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Brutal Reality Meets A Warped Mind - The Last CherryTAP Blog

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I guess its kinda getting harder to be cheerful around here these days, and I am starting to see too many things than what I can defend going on especially when they effect me so personally. I have thought for a while now that CherryTAP was nothing more than a science experiment with us all being the lab rats, but we could all find our way to make the place work for us. With that said I carved out my niche to the best of my ability and then I watched the CherryGODS collapse that all in on me slowly but surely. I coined the phrase that “CherryTAP will punish you for being a non fake” lately and everyday it appears to be so true as I watch it all.

I was joking with a friend that it appears that when you turn your back they do something else to make it more difficult on you as I was still pissed off about the attachments not working in Cherry Mail, and making my good deed of the weekend sheer hell. We actually deduced that while I was working too much and sick that week the whole system got changed in a way to force me to spend hours after fixing the attachment fuck up just to get some things back to normal. That new photo gallery system that was implemented during that week sucks and even worse then that it totally rearranged my photo galleries to a bad format. It also took away the “Ripped From” links on photos that were ripped from someone. Tough shit huh? Well it is when you based your existence on having talent as apposed to tits. Tough shit again I know but it doesn't mean I have to like it, I just have to live with it.

After spending the day fixing my photo galleries yesterday I sat back and watched the alerts and realized that more people come to my page and don’t rate anything then rate. Big deal huh? What makes you think you’re worth a rate anyway, but as a science experiment I went around to see that most of them took a skin, quite a few of them took a picture or two, not even bothering to rip it just right click save as because I never got a ripped from alert, and it’s just amazing what you learn when you get so jaded. I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything because I really have spent most of my time being an asshole anyway so why should I care, but it does actually get under your skin to see it all just get worse and you are part of the cause and not the cure by just sitting back and yawning through it. I was looking at things through rosey glasses then red ones and now I was just getting into a tether for no good reason.

Has anyone noticed that when someone gives up their VIC and then comes to your page after they had rated you an 11 it automatically re-rates you a 10? Not a big deal I suppose but does that mean that when you paid for your VIC it is blood money and has to be continued or else? I’m sure it doesn’t matter to anyone but me but it really seemed like another one of those little digs that the Rat Lab doles out to us. I actually was talking to a female friend that had a far more realistic view on CherryTAP then I had ever had when she said that “This place will force you to be a whore if you want to get anywhere, and it gets worse the further up the chain you go,” and that was for the most part a paraphrase from me but I am pretty sure she won’t correct the simplicity of how I put it. She did read this first and thought it was perfect so I will continue, but I’m not naming names or pointing fingers but it’s true because I see everyone either giving in to the way things are or giving up.

You either whore yourself in pictures, or soul around here or you go nowhere and I figured I had the tenacity to overcome that but another weekend of working around a fixed system is not in my future. I hated every second of being on CherryTAP this week and anything I did to try to make it better turned into a nightmare. Doesn’t have to be fair and doesn’t have to be righteous, just has to be said because I don’t like it anymore, and am willing to let Cherry go to the fakes, whores, frauds, middle school drama queens. cheats, bullies, and willing lab rats because the fact is that this place just makes me unhappy and whining about it is stupid. Defending it any longer is even stupider. With that said I also had an epiphany of sorts as I realized something rather dramatic yet so simple while writing this. CherryTAP is an online bar.

It makes me an idiot, to have thought it was or is or is ever going to be anything more than that. To be totally honest with you all, I had never seen it as actually being one so I am willing to play the dumbass here and simply say that the enhancements they make that make me miserable don't matter because this is not a place for writers or artists it is a bar. When they make their enhancements here it is not to accommodate me and they aren't being sneaky, they are making it more towards “their” vision of a stereotypical bar. That means whores working it for free drinks, frauds taking advantage of everyone's stupidity because their real lives suck, desperate men and totally drunken style creeps, and just about any sort of fake drama that marks the escapism that people hang out in bars for. I'm the idiot that has been treating a bar like a community and for that I apologize to all of you. What I really should be looking for is an online coffee shop.

Think of it this way if you are someone like me that never took an Ibuprofen until he was 30 years old because you thought it was a joke and then thought you had discovered a wonder drug because it made your toothache go away then you don't exactly see things for what they are. It makes you look like a moron because “everyone knows that an Advil will relieve pain” but seriously here folks, I didn’t! This is the same thing where in they have said all along that this is a BAR and it operates just like a bar! See a bulletin from a well known Godmother whining about how everyone should never downrate because it is in poor taste even though everyone knows she is a notorious downrater? Well of course! It’s a bar and people lie in bars and everyone just accepts it and she has enough friends that most of them don’t know that and will repost her propaganda because it is just bar gossip anyway! See that person that pretends to be the most helpful person here but everyone should be able to see that they are a whiner and that equates to helping for some reason? Well of course! It’s a bar, and people whine into their beers in a bar and other people who don’t know any better think that they are part of the “in crowd” because they are always there and whining looks smart to some people! See that drama queen pretending to be a woman even though they are really a man? Everyone appears to treat them like they are God even though half of them are just in on the scam? Well of course! It’s a bar and there are lots of people who look up to the master manipulators in a bar because they aren’t smart enough to think for themselves and manipulation equals smart! DUH???? Jeremy is a moron, and not the people that are acting like what the place is! A Bar, not an art gallery or a museum, a BAR!

This floats in so many directions though realistically and can be used for just about any question anyone has. You don’t like the NSFW rules on CherryTAP? Well listen dipshit, it’s a bar and there are decency rules in any public place. Now listen to part two though as any bar still needs to have whores that will put out after they have had a few to be a successful bar right? Some of these places will have a little back room where the guys can take the women they liquored up and get what they need and CherryTAP is a bar after all right? Sure it doesn't benefit the guys that have things considered NSFW but horny guys will always show up at a bar so fuck ya, we don't need ya! That’s why just being female is going to get a pile of men saying lewd things to you in a shout box, because it is a bar and this is the behavior we expect in a bar right? Sure you can turn it off but if you want to be popular you better learn to play the game right?

Think of it this way but whores are the women that come right in and start posting the filthy images of themselves, but its more like prostitution when you give in to doing that so that you can be popular right? Hey it’s a bar! You have to play like it’s a bar and don’t worry the admin is right there to steer it in that direction no matter what you do anyway. Who needs a lot of photo galleries because you just need two anyway so if they ruin the galleries you had then it’s your own damn fault. You need the one with the public pictures that are just sexy enough to get the people to desperately want to look at the other one with the private pictures right? It’s a bar damnit! This is how some people obviously see bar life and the place will be molded into that one way or another anyway and again I am the moron who thought it wasn’t a bar. Stupid Jeremy!

You want more evidence that I and a lot of people here are idiots because it is, after all a bar, but do you go into a bar and leave your things lying around? Well of course you don’t and if you do you need help because they get stolen. Bitching about it is just plain stupid and makes you a dupe for any old con man that will sell you the beleif that there is security, but like a lot of them actually are doing is conning you into leaving your stuff around so they can steal it to. That is after all the policy here and some people think that profiles should be private. If you don’t like a bar leave the bar moron! Well here I and a lot of other total morons actually think that when we make things and leave them on CherryTAP that there is some rule of etiquette that needs to be followed and realistically things in bars that are left in plain sight without a hand attached to them get STOLEN! Duh??? Again, Jeremy is an idiot because this is just a bar!

It’s simple as, my skins, my art, my creations, my writing, my everything doesn’t belong here if I expect respect with it because it is a bar. If you don’t want your pictures stolen then don’t leave them around a BAR! Sure there are more people that have respect then not but that number slowly dwindles as the good people leave, and they are leaving. I have been watching it. I accept that there is no reason to have the “Ripped From” links anymore because it is a bar and if I was smart then I would be hanging out in a place where that stuff belongs. The good news and the bad news is that I know that it is just a bar now, and when I hang out here I will start treating it as such and I suggest that anyone else who gets aggravated by the way things are going do the same, or find somewhere else to be because like most bars it either gets old or it gets you. Cheers doesn’t exist people. I know because I live by it, and even if you watched that show, half of the fun of watching it was that you knew realistically that they were all losers but funny losers ;8o)

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Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, fuck ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! .. Jeremy

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