Saturday, June 16, 2007

Superdaddyman Takes On Jeremy Crow - Volume 6

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Low and behold our brave young {cough sniffle cough} super hero finds himself on a bit of a travel day, as he is off to meet with one of his greatest allies in the war against the diabolical Yahoo {pronounced ya – howl} none other than the than the mysterious Agent Spike Q. This was to be a rather painless road trip as the Caped Pervader would simply take the paths of least resistance {Interstate 95} to the city of Portland and rendezvous with one of his most treasured Capos in the Internet wars at their usual super secret {Denny’s} meeting point and shop would be talked. Little did the Superdaddyman know that the powers that be at the Fortress of Yahoo International {FYI} would stoop to newer and greater levels to keep our two brave crime fighters from even meeting on this here day by stealing the Denny’s and replacing it with something called a Super Shop N Save!

Now needless to say it was less then one year ago when the Superdaddyman had had the last rendezvous with the notorious Agent Spike Q on the very same location so it was inconceivable that even the mega evil of FYI was capable of pulling off such a dastardly feat. Rather than admit that the entire location was being held hostage somewhere probably out in California the Superdaddyman found himself canvassing the entire city of Portland seeing if somehow the Denny’s had escaped and was in hiding in some other location. He probably should have looked inside of the Super Shop N Save thing that was there as it would have been quite conceivable that the Denny’s was simply hidden within it, but since he had determined that Yahoo had to be behind this he was not ready to walk into what could easily be one of their traps. The uncanny Agent Spike Q was nowhere in site and we can only hope that the Super Shop N Save creature didn’t actually get her, but just in case the Superdaddyman will light a candle on her behalf tonight.

While canvassing the streets of Portland {disguised expertly as an ex junkie that was using his expert acting abilities to simulate being lost} Superdaddyman was able to note that the city had change a lot over the last year as well. There were these big green things that had never been there before that people were calling trees, and fair maidens walking amongst them in things they called bikini tops that made an interesting tickle in the Superdaddypickle. What were we talking about again? Oh yeah so the bikini tops were above the cut off shorts and the … Huh? … Oh well he also started patrolling the highway to see if he had just missed it somewhere. Once it had been determined that the Denny’s indeed had been stolen all panic ensued as the Superdaddyman realized that he better get back to Megalopolis before the horrific plans that had come down from FYI did indeed take out the greatest super hero and the last line of defense for the entire human race!

With great cunning the Caped Pervader took to the back roads to make sure that the Superdaddymobile was not spotted from the air. This meant that a long drive down the alternate escape route {US RT 1} was to be plagued with many different obstacles that only great heroes like the Superdaddyman also could endure. Traps set up to create chaos like Water Parks, Mini Golf Courses, Amusement Parks, and beaches have evil creatures we shall call “Yummy Mummy’s” all scantily clad to divert the attention of the Superdaddyman as he tries to flee the crime scene. This is NOT conducive to heavily crowded driving conditions on a Saturday in the Summer, but for the good of mankind the Superdaddyman took great pride in cautiously getting from Portland to Megalopolis examining all of the scenery for analytical reasons.

Safely within the confines of Megalopolis where the diabolical Yahoo is incapable of taking down our favorite super villain turned super hero thus far, it was a quick stop at the local hang out {aka coffee shop} with a leisurely sit down to do some war planning {gawking at mini skirts} and figure out a way to save one of his most important partners in crime from whatever diabolical thing had happened to her in all of this. The fair maidens of Megalopolis of course showed their extreme gratitude to have their hero back inspecting their … um … the scenery and making sure that all was going well in Megalopolis, and trust the Superdaddyman it was! Upon finishing his cover … um … coffee the Superdaddyman had surmised that what he needed to do was go back to the Casa Di Evils’s and send out the search beacon {powered by Nextel} to try to find the elusive Agent Spike Q.

Superdaddyman of course decided that it was best to start chronicling the diabolical scheme of the fiendish FYI for posterity as nobody will ever believe it otherwise and was pretty much all of the way through it when the Superdaddyalert {go figure also powered by Nextel} started going off from the desk in front of him. The Superdaddyman noticed the secret code numbers right off and assumed that it was the kidnappers of his prized Capo Agent Spike Q with demands for her release. The Superdaddyman is going to miss her and all but he DOES NOT negotiate with terrorists as he has to be the guardian of the most diabolical lot of them all! The Terrorist Organization Known as the Evils’s {TOKE} can’t bring down the Superdaddyman, so he will be damned if a bunch of west coast thugs like Yahoo was going to even dent his armor. The voice at the other end of the communication device was that of Spike Q! This could only mean that she was being held at the barrel of a gun and being told what to say. As always the Superdaddyman will remain strong!

“Hey I waited for you at the Denny’s and was just worried that you had gotten into an accident,” came the voice from the other end of the communicator. It was an interesting ploy except for the Superdaddyman had seen it with his own two eyes that the Denny’s had been stolen and a Super Shop N Save had been put in it’s place. This ploy was not going to work whatsoever, but the Superdaddyman being keen in how to deal with these things encouraged his once trusted Capo to continue, “Well you needed to go to exit …” and that’s when the little light bulb went off over the Superdaddyman’s head, because for a moment there he started wondering if he was getting old and simply was in the wrong location. Fortunately through his superior abilities he realized what the truth must be. Those fiends at Yahoo had obviously hired someone to use Voodoo on the Superdaddyman to make him momentarily disoriented! It’s as plain as the nose on his … um … face … yeah face!

We rescheduled the meet for mid July as she will be back down here for operation “Mother In Law” so Superdaddyman will make sure that he comes prepared for what ever gets thrown at him then! He will use Ginko Billoba, Gensing, and something they call a Mapquest to make sure that Yahoo will not keep two of the only hopes for the human race from meeting up and talking about this shop thing that all the cool kids do! With that the Superdaddyman better call Agent Natasha Owly before Moose & Squirrel find out about Yahoo’s new research schemes ;8o)

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  1. It's operation sister-in-law actually in mid-July and operation mother-in-law repeat in August.

    The Caped Capo