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A Murder Of Crows - Volume 11

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On October 1, 2006 Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean were sentenced to 11 years and 12 years in prison respectively for an incident on February 17, 2005 in which a Mexican drug smuggler by the name of Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila was shot in the buttocks while fleeing to cross the Mexican border, leaving behind nearly 800 pounds of marijuana in the van he abandoned. There have been many talking heads across the country that have taken to this case with such tenacity and zeal that it appears to be a simple case of the Bush administration and its policy on allowing Mexicans to run America from where ever they happen to be and I was one of them. I have publicly cried for the tarring and feathering of the Bush administration for it’s failed border policy and called George W Bush an idiot on several occasions for all of this foolishness. It was when Lewis “Scooter” Libby had his sentence commuted {which I had been all for a full pardon the entire time based on “Political Persecution”} that a radio talk show host by the name of Glenn Beck raised the point that Libby should be in prison because Ramos and Compean were still in prison. I am ashamed to admit that I agreed with his assessment because I found it to be typical Bush cronyism.

My problem here is that we have heard so much “white noise” about Bush being evil for 6 years that it has poisoned absolutely everyone including myself and I always liked to think that I was above that. I have found that most of the people that simply recycle what they hear are ignorant people trying to look smart {and Oprah is here for you to forum baby!} and here I was 9 months later still recycling lies from a case that I didn’t really follow. The good news is that sooner or later I will go back and do my homework and I will admit that I am wrong too. I have yet to hear any of the tens of thousands of people who have chanted that there would be a draft in 2005 admit that they were wrong {because most likely in their case it was lying and not simple mindedness} and this is what adds to the indoctrination. Where I fell prey was that I allowed a bunch of right wing people that I trusted dictate the scenario involved with that entire court case without applying the smell test, and it was every bit as bad as the people who believe that we brought down the World Trade Center. Despite 99 percent of the evidence stating that it was Islamic Extremists that did it, there are indeed people who will cling to the 1 percent of evidence that could link our own government to it and in this case I was looking at the loony interpretations and not using logic at all.

Here’s what I should have done all along but never really did. I should have ignored the talking heads beliefs to whether or not Johnny Sutton {the West Texas US Attorney} was the antichrist or not, and actually look into his record, and the case in general before taking the ball and running with it. The misinformation that I was given was based on Sutton being a rogue “law enforcement hating” US Attorney was just too easy to accept as it was being framed all the time, and again this made ME an idiot. I even have to admit that I may never have looked into the real record if Johnny Sutton himself hadn’t gone on the show of a right wing whacko and very bravely defended himself. It was 4 simple words that he said in all of it that opened my eyes and made me realize that I too was being a dupe in the whole shmoz of “Get Bush” and “Our Government is out to get us” when he said “Look at my record!”

I let the spin that I had heard from the Internet and the talking heads paint the picture for me based on two incidents in the life of Johnny Sutton and one of them was the Ramos and Compian case. Publicly these talk show hosts fed misinformation to me {and please keep in mind that I am not chastising them for misinformation dealing because they are usually right about a lot} and I took the bit and ran with it but here is the generalizations about what really happened in the two cases and please feel free to go look up the information yourself. The other case being Gilmer Hernandez from Rocksprings who was the Sherriff’s Deputy from Edwards County Texas who was convicted of a Civil Rights violation by shooting an illegal alien in the face while the SUV that she was a passenger in was speeding away. The rule of law, whether you like it or not is that illegal aliens that are NOT putting you in mortal peril {like say speeding away towards the Mexican border} are NOT simply target shooting practice for the police. All human beings have a set of inalienable rights that include not being killed for trespassing when there is an alternative to it. He continued shooting at an SUV that was fleeing despite shooting out the back tire and whether you or I like it or not that is a crime and a JURY convicted him of that. He never filed an appeal and has been serving his jail time in obscurity. Shows that he knows he was wrong.

Now in his other “questionable” case against Ramos and Compian he was faced with a report from a border patrol agent in another state because his mother {still a Mexican citizen} called him and asked him if border agents were allowed to shoot people as they were fleeing the United States. His mother was neighbors with the drug smugglers mother and they were talking about it, and because the report HAD TO be filed by the other agent legally Sutton was caught flat footed because there had NEVER been a report filed. It was paraded around that legally all they had to do was file a verbal report, and apparently the supervisor did show up on the scene and assisted in removing all of the shell casings and other evidence, so logic would dictate that a verbal report was filed BUT nobody had the same recollections of the incident and there was NO written report at all. This forced Sutton to have to get the only other witness to the case who happened to be the drug smuggler Aldrete-Davila and give him legal passage back into the United States so that he could testify. In HUNDREDS of other cases of this sort there have been written accountings and NOBODY has ever had to face criminal investigations.

More over there was another problem with the whole case that doesn’t get written out real well to people as they hear it in the media, which was the many plea bargains that were offered to these two. Some of them were so short that they bordered on cronyism but the sentences that were given to them in the end were given to them by a JURY as well, and the fact that Aldrete-Davila WAS arrested transporting drugs again 4 months before sentencing WAS irrelevant to the crime of shooting 14 times at an unarmed man who was fleeing the country, and then allowing him to cross back into Mexico despite being wounded. Then completely removing all evidence from the scene and not filing a report. Protocol or not you have to admit that this was pretty damn fishy, and in the same regard as trying to prove all of the theories {after the fact of course} that go into how WE blew up the world trade center is almost identical to how people try to make these two look innocent. If you shot anyone in the ass would you want to make sure that there was a written report? Especially when the incident happened in broad daylight in the desert where you are going to have a damn hard time proving that you thought that he “might” have had a weapon? In a section of Texas that had only had one such incident in the past and a written report usually will clear you but a cover up will surely send you to prison?

Now for the part that NOBODY acknowledges and the two officers knew full well, that when this went to the jury they would either convict you of one, several, or ALL of the 15 indictments that were levied against you, or they would clear you of all of them {which is entirely unlikely … sorry to point to reality} and then the Judge would have to use the Federally Mandated {as in the Congress has made a mandatory 10 years be added to every Judges decision in these cases} and you would refuse the far shorter plea bargains? It doesn’t pass the smell test at all and I am sorry to say that I am ashamed of anyone that is using this as a case of Federal abuse or demonizing an EXCELLENT US Attorney or demanding that it has anything to do with why Scooter Libby deserves leniency is being very lazy. ;8o)

Feel free to read the final statement of Johnny Sutton here

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