Friday, June 1, 2007

Hellooooooooo Bebo - Volume 1

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I guess for the most part when I introduce myself to a crowd I have said “Hello my name is Jeremy and I am a drunk,” more often then I have said anything else, but it doesn’t seem to apply here actually as I am starting over again and have 3 friends. Two of which I am pretty sure don’t know the place even exists anymore, and it’s probably for the best. I haven’t actually made “Introduction” blogs before so I thought it would be a bit of a new experience, as opposed to the normal “just showing up and posting right along” with my trusty old blog that has outlived all of my online worlds now. How should I start I suppose if nothing better than a run down of what I have been online so that people can simply jump right in and see the megalomania and quite possibly, insanity from the get go, but this is how it appears on paper.

When I was married to my first wife {oh yeah stick around this gets good} I was running a little online service out of my bedroom for extra cash. I made it look exactly like America Online only it was really a front end for downloading tons of pornography that I would scour the internet for and upload in huge clumps. This was back in 1997 and at the time I was 27 years old and married to the meanest women who ever lived so a bit of escapism was necessary. The simple chronicling of a decade would lead me next to the IRC channels that I hung out in and pretended that I was someone that I am not like most people did in the IRC days, and later on I was using ICQ before AIM had even come around and Yahoo was barely a search engine. Hell Microsoft hadn’t even made a browser yet much less their own Instant Messenger.

That divorce was rather messy and I already had my next wife basically through injection as she was pregnant because when my first wife and I had set out to play the game of who could cheat the best I won. It was 1998 and I had already lost everything that I had to the first wife including my computers, but when my grandfather died I inherited his, and started amassing the grand scheme to make it rich on the internet with my first entertainment website. I created huge lists of things and was getting hits like crazy while making advertising revenue hand over fist. Well in theory anyway as the Clinton economy proved to be a fantasy and all of the advertisers decided to simply not pay one day and there was nothing anyone could do about it. I sold my website TheSlacksDotCom to a competitor and made it out not owing a dime and my competitor like everyone else went bankrupt before 2000 rolled around. Before 2001 rolled around my second wife had left me for my replacement, and I could at least say that I had never cheated on her so that was a plus. I was growing up to say the very least.

I had given up computers for years and had gotten married again. Some of us never learn I know, and by the end of that marriage I was running another website as the new economy was healthy enough to bring checks in. My marriage wasn’t and then I was sitting here alone with my 3 children {from the second marriage, and yes I have full custody} and started playing with the Yahoo Messenger and more notably the Yahoo Messenger chat rooms. It was my way of creating reality that involved adults despite my hopelessly being trapped at home with the kids. Somewhere in there Yahoo 360 was created and being a geek I decided that I had to have one of those and made my 360 page really pretty including something called a blog. That blog was my first and it was something like this only a bit more matter of fact as I decided to write about the last year of my life at that time {2005} and unfortunately the women that were involved in it as well became furious to say the least. A few days later I had created my first blog entry that was humorous in nature to cover it up called “Things You Learn With a Bad Back” and within a month I was the most read blog on all of Yahoo. This is where most people go “but I don’t remember you?” and that is when I remind them that life is short online so why would you?

I think I was quite huge on Yahoo for a few months there. I had a lot of blogs that had over 300 comments and almost all of them had over 100. I got all the wonderful things that go with unearned celebrity too like stalkers, detractors, haters, plagiarists, you name it I had it, and in the end I was a bitter ass of a writer doing everything I could to be more over the top with each blog I posted. People ate it up, and I was living the fantasy of being a “somebody” for whatever good it did me. My prize at the end of it all was that Yahoo deleted my profile for being indecent, and after coming back a few times to continue to create riots by posting porn and anti Yahoo propaganda they finally blocked me from getting anywhere near Yahoo. I look back at it and it is kinda silly really. I still had my blog on my own website that I had been adding to every step of the way too because I never trusted Yahoo so I never lost an entry.

I continued on writing on Myspace for a while after that and now and again I will post something there just to see if it gets a clamor and it almost always does. I had a lot of number 1 blogs there but I actually hated the place because it was just too slow and the people and format were kinda abrasive. When I went into myself and just started posting to my own blog it took a little while but finally got to the point where nobody was reading me at all, so I just stopped liking it. Attention whores like me tend to get like that after all. I started following friends to e-mail groups to look at something called “Incredimail Stats” because I liked the really filthy ones that a certain friend of mine had, and I wanted to “snag” more of them. Pretty soon I was moderating Yahoo Groups using an off site e-mail address and that was when I started doing my own art work.

Gets funny actually because I really sucked at it at first but along the way really started getting good at it and my stats were being passed around like trading cards to people. I was getting quite the little following as an artist and was starting to see all the same little things that Yahoo brings out in people, jealousy, stalkers, plagiarists, and all of the goodies that come with that again. I guess in reality I am a real magnet for those things, but then along the way I started missing my writing too much and started doing that again. Nobody really noticed because I had lost all of my fans but I was at least trying to start writing daily again and I started picking up a bit of steam. I then joined another one of those social sites called CherryTAP which for the most part is a big popularity contest for fakes. Even being real I managed to carve out quite a name for myself until I had the epiphany last week that reminded me that the place really sucked and wasn’t worth competing with frauds for friends that want to be in on the drama.

Rather than closing up shop all together again I decided to try this place { } at the request of a friend because it has quite a few of the things I like to do here. I can make skins, I can write, I can post my art, and hopefully it won’t all get lost in the clouds of unnecessary drama that I always seem to find. Partly because of me and partly because of others but if it doesn’t then oh well. Life goes on, it always does ;8o)

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