Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Day In The Life Of A Wounded Crow - Volume 5

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What a day today. I had to work over to help cover that end of the month binge that the “powers that be” at the Pink Mafia perpetrate every month on us. It’s like they realize that they didn’t ship enough product as the month winds down and then schedule the bulk of it all on the very last day, and there I was stuck in the warehouse loading up 19 trucks today. It started off as just 14 {which would have been a record for me} and then extended into 16 before 10 o’clock had wound around. The “mystery” trucks showed up, or as my boss called them an “oops” but I have been on that end when they had the “oopses” for the guy that usually runs that show and know it is more of the giant popping sound of head coming out of ass. In reality it wasn’t that big of a deal but it is unnerving to say the least.

Then I have to deal with the soap opera of who is pissed off at who and why. Realistically the only attitude anyone I work with really should be is “show up, shut up, work, leave,” and that concept really doesn’t factor out with any of them. Yes it has a lot to do with why I can so brilliantly {shut up} turn the episodes of the Pink Mafia and Superdaddyman into interesting reading, but it also factors into why my life stinks too. The realism of it all sometimes interferes with good comedy and today happens to be one of those days, as I am sitting here listening to a wailing 14 year old above me. The fact of the matter is that it is 50 percent drama and 50 percent reality just like most of the things I write about but that is the realism of it because life is a drama. Unfortunately good drama has to be rooted in truth regardless.

I come home and my daughter wants me to let her go to the other side of Portsmouth to work on a school project with a friend of hers. They will be roughly a 20 minute drive away from here in one of the sections of the city that is a real ghetto. Now because it was the last moment which is how she operates I told her that she would have to have a phone number and an address to me by 5:00 and as I sit here at 5:30 typing this she hasn’t gotten these things and trying to amend the rules to it all because they don’t have a house phone there and she is waiting for her friend to call back on her cell phone. She doesn’t seem to understand that a cell phone is not a suitable alternative to a house phone, and also doesn’t seem to understand why I would feel that these things are needed, so I was forced to dredge up the last week for her. RECENT HISTORY!

First there was her progress report that she received two weeks ago that she hid from me. This was while she was working on being able to go to a concert with a friend from church and was mowing the lawn to get the money for it. While at the same time I just got word from the Futures program that she officially lost her scholarships that she had won in eighth grade because she is flunking out of school and won’t go to the appointments to talk to the Futures Chair. The lawn isn’t finished, but it has been finished twice in her mind despite the huge clumps of grass that are sticking up in the middle of the yard. If I point at them she pretends to take care of them, doesn’t and has a temper tantrum when you point them out again. I finally told her to go bring me the progress report that she has been pretending not to get or else and she does, and now she is upstairs crying on her bed because I don’t trust her. Sounds like a lot of drama to me, and partially a 14 year old girl that just doesn’t get it. The school has now demanded that she go to therapy, which is a good thing because no therapist would take her with just my asking because I have never found one that would say she needs it. UGH!

I would love to just take her into my job and show her around what hell looks like for a day and then afterwards point out to her that the way she is going she won’t even get a job as good as MINE! The sad part of it all is that she really is falling beyond anything that is even comprehendible to me. She knows better than anyone what the end results of how she treats life now are as she has the glowing example that her mother sets for her and she is at war with it whenever she see’s her. I still get rather perplexed at thinking that perhaps there are genetics at play here or she still looks at her mother and thinks “I can still survive while being useless” and at the moment I am just at a loss on it all.

I will keep you all updated though ;8o)

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