Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Murder Of Crows - Volume 7

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Now in the simplest terms I can put it, I can’t believe the gall of George W Bush today as he spoke on behalf of the Illegal Immigration bill that was put before congress granting amnesty to basically anyone that is in this country illegally. He very emotionally and eloquently lied to everyone when he stated that some people will try to scare everyone into thinking that it is an amnesty bill, but it just goes to show that they haven’t read it, and I find that offensive. I actually read it and what it states clear as a sunny day in the middle of the pacific ocean is that anyone who steps forward and can prove that they have been in the country for a specified {I say specified because that hurdle is still under negotiation} time will be granted “Legal Status” and that is amnesty pure and simple. Some people quibble about the length of time issue but if the government is unwilling to prove they are here now then that is merely a formality that can be worked around, and they know that.

Then there are the parts that he and the Democrats in congress are quibbling about being the pathway to citizenship that they are promoting as the actual bill but what it really is happens to be that part that makes it so you can become an actual citizen. You will pay a 5000$ fine and you will go back to your home country and wait in line to be a citizen, but that is if they WANT to be a citizen. Most of the illegal immigrants that we are talking about have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they don’t want to be a citizen already. They won’t learn the language, respect the laws {like the law of stay the fuck out for example}, and they enjoy every benefit of being a dirty little secret {like free medical, not paying insurance, not going to jail when they drive without a license or even paying for people they harm when they do, etc etc ad infinitum} and the only thing they don’t enjoy is that minute percentage that they could get deported. Has anyone watched those 20,000 illegal immigrant rallies all over the country? I don’t see them exactly hiding either.

The inspired rage towards our president is not because I think he is evil, but I have finally been swayed to the belief that most of the Democrats have whined about for the better part of 6 years, and that being that he might be an idiot. My examples for this are simple as I watch his new found bravado on the one issue he has that I seriously hate, and sit around going “Where the hell was this when you should have been pushing the issues I cared about?” I mean he used to speak pretty good about the war in Iraq which I still support and I realize that that isn’t popular, but he has fought the war like a pussy and I am not to happy about that. People die in war and massive onslaught is the only way to enter into a war as we are there to kill people and break things, and his explanations of things these days are just corny at best. You dropped the ball George, and I am not happy about your new ball. I am a huge fan of defending the country and unlike all of the revisionists out there I don’t actually believe that Iraq was the only Middle Eastern country without terrorists but here we are as the left has dictated the argument so long that a lot of people do.

On that note let’s talk about Dubai. That was a great deal for America and a leader needed to lead the people of the country into understanding that. Dubai had all the resources to make our ports the greatest on the planet and would have. They have proven that their ports {which are most of the ports in the world mind you} are the safest and most secure on the planet, and they take their money really seriously. It actually would have been a slam dunk by uttering the simple phrase “Look it up for yourself,” and you didn’t. People like myself were left to defend you while you looked like an uneducated idiot. The tempo was dictated by people who knew nothing but the key words to scare everyone and make you look bad, and YOU let them. Again it’s about security right? Of course your plan to let upwards of 20 million people that have never been documented in their HOME country live here with a totally free pass because that is realistically all they want is what gets your passion? My new passion is getting rid of people like Ted Kennedy that has failed on illegal immigration 9 times in his too long in the senate, and you President Bush before you can help ruin it once out of Washington DC, and back wherever it is you two can fit in. This is not a “Party” issue because most of the morons on the illegal immigration issue are Democrats, and the big 2 idiots on the Republican side of the isle, Bush and McCain.

In less than 2 years when you walk out of the White House George {because he is not going to get impeached people, if you think he has done impeachable things then see a shrink} I will be applauding. There are things I like about you {thank you for the two justices you nominated I think they are top shelf} but there are too many things at this stage of the game I am embarrassed about. The way to do this is to absolutely barrage your congressmen and senators about how angry illegal immigration makes you and just hold down the fort until we can get a good president and a better house and senate. This includes making sure that John McCain doesn’t take your place because I didn’t like him the last time he ran and I really don’t like him now, but also making sure that I join the fray of people making your life hell until you leave. Mostly because your “new found” policies harm me, but also because I am vindictive that your once held policies are not as important as the new ones. If you don’t think so then I guess you didn’t read anything yourself buddy ;8o)

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