Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Day In The Life Of A Wounded Crow - Volume 7

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Well now the week wasn’t too horribly bad except for the long hours and exhaustion I found myself trapped in the warehouse again on Saturday as it was the “official” end of the month they had to try to squeeze in a few more orders to meet the sales quotas. It had become quite apparent that I was the only person who could keep pace with the volume that was going out as it was the busiest shipping week of the year and by a LOT as well. Chaos actually ensured that the week went by very quickly and by the end of Friday I had already amassed 53 hours of work knowing full well that I still had another day ahead of me to try to get 5 more trucks out.

Here’s where I should have known better in the first place. When the boss comes to you and says, “We need you to come in tomorrow because there are 4 more trucks that have to go out, but they should be waiting for you when you get here,” you shouldn’t just assume that they will be and you will be gone by 8am because that is lunacy. Nothing ever goes the way you want it to under the best of circumstances and when you are as tired as I was then the best of circumstances is not an option anyway. Not one of the trucks were waiting there for me and 3 of them didn’t show up until 10am which was their absolute latest ship time. I should have seen that coming and I think I have worked for the Pink Mafia long enough to know what was coming next.

First I got a call from No Feather who is the one who works on Saturday {and I was here because they didn’t really want him loading flatbeds because … well he’s dangerous} and first he had monster plans which made it so he would have to leave early to which I couldn’t oblige, because I was still waiting for the last truck. He called while I was loading the last truck and now he was sick and had to go. Oh the memories of being 20 years old again which probably would have had me doing the same thing when I knew there was someone to replace me. By the time I got the message I had just completed my sixty first hour of work for the week which was already a direct violation with company code {nobody is allowed to work more than 60} so I said to myself, “Self? We might as well blow this thing wide open since you are going to take hell anyway,” and proceeded to accept working for the next 6 hours as well.

I actually was about to go over to the plant since my work at the warehouse was done until I received the call from over there demanding that I come and put paper towels and toilet paper in the bathrooms. Now bear with me as I explain it to you how I saw it, but I had just single handedly loaded more trucks by myself in a week then EVER, and on a moments notice. I realize that the amazing amount of brain damage caused by inbreeding has the rest of the Pink Mafia simply assuming that I was sitting around screwing off the whole week, but what do you expect from adults who have made it this far without being able to operate something as complex as a trash bag? While sweating in a 98 degree warehouse full of dust and mold they managed to get my utility closet open 4 times and stolen MY cell phone batteries and change cup, and didn’t bother to grab toilet paper and paper towels while in there. This prompted my inaction to just sit down and start talking to my sweetie pie for the rest of the day on my Yahoo for Cell Phone.

Think of it this way as I go into unnecessary detail, but every morning I would go to the warehouse and immediately go into the bathroom and flush the toilet so that all of the mosquitoes in it would scatter. Have any of you ever tried to take a crap with 700 mosquitoes sucking the blood out of your ass? That’s what family reunions are like for me and I don’t like those either! I would leave work after washing my face in the sink after 11 hours of being there and turn my beard from black to red again just so I wouldn’t swallow any more of that dust when I stopped for an ice coffee. I was loading over 45,000 pounds in 1300 pound unbalanced increments on an average of 22 trucks a day {and most of that was on Monday and Friday} and they think they will stick their thumb in MY eye when I actually just saved the whole company at the sake of my own sanity? Not on a dare, so I felt quite justified stealing overtime for the rest of the day. I was even joking with Paco Taco that I may call in sick Monday so he better get used to it. I am not amused by the attitude that every seems to think they can take with me and since I am scheduled to do all of this again next week {only being the first of the month I’ll ship about a quarter of that at most} and won’t be able to burp the babies back at the plant then either.

I then realized that with everyone gone I was officially the head of shipping for that given day and determined that I would go back to the plant, just so that I could give them hell for not getting all the products I needed ready to ship that day. Told them all to get their crap together and while they are all standing around unable to make product they should be cleaning the toilets and emptying the trash. Paco Taco was not particularly thrilled with my attitude but after calling the Plant Coordinator was also given the task of sweeping and mopping to get the proper motor skills necessary to run the machines. I stuck around just long enough to make sure that they all were at the very least starting all of their new chores before going back to the warehouse to spend the rest of my overtime stealing. I’m sure the second I left they stopped cleaning but it wasn’t the point, I was just trying to force a little humility to a bunch of self righteous {with no right to be} knuckleheads ;8o)

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