Monday, June 4, 2007

A Murder Of Crows - Volume 8

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I find it rather fascinating that there have been many series of earthquakes out here on the east coast of the United States as of late and it is so under-reported that it has been relegated to small news blurbs on the local radio station. The one that we had yesterday afternoon scared the living crap out of me and my family and was followed later that night by a much smaller one. We aren’t used to that around here since the fault line that lays closer to Europe then it does to us has mostly laid dormant for many millennia, while the one that actually sits inside of California threatens it every day. All the same the earthquakes as of late would certainly send the message that there is some sort of activity going on.

Geographically speaking {and you must forgive me as my earth science skills haven’t really been brushed off for 20 years or so} looking at the landscape of the United States is the easiest way to gauge how the country has been shaped by it’s seismic activity and when. The cycles of what are the Appalachian Mountains or more specifically {since they are the largest part of them} the White Mountains {here in New Hampshire} are all rounded off at their peaks showing that they are much older than the Rocky Mountains or the Cascades that all tend to have rather sharp tops. The erosive nature of nature has pretty much had a much longer time to erode them away and thus you can see what part of North America has had the longest period of inactivity in this arena. Are you bored yet? Well good because it is about to get interesting sort of.

As we are constantly in a state of scientific flux these days based on all of the political money going towards the “Global Warming Debate” in an attempt to socialize the world and oppress mankind simply for being mankind, the world is going through some really serious changes that have nothing to do with junk science geared at making people feel bad. The results of the science that isn’t being acknowledged while we are trying so desperately to prove things through “consensus” instead of facts, bad things are happening that are getting no explanations unless they can be thrown into the “Global Warming Debate” and this used to just scare me because of the ramifications of scaring morons into doing things that will make other things worse. I use the great “Tire Reefs” off the coast of Florida that seemed like a great idea back in the 70’s with little or no facts, but now have proven to poison the ocean 30 years later and will cost a fortune to clean up, as the prime example. The last time I brought it up was when I thought dumping iron dust into the ocean seemed stupid, but since have had a few Australian friends point out to me that it works, and have changed my viewpoint. I am after all not a scientist but I am a thinker sometimes.

The last thing that they tried to blame Global Warming for was the monstrous hurricanes we had almost 2 years ago that wiped out New Orleans, but I still contend that building cities between a huge lake and the ocean under sea level was more an act of God weeding out those that aren’t smart enough to move. This happened in Pompeii and even the Darwin people should be scientifically accepting of how the process of natural selection works, but then came the people that actually study hurricanes for a living who all said that more hurricanes are caused by Global Cooling. Nobody wanted to acknowledge that until the next year when there were almost no hurricanes and then they were all about that being caused by Global Warming. See how junk science works? Now to be factually accurate most paleoclimatologists think that anyone talking about man made global warming and not sun made global warming are nuts, and are warning about how the earth will be going through it’s “cooling phase” pretty soon here and anything we do to stop “Global Warming” especially as it is constituted right now would simply aid in the next ice age.

Now on the subject of the last ice age it wasn’t all that long ago by most standards even if you don’t include the 1970’s when the earth was going through a rather bad cooling phase, you can simply go back to the days of the Vikings when they actually inhabited Greenland and raised cattle. This happened about 1000 years ago and it was after a period of time where the earth was so damn hot that they didn’t even record history very well because they thought they were doomed. Reading the Illiad and the Odyssey would describe that phase of the world and there were no engines or gasoline. Of course we know what Greenland looks like now and we cry because all the ice that wasn’t there before is going to melt and not be there again and it is going to ruin the earth. Not hardly, but it does show that the earth has handled all that water before. Now we are horribly afraid of going back to that because we are following people that should be out there trying to ascertain why there are earthquakes on the east coast of the United States because the way I look at it, if those plates under the Atlantic Ocean feel like moving the way that the ones in California do then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

We were devastated to hear of the Tsunamis that happened in the Indian Ocean 2 years ago and whacked Thailand, Indonesia, Somalia and India, but now people need to think about these sorts of things happening in the Mid Atlantic Fault and think about it for a second. A Tsunami coming in at the east coast of the United States and the west Coast of Europe would do more damage than anything that has happened in the state of California as the population densities and inability to maneuver away from it all are far greater. Again I am not a scientist, but then again I am not being funded by political organizations to create oppressive scares that will steal freedom from human beings either. The fact that something as little as some earthquakes that felt awkward to me inspired this sort of thought in me really scares me to think that it doesn’t in those that are supposed to think of these things. I think personally that the scientific community needs to get back to doing its job as scientists and not politicians, but that wasn’t my original idea either. I head it from an Australian paleoclimatologists who wondered aloud on several occasions how the American politicians are even allowed to be considered experts on anything. You can’t argue logic after all ;8o)

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