Tuesday, July 24, 2007

As Went Maine So Went Vermont - Volume 2

It comes with great sadness that I must inform anyone reading this that I was far more right then I had intended to be a while back when I called most of the people of the United States idiots as it pertained to the Dubai Ports deal. As everyone ran around like a chicken with their heads cut off desperately trying to get that whole endeavor stopped, I casually tried to point out to as many people as I could that I thought it was a great idea, and started looking down on the President for not making a better case for it. In the end the deal fell through and the people of America went back to their usual tasks of playing Runescape, watching American Idol, talking about how government never does anything, and of course bashing America. Now of course as I have found out that I was more right then I had even known I should take the high road and let it all simply fly over everyone’s heads but then again I am a prick, so let me elaborate. You all wouldn’t expect any less of me now would you?

Initially when Dubai bought the rights to manage the American Ports I had found it rather odd that anyone cared at all realistically because all that you do when you run the ports is keep control of the inventory at the docks. It isn’t exactly terrorist haven to deal with all the shipping containers because they should be getting checked when they leave the Port Terminal anyway, but most of them are sealed when they get there and sealed when they leave. I should know, I’m in the business and if the seal on the container isn’t the same as the one on the documentation it doesn’t go anywhere, but I digress because all of that was moot anyway because those rights hadn’t been ours to sell. They belonged to a British Company who’s biggest investor was the Queen of England and the second biggest was the Bin Laden Family. Shows how smart everyone was before the deal, but again I shall carry on. The fact of the matter was that they were unable to make a profit with it so they sold it to Dubai and they happen to already own over half of the world’s ports. This includes most of the ones that actually SHIP the things to America, and had put the seal on the trailers that you aren’t allowed to tamper with when they get here.

Without going any further, I should point out that anyone who actually took the time to look up Dubai would have realized that they like their money, and have invested it very heavily into things other than oil. They are the experts on shipping by sea in the world, and countries like China, Russia, Venezuela, Mexico, and basically every country in the world that ships things rely on them to control the worlds shipping, and they are NOT going to allow that to be jeopardized by terrorism. It cuts into their bottom line quite a bit and that was really all I needed to know to begin with about the whole endeavor. Part of taking it all as seriously as they do, is in the knowing that it can all become someone else’s business just as quickly as it became theirs. With China now in control of a larger share of the world’s ports {including a lot of OURS for the geniuses that never paid attention} it is critical for Dubai to continue their excellence in the industry as it is no doubt that China has a lot of disposable income and no mercy since its people are slaves.

Then came the looming feeling that I had gotten {and many others agreed} that we were going to have a well respected Middle Eastern nation told that they were not allowed to compete in the American economy which is part of any and all good propaganda campaigns here and abroad. Middle Eastern Islamic Extremists in particular like to laud it over their own people’s heads that we just steal from everyone on earth, so it isn’t just reserved for the uneducated in America to think that. The big difference over there is that it is also considered a good thing to kill those that are different than you with impunity. I realize that most people don’t care what they think, but I want someone to tell me that the next time the ACLU is walking into court with a bunch of Imams who were arrested on a plane acting like terrorists. We all care very much what they all think of us but simply not where it counts.

What it all comes down to is the fact that we in this country have started thinking that we have a right to know absolutely everything, and be damned your fellow neighbor as long as you can smear those that you hate. We watch people in this country intentionally butcher the English language to make sure that their slander sticks {like all the “domestic spying” we whine about when the CIA listens to people talk on the phone overseas, get a dictionary if it still sounds reasonable} and we think it is just fine if the New York Times reports on top secret things, just because we have become so inbred that we believe everyone is out to get us especially the President. During World War 2 the BBC sent coded messages to the French during ALL of their radio broadcasts, and do you think that they would do that today? Not hardly. They would give any and all top secret information to the New York Times and then they would publish it on the front page so it didn’t surprise me when the White House finally declassified what was really going on with the whole Dubai Ports deal this week as it was all moot now anyway. I had never realized how right I was on the whole thing, and nobody who was against it will ever admit they were wrong, so I am having a bit of an “I Told You So” anyway.

Apparently Dubai had made a back room deal with the White House to let CIA agents be stationed at every Dubai Port. Not just the ones in America but all of the ones abroad as well. That means we would have had CIA agents {with the blessings of Dubai} at their ports in China, Russia, Indonesia, North Korea, Venezuela, Pakistan, and almost every Middle Eastern country. We would have had our CIA agents at every hub of every government that seeks to do us harm, and it all would have been a big secret, LIKE IT SHOULD BE! How safe do you all feel now? I know some people are reading this and saying to themselves that it is a good thing not to have the CIA scattered all over the place, and some people even believe that the CIA is only there to steal rights from them. To those people I simply say that I am sorry for you, but there is nothing that anyone can do to protect you from your own worst enemy, yourself ;8o)

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