Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Murder Of Crows - Volume 5

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Well here in New Hampshire we have a really high profile news story going around that I had talked about last April {2006} and really should have died by now, but apparently has reared it's ugly head again. I was only involved based on the fact that the man who is accused of the things that he is being accused of happens to be my daughter's best friend's father. He was running for the Democratic nomination for the house seat in my district {of course he lives down the street} in Hew Hampshire, and at the time was involved in a rather nefarious automobile accident. They couldn't find him for 27 hours if my mind serves me correctly, and when they did he was suffering frostbite on his feet from crossing the Bellamy River. He apparently from what the story had said went into shock and wandered off. It was a huge hullabaloo and supposedly cost him the election. In reality as someone who usually understands punditry and all he never really had a chance anyway and perhaps his 10 percent of the vote was on name recognition from that.

Here's where I come in as I had written a blog and an article for the local paper stating that the person I knew as the father of my daughter's best friend was incapable of these things and was a super human being. I don't seem like much realistically, but in this area I am a bit of a outspoken lobbyist for certain things on my side of the isle {which was the opposite of his so needless to say he never had my vote anyway} which had at times transpired into many different things making press in the area. Most notably I had caused quite a stir as I had logged a lot of time in town and city council meetings railing for articles of succession from the state when the state decided to start distributing taxes heavily on my district. It was approved in two towns so needless to say I know a few things and people respect that at times. I felt it was fair for me to say my peace on a fellow father in the neighborhood that I had found to be an upstanding citizen, and of course his wife and his daughter were very important people to my daughter.

What a difference a year makes in the lifetime of a simple janitor from New Hampshire who happens to be the head of the poorest family in the richest town, as the headlines on all the papers yesterday was that he most likely was involved in an affair with one of his staffers and that was why this happened. It is because of the criminal investigation that has stemmed from the whole story based on him falsifying evidence in his disappearance, and I can’t deny that it looks like he did. The details aren't important but my first reaction was that the news media around here really needed better things to do with their time because not only was this story old, but he was never that important to begin with. Then of course I started feeling sorry for his daughter who was the best kid in school, the most positive role model in my daughters life, and an activist on very many important committees in the area at such a young age that I figured immediately that it must have crushed her. I blamed the news for simply dredging up something that was so unimportant to the world and damaging that poor young girl needlessly and was a lot angrier then I would have thought.

I then thought about his poor wife. She's a beautiful, sweet woman who volunteers for absolutely everything at the school. She tirelessly drives around tons of kids to the best recreations that will keep them out of trouble and has always adopted my own daughter as if she was her own. This woman is not prototypical of the type of woman we see now ignoring the infidelities of her husband in any way shape or form. She is no Hillary Clinton that that would probably prostitute her husband for whatever she wants, and will blindly accept it all as long as some form of power comes to her or she is allowed to hold the arm of someone so esteemed. No as a matter of fact this is Donna Reed and again I was furious at the media for bringing this shit up, and was ready to sit down last night and start writing the most abusive things about the local papers around here that I have always hated anyway. I was going to fight the power and take it down once and for all {as if they cared} and nobody was going to stop me.

The problem here seriously is that I was letting my emotions about the whole thing get the best of me and I hadn’t surmised what really was at stake or going on in all of this. I did a little homework and found a lot of things that can’t be proven whatsoever about the alleged affairs that are being reported by a fired campaign worker, but I could find a heck of a lot of evidence saying that his car crash and his story were a pile of crap. It’s too bad realistically that I am watching the life of a local politician and a family that I personally care about as they are intertwined with my own despite our definite political differences be torn apart in all of this but at the same time I am saddened that somehow there are things that are not being reported in all of this as well, and there unfortunately is only one person to blame regardless of what the truth is. That would be my daughter’s best friend’s father.

It’s an interesting paradox realistically as we have now spent about 14 years dedicating almost all political chatter to who in the white house lies. It’s that 24/7 hate cycle that goes around and in reality I am not going to put my slant on any of this because I have a dog in that fight, but apologists on both sides of the isle are making it impossible to have honesty in politics any more anyway. At this time we have former and unapologetic Klu Klux Klan member representing West Virginia in the Senate, and we have a man who left the scene of an auto accident that ended up killing a woman representing Massachusetts in the senate. I am pulling these two off the top of my head because I can and I know there are others that have done bad stuff, but these two have been there for over 40 years each and win by tremendous landslides, but the last two presidents fart wrong and they are taken to the woodshed.

It makes you wonder realistically what the real agendas are at all times, but here’s the part that really gets me seriously, and what I have been trying to tell everyone for years when they whine about why there isn’t any good politicians. In a day and age where a Supreme Court Justice can be ridiculed for weeks and there can actually be a clamor for him to be impeached because he did the “chin flick” to a reporter like a lot of other Italians in this world do, then how dare anyone cry about scripted politicians. In a day and age where the NAACP can tear down a politician because he called a guy “Macaca” at a political event while the guy he was running against actually admitted to driving around with their practice rifles pretending to shoot “niggers” {as he had stated it to the news reporters} when he was in college then don’t cry about who lies to get where they are. You have to be a total idiot or a power hungry liar to run for politics anyway and the American people will reward you for either every time.

I have no dog in this political fight really because the man I voted for is making this country an annexed part of Mexico as we speak. I’m not a revisionist either as I watch the two people he ran against trying to force socialist environmental policies down everyone’s throats right now as I told you all they would as president so I still made the right decision. The fact of the matter though as I am looking at it all is that there really are no right decisions anymore. I am not calling for a third party because that is actually throwing away your votes, and as the front runner for that other party is reminding me simply by being in the elections upcoming, that the results of that are horrible. Another 8 years of a convicted liar would not do anyone any good, but his wife scares me with her abilities or lack there of. At least her husband had charisma, she just has people that will destroy you like a Stalin regime for pointing out she has none. Nobody will call her on this either outside of the mainstream and again I am watching how the candidates running against her have to play the script, while she isn’t even good enough to act. For that I blame everyone, because it was the American people that made anyone who wants to be a politician either an idiot or a power hungry liar, and I don’t see anyone standing up and saying, “I want you warts and all” because what the majority of people in this country are screaming is “I wanna see your warts so I can slaughter you.” ;8o)

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