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A Murder Of Crows - Volume 6

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Friends, Americans, Countrymen … Lend me your ear! I have come to bury Bush, not praise him, and I am sure that is what quite a few people are usually trolling the newswire to hear these days. Realistically speaking I am sure that quite a few people have thought me to be the man’s water boy over the last 6 years and realistically I am not. Quite frankly I can’t stand the man’s politics but I also have a very bad habit of living in the real world, and most of his hard core detractors quite possibly never have. Reality often gets mired by what mud people can throw and how the perceptions bandy about, but let’s get one thing strait here that a lot of people still don’t get their fingers around, and that is that he is still better than the two clowns he ran against.

If I were to go back 6 years to the election of Bush the first time around I like to remind people that as it has been proven a million times that Gore lost Florida, there were other pieces to that puzzle that should have been looked at and of course are not. I have to deal with these issues a lot here in New Hampshire and the revisionism is on overload right now as for the first time in my lifetime the entire state’s political structure is “officially” Democrat controlled. I put it that way because as the borders of New Hampshire have been inundated with people escaping the messes they had made in Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont for decades and if you look at the voting habits here we have elected Democrat’s for president for 20 years aside from the first election of G.W. Bush and those 4 Electoral College votes that Clinton and Kerry got no matter what would have made Florida a moot point.

The dirty little secret on that little fiasco is playing itself out in spades right now as you see the great savior of the human race “Al Gore” running around forcing flawed environmental policy down our throats. That is the man he always was but most people won’t admit that that was what he was back then. He ran an excellent shell game during his campaign but the typical New Hampshire voters saw through all of his “environmental” apologizing and saw the entire state losing its lumber industry and having to support thousands of people incapable of working elsewhere. Simple economics dominated that discussion here but nobody talks about it because it wasn’t “sexy” like the whole Florida Chad crap.

Well we are at a crossroads again here in the state of New Hampshire which are pangs of reaction to that political retard that we have in the White House instead of the two bigger retards that ran against him. In the last election cycle the House and the Senate were taken by the Democrats on a national level as we all know but here in New Hampshire for the first time in over 100 years the “Live Free or Die” state was completely taken by the Democrats as well. It was a bit different though as the state is leaning harder left every year with the influx of people from across the borders. Every year more people leave the bordering states, because it is too hard to live there, and they never realize that they are the reason that those states were messed up. They simply think that New Hampshire can run as it does, and still have the social “mommy” state status that made them feel good where they left. The Democrats that have been running through the laws of this state like a bunch of retarded Bulls in China Shops.

The newest one that just got initiated by the state house is the mandatory seat belt law. Now they don’t even have the tenacity to lie to all of us like all the other states do when they enforce a mandatory seat belt law for everyone. I call it lying because when you say one thing and it “always” changes and you damn well know it then that it lying. Most seat belt laws always start off as “secondary violation” and then always go to “primary enforcement” so I am pretty secure in saying that, but in this instance it is going to be “primary enforcement” from the get go. I realize to a lot of you that the seat belt laws seem like a really stupid thing to get a beef about but not in my eyes as you have to use traditional “liberal” lying to get it going in the first place, and then the lying about every angle of it has to be full bore through the entire process. It always starts with “It costs the state less money” and “It’s about saving lives” and then always steamrolls from there. What it is really about is keeping law enforcement from going after real crime {which Democrats hate enforcement of} and making sure that the police departments are out there racking up easy profits {which Democrats truly adore} while never really having to get dirty.

Here’s where I have my issues in it all, and I will apply the whole denomination of “common sense” to it all that I would truly hope that everyone would like to learn to use. In your average automobile accident where a seat belt is not worn over the speed of 35 mph the person who is not wearing their seatbelt dies. Sometimes it can be really messy, and might require a lot of cleaning equipment, but these things are on hand at every accident anyway. The body is then placed in a body bag {even after being scrubbed out of the pavement or bridge abutment or whatnot} and then it is taken to wherever they put dead bodies in whatever community until the family claims responsibility. Most of the cost of this is incurred regardless of whether people survive or not in the accident. These facts are rather hard to deny when common sense is applied.

Now in the average accident above 35 mph where a seat belt is worn {and of course under say 100 mph, lets not be silly here} the person wearing the seatbelt will most likely survive assuming that something rather strange doesn’t happen like they are decapitated by a steel girder or something. In any case under most circumstances it is nice that the person is alive but a lot of the time they end up with injuries and quite often they are catastrophic. Shattered glass in your face, fires, broken ribs from the seatbelt, concussions, shattered legs, broken necks, etc etc etc happen and this requires some real cash from the state to deal with. Ambulances and helicopters and various rescue vehicles are merely the beginning. Most of these people will become a ward to Medicaid and often will never be employable again. A large portion of them will retain hospital bills in the millions of dollars and it FAR outnumbers the amounts of people who somehow survive without the seatbelt and are that messed up. Sorry to break it to everyone but that is common sense.

You then have to deal with phase two of the whole argument which is the fact that it saves lives. This is a wonderful argument in MY opinion but I happen to be a Pro-Life, Pro-God, Second Amendment, Right Wing Whacko, so that would kinda fit my policy now wouldn’t it? I also happen to believe in true freedom of self will, and that is where I have my issues with any sort of law that is imposed to protect me from me, because it is really a law to protect my free will from becoming an issue, and that is where the “other” side of the isle often comes into account. Let us analyze their usual motives in these sort of things. Take abortion for instance, since that happens to be a “woman’s right to do whatever the hell they want to with their bodies” and would sort of fit the bill of what a motor vehicle driver would want to do with their body. Again as we are talking about what constitutes a “life” or not, or who has control over what they want to do with their body I must say that abortion is the only one of the two that guarantees that a human being will be dead. Again it is a perception problem I think as we look at who seems to think a human being is dying? In all reality it doesn’t matter but it still seems to lend credence to lying.

This piece of crap bill added to the one they just passed banning smoking in all restaurants {and as I point out at least our Lunatic Left is a bit more honest where they simply came right out and are banning it in bars too instead of waiting for the dust to clear on the lying to begin with} and we have the makings of the “Live Free or Die” state losing its character all together. Like the “mommy” states around us guns would be next if they had more time, but they don’t. The ticking clock that is leading towards finally getting that “Illegal Immigrant” humping moron out of the white house is also the same due date for all of these clowns jobs to be reaffirmed as well. Like the last two year span that all branches of New Hampshire government was controlled by the Democrats this one is meeting the same end by rampant greed to effect change too quickly. With that I say, “Thank God” before they outlaw that in this state too ;8o)

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