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God Bless The Rest Of Us - Volume 5

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Let me try to explain to anyone reading this how governmental emotional hostage taking occurs, since we have had to deal with a 24/7 news cycle dedicated to the three soldiers that were taken hostage in Iraq, and to date only one body was found. Of the other two soldiers that were taken causing the news media to use it as a constant reminder that war is bad, one Army Spc. Alex Jimenez was from about 30 minutes away from me in a small Massachusetts city known as Lawrence. Lawrence might actually stick out in your mind because it is the “Car Theft” capitol of the world and has been talked about on 60 minutes and many other news shows, so the name often rings a bell. Unfortunately we found out this week that his wife Yaderlin Hiraldo is an illegal alien from the Dominican Republic.

Here’s where it gets a bit vexing to me since I like to think with my own mind and not the news collective {We are News … You will be assimilated} on issues that tug on the conservative heart strings because it is usually a set up. I heard the talk show host this morning on the radio talking about what a tragedy that it is that she has had to go into hiding because INS is looking for her {which we are getting hourly updates on it … kill me please} and finally the great war hero himself John Forbes Kerry has decided to write a letter to INS personally telling them to leave her alone. I’ll leave that for now and tell you all personally that the second I heard about all of this my mind immediately started deciphering it like a bullshit detector that is fed up with the media in general. Unfortunately it also includes the talking heads that used to give me comfort throughout the day too.

Let me start by being a wise ass and see if you can catch on to my thought process, but when I first heard all of this my mind said the next few lines. “You mean to tell me that in a country with around 20 million illegal aliens, Michael Chertoff has finally found one and it just happens to be the wife of a missing soldier over in Iraq?” That first bit wasn’t even really that tongue in cheek as the Bush administration has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that being an illegal alien in this country means that you are safe from just about everything. I then followed it up by thinking, “In a city that at least one third of the population are illegal aliens?” which for the record has an awful lot to do with the lawlessness that grips the “Car theft capitol of the world” after all, and then finally, “Now John Kerry is coming to her rescue?” Which coincidentally doesn’t mean a pile of crap because he wants ALL illegal aliens given legal status, so this is merely his way of saying “1 down 19,999,999 to go!” What a real shocker!

This whole thing was nothing more than a total ploy from your friends in the White House, in coordination with your friends in Congress trying to twist our arms behind our backs to get us to start reevaluating the whole “Undocumented Worker Debate” that is dominating Washington right now. For those of you that agree with me that it is a bad thing to even be talking about it without secure borders, let me just run off the newest facts on the whole thing. First and foremost as of last week the Presidents approval numbers were 25% of the American people. That’s hardly a mandate to even be allowed to choose your own meal from the big kids menu at Denny’s but for those of you laughing about GW the official numbers for the DEMOCRATIC controlled Congress are 11%. Can I just say that I never thought that the country’s approval of government in general could ever be hovering around 10% and then throw out these numbers. On the “Illegal Alien Amnesty” plan that they are going to pass no matter what we think, the numbers are George W Bush 9% approval and for those Democrats snickering, the Congress is at 3% {and no that is not a typo … 3 … Three … THREE!} and again I remind you that they are going to do it with a 97% disapproval rating.

Here’s the problem as you start to see news stories like this come along that are made to force sympathy out of you for illegal aliens, and that would be the slim majority of the United States Congress that are holding on by a thread to keep this from going through. Despite the whole demonization of the idiot Republicans that have been in Washington far too long and know who really pays their salaries {John McCain, Trent Lott and some other Bozo’s that it should have been no surprise what they think of your free speech anyway before now} it has been a majority of the Republicans, and the Blue Dog Democrats that ran Conservative campaigns against big government republicans in the last election that have towed the line to block the whole thing. You better be scared though because stories like the one that is being rammed down our throats out here DO sway people who are simple minded in their thinking and that will probably raise that 3% approval rating to maybe even over 5% and in Washington they seem to think that is a majority.

There is nothing good that will come out of allowing 20 million law breakers from the moment they arrived here simply become legal, period! There is no excuse for any of them to be allowed to stay, but there is even LESS of an opportunity to argue these points with any rational American while the liars in Washington are allowed to dictate the terms. We did this in the 60’s with promises that the flood of illegal immigration would stop, thus allowing 2 million of them to stay. We did it again in the 80’s with the promises that the flood of them would stop, thus allowing 6 million to stay, and now we are looking at 20 million of them drooling over what we have, and not even willing to assimilate into our society. They won’t speak English, they won’t respect our laws, they won’t stop sucking at the public nipple, and Washington won’t even stop them from still flooding in. They won’t even really promise to stop it this time and Edward Kennedy is the writer of this bill as he was the last two. If you don’t succeed the first time keep trying, some would say but the problem with anyone that still believes him is that HE DID SUCCEED in what he wanted to do, and he thinks he is going to again.

Now the serious news that is going on in the near future for those of you that don’t follow these things is that the President of the United States, The Prime Minister of Canada, and the President of Mexico are all sitting down again real soon here in Quebec to hammer out the American Union talks that they have been working on all along. Most people don’t take this seriously but it’s coming, and NAFTA and the FTAA were just the beginning. You need to think of it this way because most people don’t think of it at all, but if a Socialist Country {meaning Canada}, a Representative Republic {meaning the USA} and a Corrupt Dictatorship {meaning Mexico} all get together and decide to have no borders whatsoever, who do you think is really going to be in charge of the whole thing? In conclusion I want to thank Army Spc. Alex Jimenez for giving your life to this country, but your wife needs to be deported along with the other 19,999,999 illegal aliens in this country and when they come back to suck at the public nipple I hope they are met with a wall, armed soldiers and perhaps a shallow grave if that isn’t a big enough hint to stay out. This crap isn’t funny anymore and I am willing to be the bad person to say “No Mas” ;8o)

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