for everyone to watch later, before bed, and during that time I am going to try to repair all of this year’s Christmas damage. The other family decided to buy all the kids cheap computer accessories and while I was taking a nap {since I had to stay up all night so that I could be awake for Christmas morning} they all installed them on their computers. After the reboots all 3 of their computers are locked up cold. I have tried every easy way I can think of to repair them all, and I have many many hours ahead of me of reinstalling all of the operating systems cold. Oh well it happens every few months anyway, just never all on one day.

This Christmas marked a very strange situation as well, as for the first time ever all of my kids forgot to get me any gifts. I’d like to say that it was n big deal but it kinda hurt. Captain ADHD has been a nightmare for the last month because his mother has been brain washing times 3 the last few months, and he resorted to a spoiled rotten temper tantrum earlier because he hates everyone here. It gets a little beguiling because he is being worked over so hard by an evil harpy, but unfortunately he is also starting to reach the age where he better start learning to respect people as well. He received about 300 dollars in gifts all by himself, and at one time he would have appreciated that, but now a days it’s getting hard to decipher how much of it can be blamed on the influence of others and how much of it has to land squarely in my own lap. In a nutshell I probably should have spanked the shit out of him for his behavior today, said with a small grin of course.

Imtoocutus was no better today realistically, as she set down all of her gifts and demanded that everyone open them for her. Don’t worry, because she did end up opening them all herself. I was actually impressed with how well behaved Lazius Boycrazius was though especially in light of the fact that in the tradition of most families, her pile of gifts gets smaller each year. This is the norm and she is probably handling it a lot better than I did at her age, but then again she has several families that try to buy her love all year long anyway. She seems to handle that pretty good as well, but she also knows that her gifts tend to cost more than the other children’s as well. Giving credit where credit is due though, I don’t think most kids actually get that. All three of the kids did well this year though, as I had taken them all out and gave them 40 dollars to do all their Christmas shopping and each of them managed to get all of their gifts in the allotted amount. Imtoocutus {probably owed to the fact that she always goes to do the grocery shopping with whoever does it} was actually the best at it. She made a list and stuck to it, and had her whole list done in record time with a few dollars left to get herself some school supplies. The facts that nobody else bothered to take the kids out to get gifts for me still pisses me off a bit, as if anyone couldn’t tell.

On a lighter note, I had about an hour to talk to my cousin {the older one} while everyone else had gone to the Christmas pageant. It’s rather amusing that she lives with my mother and I live with hers, so we exchanged a lot of notes on this. I hate my mother and pretty much left it at that as I have made that damn obvious. I especially hate her after she tried to weasel her way into my father’s age inflicted condition while he was living here with us. I had erupted in a tirade over the fact that she was under no circumstances allowed to talk to him because he wasn’t in any state to deal with a con woman, and that was the final straw with us. The one sad part of all of that is that my cousin had acknowledged without me even pointing it out that, my mother knew that. She on the other hand had a different set of issues with my aunt which I found rather amusing after I had gotten a bit more background on it all.

You see my aunt {as far as my family is concerned} married DOWN this time around. I will be the first to admit that my uncle coming from the stock of my ex-wives family is a bit “Oafish” and his family annoys the piss out of me obviously. I didn’t appreciate the fact that the only things his daughter said to me during the hell of spending Christmas eve with them was how each of the kids looked like duplicates of her family. Aside from the fact that it wasn’t true, it was a rather sore subject around here anyway. Neither here nor there I was dealing with the fact that the reason that she was so upset about all of this was the fact that it was her mother that taught her to be this way as it pertained to being a snob, and the fact that her mother had completely shrugged off the whole snobbish nature that their family had engaged was infuriating to her. I actually understood this!

I pointed out to her that life is full of bad decisions and the worst of it all is that we almost certainly always have to answer for them. When her mother had started her pursuit of turning her children into Dresden Dolls she was younger than she was. I pointed out to her that when she was at the age that her mother made the conscious decision to transform her into the model of success that she was trying to imbibe in her that she was married to a man that was “above” her stature {meaning her father} who was in reality a stereotypical Neanderthal Greek ass wipe with an overpaid career. In the eyes of her mother, who was {again} younger than her, it looked like this was how life was supposed to be, and in reality it was wrong. I reminded her that when she was at the age that her mother made these stupid decision, she was making amazingly dumb decisions {like trying to kill herself all the time} and it needed to be put into perspective. Things change when you are a 50 year old woman trying to meet Mr. Right and incapable of being alone, and her mother made the decision to choose a man that was gentle, and would be happy doing most everything that she wanted to do. In other words it gets considerably harder to meet the man that is successful and has all of those qualities, at her age, and hopefully she will see that in time. I pointed out to her what happens when she marries men like her father, and it seemed to set.

Well that should do it for this year’s Christmas Countdown. Despite my inability to find time to write with my overly hectic life, there is something too special to avoid in the Christmas Countdowns that forced me to find the time. It’s probably the fact that I found my chosen families online in this fashion, and like every year it was when I opened up the Christmas presents from my online families that put the biggest grins on my face. Momma Cathy and Pappa Don sent me a Wal-Mart gift card as they usually do {I missed not getting their photo on it this year though, as I still keep the old ones in my wallet like family photos} and I got wonderful gifts from my sweetie pie. It is always said that a man’s mortality is based in the ability to be remembered after they are gone, and in a lot of ways I have been “gone” and the reminders of being remembered lift me up so much during the hard times that fell on me. I just wanted everyone reading this to remember that you all have been granted immortality through my heart, and I love all you. Here’s hoping for another year ;8o)

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  1. Hopefully this means you helped your cousin to take a better path in life now that you explained a few things and she seems to have gotten them. I'm also glad you have someone who listens to you at least some of the time.
    One day I should get your address, so I could send you a small gift too. I know I don't like to use the Instant Messenger service thing a ma-gig, but I still like e-mailing you from time to time. I never have anything to talk about anyway. : )
    Have an even better New Year!!

    PS Sorry I don't help much or make much sense.