Saturday, May 19, 2007

Some More Reasons I am Jeremy Crow After All - Volume 10

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What a week I just endured. There is only one thing that can make a totally poverty stricken father who had entered into an agreement to work 5 ten hour days in a row which were going to be hectic and busy all the way feel any worse. It happened too as about half way through day one I started getting the worst sore throat I had ever had and a cough that wouldn’t go away. My mornings were shortened up by my desperate attempts to get my coughing under control and a trip to Wallgreens to buy another slew of medications to try and quell the coughing. In the end nothing worked and I am sitting here on Saturday morning coughing my fool head off after working an eleven hour day yesterday, but thank God I have two days off and it’s all over for now in the working onslaught department.

I’m pretty sure that it was my working conditions that did it to me actually as the “other” warehouse that I usually work in about 6 hours a week was my prison for 41 of the last 51 and the place is so dusty that the floor moves when you look at it. I never had allergies growing up but it appears to be another one of the wonderful things that the Chicken Pox left behind on me six years ago when the Zoster Pneumonia almost took me. Since then I have had hay fever and allergic reactions to so many things it is startling and takes me by surprise. When you lived 31 years without allergies then it is a learning process to say the least. The only bright side to all of this is that I haven’t thrown my back out from all the coughing, but I have probably just jinxed myself with that one.

Now with the misery index all in check I can get on to the good news where I had gotten a pay increase for my upgraded job capacity and eleven hours of overtime on top of that I should be able to catch up on all the bills that took me by surprise this year. That’s a good thing especially considering that my usual out plan {meaning my father} had his own misery quotient this year and was unable to help. It was hard not to fall into some sort of funk over it all but so far there has been a feeling of accomplishment as it all has fallen into place quite interestingly if not for the sacrifice of my physical well being. I was contracted for a few editorials for a couple of different websites as well so that should keep me from having to do this again for a while. We shall see as it is in this neck of the woods everyone’s dream come true as I am left incapable of talking, and the forecast is calling for rain all weekend which means the kids will be trapped inside all weekend too. This should be interesting.

I guess the really hard thing to figure out right now is how I spend my time. I was on CherryTAP a whole 2 hours for the entire week and just went 48 hours without logging in at all, and didn’t really miss it. There were people I missed but realistically going through everything and looking around as much as I did was a lesson in futility, and I kinda enjoyed being without the drama. Natural progression when you are anywhere for any length of time I suppose. I started paying more attention to my e-mail groups with my free time and even started tagging again and it made me feel a lot better or at least more productive. I think I will ease back into the whole CherryTAP thing and see if I can find a happy medium. Life is too short after all and I found myself back in a romance that once had died off, but never really did and have made myself the promise that I am going to dedicate my time to it as I always had to all of my online popularity crusades. I owe her that much or I need to understand that I never truly deserved her to begin with. This is the more “mortal” me that I learned to deal with this week.

Now I am going to be back to tagging pages and figuring out who is posting the important bulletins, reading more blogs and spending time on here with the people that matter while weeding out the rest of the drama queens I haven’t gotten rid of yet. I think seeing the sheer glee in everyone over the demise of one of the polarizing figures on CherryTAP and was left with that bad taste in my mouth of “who’s next?” because they can’t live in a hate free vacuum for too long. It’s part of their shtick, and I am not going to dive into the sand box anymore. It’s not worth my time that should be dedicated to better things. At least that is what I am telling myself now ;8o)

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