Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Truth About Cats & Dogs - Volume 12

Well for those of us that listen to talk radio in the morning, most shows contain simple snippets that are sent out and then done as a daily segment with an ad attached to pay for the content. This is how a lot of the famous people on the radio like Paul Harvey, Rush Limbaugh, Dr Laura and many of the names that get demonized today got their start or just strengthened their names, but the underlying factor is that they gave a valuable enough service to make it to where they are today as well. My favorite these days is someone who happens to be demonized quite well on his own, but whether you like him or not Donald Trump understands making money well enough to take advantage of his opportunities, and I don’t begrudge him that. His morning update known as “The Bottom Line” as I hear it but called “Trumped” if you look it up on the web, is one of the few things I look forward to listening to on the way to work because it covers topics that are honest and make me think about things. They actually cover every topic imaginable in his 2 minutes.

Yesterday for example he did a report on how women need 5 compliments a day to feel good about themselves based on studies and research done over the last several years, and I happen to agree with that from what I have seen in everyday life, but he also went on to give his opinion on it which was also equally as refreshing to hear. Many who haven't heard him would think he sounds like I do when writing my Cats & Dogs essays but he deduced that radical feminists who often treat men with compliments like the anti-christ are destroying the very nature of certain genetic gender traits and for the worst. Fear of actually offending a woman makes most men shy away from complimenting a woman on anything that isn't gender neutral and in a way it is effecting how they feel about themselves. It's only common sense that any woman who lost a lot of weight for example would want people to notice it and any sort of exaggeration to the opposite {ie “I did it for me”} is disingenuous at best, but men are terrified to point out that they noticed this to a woman and for good reason. That one in twenty that will immediately act aghast at a compliment like “Boy you've lost weight and look great,” are totally dominating the landscape for the nearly half that continue on that trend if they get noticeable results, like attention. It’s a shame to assume that many women actually do lose the will to look better of feel better about themselves often because men are afraid to compliment them, but it is a reality.

I personally have never had any of these problems in those regards because I am a humanist by nature and will say whatever I want as long as it is done in good conscience. I see people in my own office wince as I tell the Human Resources director constantly that she looks great and elaborating the weight if questioned on it. For the most part she understands now that that is what I mean, but others around simply see the former Marine, feminist, company censor as being the LAST person you would ever want to compliment in such a fashion, but I see her as the 50 year old that looks 25 on her worst day who happens to obviously lost 30 pounds over the last year or so. Nobody needs to know that I notice these things because I stare at her when she walks away if she has a skirt on. That makes me normal, but it’s a shame that it makes me abnormal to pay her a proper compliment. Like any other woman she needs to be complimented on totally defeating her perceived age limitations, and I happen to be one of the people that she shares the best company gossip with in exchange. I personally don't care about the ramifications of such things because they are done in good faith, so my self righteousness becomes my guardian in these circumstances.

I tally this together with the report that he did this morning on the minister in Chicago that has raised money to purchase billboards denouncing violent gangster rappers by name throughout the city. Rappers like 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg are all up in arms about this and saying that he should worry about the people buying it, but they are missing the point in it all as ignorant people usually would. This minister is trying to get a much broader message out there and is now my new hero in all of this as he brought to the forefront a lot of issues that I have been pounding for years. His race shields him from the normal criticism that I would face about racism and hate and all of that so I find it to be a blessing that he is taking on the mantle of it. First of all he is against the violence that they glorify which is a given in any of these situations, but is also pointing out the downright misogyny that they seem to embrace and spread as well. The minister claims that he is working on one of the most important problems in his own community and does a lot more about the fatherless homes and teenage pregnancy, as well as black on black crime but this is getting him the television cameras he needs to spread the message. Blacks berating blacks for their poor behavior is so under reported in today's day and age of race baiting that it was a great ploy. It also happens to tie in with what women are doing wrong in all of this as well.

His social discourse over rap music only scratches the surface in public as my favorite theory about why Rappers {just like like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton too for the record} are the new generation of slave traders amongst their own people more so than the tribal leaders in Africa that sold their own people to Europeans. The most predominant fans of rap music are NOT the black youth in the inner city as some would want to believe, and even for those that know the facts there is a bit more of a evil intention that the rap stars that collect those huge paychecks and live large damn well know. The rich suburban white kids that pay money hand over fist are falling into two distinct categories that go wholly unmentioned. Those that like listening to black people killing each other and treating their women with disrespect because they think it is cool, and those that listen to it because they think of them all as these types of animals and will never get over that stereotype for the rest of their days. The rappers selling that audible crack to the masses in suburbia are simply ensuring that the divide between whites and blacks grows bigger with each generation no matter what happens in the schools and in the family home, so while you are hearing Reverend Al and Reverend Jesse whining about the white hate, and the rappers whining about their freedom of speech they both know better and it IS about time that that cancer gets cleaned up from within.

Back to the show from a day ago and how it correlates, because I don't actually know a woman that looks up to the radical feminists in this country and say “Boy there's a role model” yet it is still a continuation year after year of one leftist lunatic feminist after another dictation the policy for about 50 percent of the human race! If you find yourself miserable because you just got your hair colored and think it is the best it has ever looked, you lost about 20 pounds and you are wondering if it is even noticeable, you wonder if your new shoes are getting attention, or you just wonder why no man dares walk up and pay you a decent compliment on anything, perhaps you should look at those that represent you in the media and start doing something about it. This doesn't make me a sexist in any way shape or form, because I actually know how much I like to get a compliment, but unlike most women I still do. Women have the right to say whatever they want to me, so I wonder if the “more equal” status that women have acquired in those regards are really worth it. Getting back to the other factor about the former Marine, feminist, company censor Human Resources director that actually blushes a bit when I tell her that she is looking younger everyday or what not, and that is the fact that she could tear my head clean off if I said anything that actually offended her. Now that is the right to equality if you ask me, not the right to be offended all the time ;8o)

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