Thursday, September 20, 2007

As the Crow Flies - Volume 2

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DISCLAIMER - This is a hate filled rant with very little, but some insight {very little actually} and a lot of raw emotional angst in it. If you find strong language, extremely judgmental commentary, hate, and rage offensive, then please keep in mind that you have been warned. Crying to me, your second grade principal, the DNC, my ISP, your mommy or just about anyone else will only install the proof that you may have a mental disorder for reading past HERE ...
OK, so I gave a little bit of a run down of what it has been like to be in Florida taking care of my father while he recovers from the DTs, but I think it is time to elaborate. Should anyone from Florida be reading this I will say that I am probably not talking about you, but if you find that I am along the way then please just kill yourself because you are a blight on society. I am not in a good mood and I am going to be really blunt as I explain some of these fascinating things that I learned while I have been here. First and foremost I blame my father for a lot of this despite how sick he truly is, I really don't have much pity at this point and possibly could be leaving Florida sometime late next week never to see him again. I will try to make it different but this isn't as easy as it seems.
When I arrived in Florida I was greeted to not being able to get a rental car, because I didn't have enough credit and they wouldn't take cash or a credit card that didn't have my name on it, and that was actually understandable, but at the same time through the eyes of who and what I am it was painful and filled me with despair. I am a single father living paycheck to paycheck that had to borrow every dime that I came here with and it took some trickery for me to get every last dime I had back home onto my credit card so that I could get a rental car for one day. The guy behind the counter said to just call back each day and extend it a day and I would be fine. The problem was that as I called back each day nobody there was recording this in the computer and I am now driving a stolen car. It will remain so until Monday because I am not going back to Jacksonville and spending the day trying to rectify this. Oh well. I have been running out of money rather fast as I have been here a week and was expecting about 4 days. The doctors alerted me yesterday that I had a week to go still. Oh well.
Today was a good day, because my father was lucid when I went there this morning. I finally got him to eat baby food for lunch and he was able to take medication orally because of that. He went through the mid day psychosis where I had to explain to him who I am and who he is for a while but by dinner time I had him feeding himself Salisbury steak and rice {albeit like a 3 year old} but he was doing it and that was a huge success. He is still fighting some of his treatment but I can usually get him to stop by telling him he has to or he doesn't leave. I finally got a phone call from one of his friends telling me that the other one of his friends was going in and out of his house which pissed me off because I have also been concerned about the place being ransacked before I got there and despite others denying it, it bothered me while I was already dealing with the issues of my father, my children, my not working, and my debt growing to the level of not being able to recover til next year. I am not happy being stuck in this hole sweet hell known as Florida enough as it is. I waited for my father to take a nap and went to his house to find out who the hell is going to get their ass kicked, and that is the only way I have been able to look at it from my stand point, and perhaps do some cleaning. That was when the phone rang, and it was someone I had been conversing with telling me that the person from his other gang of friends was coming over to bring me my fathers things.
Now keep in mind that I didn't know what was being brought to me and there was actually a part of me that thought one of these inbred to fuck ass wipes were going to show up with a gun or something, but I was looking forward to the challenge, and was feeling bloodthirsty to be honest with you. I think the heat down here really does effect people's brains and perhaps that is why they are mostly so stupid but I digress. An SUV showed up full of my father's things, including several things my father had actually left with MY FUCKING NAME AND ADDRESS ON THEM! Insert banjo music here as I had the story told of how they were keeping these things from me until my father's brother got here. It was of the utmost importance that he get these things and not me. For what I really have no clue {insert banjo music here} but it finally became apparent that he wasn't coming down here. Um ... I dunno, but maybe that is because HE DOESN'T COME TO PROBLEMS HE RUNS FROM THEM! I know that all I need to do is beat one of these Billy Inbred to death and I will feel better but after my father is better.
Here is the real problem as I see it and I may be wrong, but I will state it anyway, and probably carve it on a tombstone or two down here when I leave, BUT ... I am a single father with 3 children. The sole supporter of those three children and myself who had finally caught up on all of my debt and had just gotten home from work on Friday and put my feet up on the desk and was going to relax because I deserved it. I was going to do some writing about happy things and work on my novels and just enjoy life, and then I got the phone call {which the person who called me was forbidden to do by the scum but did anyway ... learned that today too} and was told by a nurse at the hospital that I had to come down here. Where is here? It is St Augustine Florida, America's oldest city, the place where Ponce De Leon came to find the fountain of youth, and where every piece of shit who has ever been thrown out of some other city by fear of a lynch mob ends up. I kinda knew this and wanted to just believe that my father was knew what he was doing. It's been proven now and along side everything else that I am going through {did I mention that I will be lucky to get caught up from all of this non working very expensive 2000 miles away from home bullshit sometime after Christmas?} I have to deal with all of this side crap. Congratulations St Fucking Augustine Florida, you own this now.
The good news is that my father is now co-funding this trip to misery as I was able to recover about 1000$ from his things that were brought back. I can guarantee that some is missing but that is neither here nor there, and will be taken out in violent trade should anyone cross me again. After 4 strait days of torrential down pours from a nasty tropical storm {unfortunately it was NOT God finally taking care of this God forsaken shit hole as I had hoped} It was about 420 degrees today without rain. My grandfather {the racist pig} used to always swear that people down south were dumb because they didn't have to deal with environments and along with the inbreeding it simply removed their survival instincts and made them less self sufficient. Over time that lack of resourcefulness would translate to a lower IQ. As I see my father's environments, surroundings, confidants, et al, I hate to admit that he may have been right, and unfortunately it can get you a lot sooner than normal evolution. I use the drunk who is killing himself and probably will continue to do so when I leave here as a prime example of that ;8o)

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Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, fuck ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! .. Jeremy

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