Friday, April 20, 2007

The Trials and Tribulations of an Evils's - Volume 1

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It was an interesting night of firsts last night as Lazius Boycrazius had her first High School softball game. She wasn't a bit intimidated by being the youngest girl on the field (by a long shot actually as this was the Varsity team, which she was the only Freshman on hers, and I am not sure about the other one} but also there were a couple of state record holders on the field. Lazius last year had set the single season eighth grade home run record, which nobody thought would ever be broken as the last girl to do it had 40 less yards of field to hit it out of, and the girl pitching was the first girl in state High School history to actually have 2 no hitters in a season. That girl was a Japanese student whose parents relocated the family to another part of this state when she started High School and her 80 mile per hour pitches is overwhelming under handed. My daughter does have the right attitude for facing someone like this considering that she hadn't faced anything like this before considering that there is a huge difference between Middle School and High School softball.

It never even translated to her until she made her first plate appearance and she actually struck out, and the look of disgust on her face said it all as this seriously was the first time she had ever struck out before in softball. She wasn't completely out of the loop as she had struck out quite a bit in baseball the year before that, like most power hitters do, but softball was a different animal and she up until that point thought that she owned the game even if she didn't show it to often. She found out a few other things while she was out in right field the whole night too, and that is that High School girls actually hit the ball out into the outfield a hell of a lot more than Middle School girls do, so she was quite winded by the time the sixth inning rolled around. Sixth inning would have been the end of the game in Middle School as well and the poor little thing looked about on deaths door out in the field running for her life.

Another strike out later and she was feeling quite humble. The thing she had going for her was that she could still fire the ball into the pitcher from deep right but even I was finding it amusing that most of the balls were going out there and she only dropped one {which for her is a huge improvement} so that was a plus.

Her team was getting murdered by the seventh inning as the score was now 8 to 0 and unlike Middle School they don't end the game with a ten run lead {which worked against Lazius in the regard that she missed at bats last season with her team being so terrible} so they didn't really have that to look forward to with another couple of runs. Her team mates were getting on base though just not getting around to home so it wasn't totally bleak and not just because of the pitcher but she sure didn't help. The parent sitting next to me pointed out that the girl pitching had never given up a home run the last two years that she had been in the States, so I figured it probably had a lot to do with how she pitches to the power girls, up and in. In the eighth inning Lazius was going to get another at bat if a girl got on base, and after the pitcher hit the batter before Lazius on the arm it was Lazius walking to the plate for what I was praying would not be another strike out.

She touched hand with the girl who had just gotten hit after she finally shook it off and started out to first base, and Lazius got into the batters box without taking a warm up swing. It's customarily her style not to, as she usually just stolidly stares at the pitcher menacingly. It worked great on the eighth graders but this eleventh grader could have cared less obviously by looking at the way she glared back. Lazius didn't seem to change her composure at all which is a very good sign as well. The first two pitches came careening in around elbow high and barely off of her arm, and I have to give Lazius credit for most of the girls took swipes at those purely out of reflex action and she had figured that one out, and was still standing there glaring at her to try and throw one out. I think that the girl pitching was a bit timid after already putting a girl on base the easy way and didn't want to do it again because the next pitch came careening in as fast as any of the others but strait and down the middle and Lazius put a shot into that ball like the pitcher had never seen before as the way the ball was screaming about seven feet over her head it had shot from the bat like a cannon and she hit the dirt. The ball went far and strait and managed to shoot over the center fielders head as she had come charging up thinking the ball would drop. Her glove missed it by mere inches as she jumped, and the ball landed and then died right at the base of the center field fence forcing a long run to go get it.

Lazius didn't get her first home run on the High School team but had gotten her first Run Batted In, and the next girl up knocked her home from second base where she stood after her double. As a matter of fact the flood gates had opened with that hit batter, and the score ended up going from 8 to 0 with two outs to being 8 to 5 by the end of the eighth inning. This was how the game ended though as nobody got a hit in the ninth inning, but it was an exciting 20 minute break before the end of the game all the same. She never had any of that excitement with her Middle School team as they were officially the worst team in the state. Another valuable lesson was learned in this game too which I am hoping that Lazius Boycrazius will take to heart. Laying around all day staring at the ceiling isn't going to make the season any easier on her ;8o)

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