Monday, July 30, 2007

The New World Order - Volume 1

As I sit in my solitary refuge known at the “smoke shack” at work I look down at the trash that accumulates throughout it and immediately think to myself that I work with a bunch of pathetic slobs. The smoke shack is one of the few places on the property that is not my responsibility to clean so needless to say, I don't, but I can't help notice the things that wind up laying around for weeks on end. Cigarette packs, Gatoraide bottles, cigarette butts, and most notably, lottery tickets cover the ground. My mind of course wanders to the hundreds of scratch tickets that are laying there and it gets me to thinking as I see the prices on them. Hardly any of them go for a dollar anymore, and the clump of 5 that went for 20 dollars each sitting there, not even torn apart and all losers really hit me.

That's a hundred dollars worth of scratch tickets that took someone about 5 minutes to scratch and then just thrown away like the money that went into them and I am amazed at the racket that the state has. The commercials say “It's just a dollar” and there was a time when I remember that they all were but like heroine dealers the state keeps making the stakes and the prizes greater. Hardly anyone plays the dollar ones anymore and this state actually just introduced the 30 dollar scratch ticket with much heralded fanfare from the slaves that will lose their souls to play them. The “States Rights” conservative in me wrestles with the lottery and gambling issues quite often as I believe that it is a person's right to do whatever they want but at the same time hate watching the state impose slavery upon the masses by getting them hooked on gambling. That's what it is too regardless of what anyone says, but it gets far worse now that every Indian Nation out there is fighting to get a casino, because the need for that thrill of gambling is inate in too many to fix.

In Massachusetts right now the Wompanoag Indian tribe is fighting to get a gambling casino built in Middleboro. As is usually the case, this is NOT their tribal land, but they researched where the best place for a casino would be within reach of their tribal land and bought property with the intent to build. The people of Middleboro are split as to whether they want a casino or not, but nobody has the correct facts as to what really happens when a casino moves in. Over the state borer in Connecticut people often point to the Fox Woods casino as the reason we all should have one, but nobody takes the time to see what Uncasville went through to have a glimmering casino in the middle of nowhere. First and foremost it is important to note that when the casino went up it wasn't the middle of nowhere, and secondly once the casino turned the area into the middle of nowhere, you were left with a big glittering casino surrounded by a sea of desolation and crime.

The casino itself will always have it's gaming revenue, and it will entice you with it's other services along the way too. The other services that it supposedly will bring {sports teams, restaurants, Broadway and Vegas style shows} are fleeting at best and nobody even acknowledges when they sneak out of town in the middle of the night. My state has benefited from casino treachery as we have accumulated the football, baseball, and hockey teams that Fox Woods had brought to Connecticut and just as quickly abandoned once they had all the zombies sitting at the slots. It turned Manchester into quite a bustling city for New Hampshire, but what did it do for Connecticut? Well that's simple you see as it got rid of all of those unnecessary things that had been in the area like the grocery store, the department store, the library, and anything else that didn't have to do with selling your possessions. After a while the pawn shops that had a real boon in the area folded up as well since people only sold and never bought. All the jobs in the area went away with all of the unnecessary services and it finally came down to working, eating, buying your cloths, and everything else at the casino {for ridiculous prices and low wages} or simply taking to the streets and stealing it from your neighbor. Those that had enough money to move did, and those that didn't have enough money to move are bitter and surrounding the joint, until the town takes their houses for not paying taxes. You know taxes? That would be the thing that the casino doesn't actually pay enough of to counteract the 7% valuation that the people there pay.

This all started with a one dollar scratch ticket if you ask me, and it is the rally cry of those that want casino's popping up all over the place. We had a governor here a few years back that had a huge budget crisis that needed to be filled for the entire 6 years that she was governor. It was a hard decision as to how you would fund education throughout the entire state evenly and it required a leader. She was able to come back to the people every year with her hat in hand and say, “I want gambling legalized,” and every year it was rejected by the house and senate. Never once did she put forth another plan but as I said the world is paved with gold through the use of gambling and some people don’t buy it. Apparently once you do then there is no other way, even if you are the governor of a state. The lottery is never going away because the Mafia would simply take it over again if the state didn’t do it but like most of the things that infuriate me about government slavery programs I would just like them to be honest about it to begin with. It isn’t just a dollar, and it never will be again. ;8o)

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