Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Murder Of Crows - Volume 10

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Well I figure it’s about time that I thank the New York Times for a change, and I realize that just my saying that probably has many people afraid but realistically it isn’t very often when they actually do break some news and not make news they want you the loyal citizen to be indoctrinated into. Don’t get me wrong, it was all an accident and they are going to have to start back pedaling when people like me start pointing out how one of their more recent “dumb ass” 24/7 news reverberations might actually explain something that I have been trying to tell everyone for years. Of course I am talking about the pet food scare that became the front page of the New York Times for what seemed like 75 years and just went to show where their priorities really are, but also reminds me to point out to you how this has to do with filling up your gas tank.

This is actually a big issue now whether anyone knows it or not since the Iowa Caucus is fast approaching, and all of the candidates for president have to run out to Iowa and start promising your money to all of the people in Iowa. Anyone who thinks that New Hampshire shouldn’t have the first primary really should be paying greater attention to Iowa because their first actual electoral votes are a lot more important than New Hampshire’s and now it also requires you to promise third world nation status for the United States every time that you go there too. John McCain to his credit refused to even run in Iowa the last time and is threatening to do the same thing this time around, and despite my lack of support for him this happens to be one of those times that he does look like a genius. He has always apposed “Ethanol Subsidies” and the last time he stumped in Iowa he told them that strait up, and you can’t win Iowa unless you are totally on board with that destructive practice.

A lot of people don’t truly understand how Ethanol subsidies work, but it basically works like this. If you grow corn the government will give you money to have it turned into Ethanol and then that Ethanol will be turned into a gasoline additive and in a lot of cases a gasoline replacement. Despite the fact that it isn’t oil it is far more environmentally destructive, if you buy that line of crap for many reasons. First off it makes the gasoline that you have mixed with it less fuel efficient, thus requiring more of it to get from point A to point B, thus pumping more of that awful carbon dioxide {like when a cow farts or you open a can of soda} that is killing us all. Second it requires massive amounts of water to create thus depleting the reserves of water in the areas that it is being refined. Third it cannot be transported any other way other than big diesel burping trucks {unlike oil and gasoline that the bulk of is moved through pipelines} that also raises carbon emissions, and none of this is even the reason I am writing this so strap on your boredom goggles.

Now with the subsidies for corn being funded by you, the tax payer, there is more demand for the corn that goes into the ethanol, and in turn less corn for your kitchen table, that probably is a given to most people and rarely thought of anyway, but corn is more than the veggie of choice for those that hate spinach. Corn happens to be what feeds the chickens that make the eggs at the supermarket {looked at those prices lately} and the cows that put the milk in the bottles right next to them {at more than a gallon of gas last I looked} and quite frankly feed most of the animals that we eat. Score one for the PETA people I assume as those prices have very slowly been rising without much attention. This is only half of the issue though as now the guy who used to grow the soybeans for your extra fat free tofu shake has stopped growing soy because corn is the way to go. As a matter of fact all other agriculture has declined at an alarming rate as more and more farms are converting to corn and things like wheat are declining by almost 30 percent.

The big lie though is that we can ever sustain this way at all because if the entire state of Texas {which is a BIG place} was turned into one big corn field it would only produce enough corn to replace 10 percent of all gasoline used in this country. Ethanol is NOT fuel efficient in any way shape or form, and simply throwing money into it at the tax payer’s expense only does what government always does when it gets it nose stuck in business. It stifles any ideas that might actually help the situation. For anyone out there that might have that “Well at least it is a start” attitude I happen to have this simple little question for them, as the price of food is going up and our capacity to actually make it is diminishing, “Would you rather import your oil or import your food?” Please don’t jump to any conclusions on this one either because that is how we treat everything in this day and age, and to the detriment of society as a whole. Ask an Australian how they feel about large portions of their food being imported. You will hear some pretty amazing stories about rotten food, outrageous prices, and a country that is reeling to be able to solve the ills of not being able to break the supermarket monopolies that plague them. It’s the end results of socialist ideals that makes most of the one’s that I talk to joke about their own impending third world nation status.

This is where the New York Times comes in and I give them kudos for accidentally shedding some light on all of this {because the sun has to shine on a dogs ass someday} when they were ramming all of the “Fluffy got sick on poison cat food” malarkey down our throats, because that was the first wave of what is coming up really soon. All of the cat and dog food that was killing pets all across the country was using imported food that ended up being poisoned. It’s easy to simply sell tainted food when it is leaving your borders anyway. What is anyone standing at the vet with a dead cat going to do against the communist government of China when they find out that the food they sold them was poisoned? Oh yeah they will go cry at the door of Wal-Mart because for the most part they are too stupid to see the big picture in it all, and that is how our society is anyway. Just like crying to Exxon because they charge 3 dollars for a gallon of something that they had to extract from a battle zone bring it across the world, run it through a billion dollar refinery and then ship it {as amazingly dangerous as it is under pressure} to a place where you can pump it into your car. Ok fine, then ask yourself this then, “Who are you going to cry to when your 10 dollar head of lettuce kills your child?” I’m sure we’ll find someone to blame because it wasn’t anything we did or ignored ;8o)

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