Saturday, April 28, 2007

Living Life On Tap - Volume 18

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Well I am disheartened by a lot of the bulletins again. You just can’t delete enough people from your friends list to simply eradicate all the haters. I’m trying but it is a daunting task after all. I think that there is a certain Internet disease that plagues people when they have been on any website too long. I realize that there is a certain person on CherryTAP that it is really En-Vogue to hate and all but it doesn’t cease to amaze me how everyone simply sells their souls to the very devils that are every bit as bad as her to keep the hate floating onward. I have seen repost after repost from people and the trail always leads back to shit on CherryTAP that makes anything she does seem like nothing. It’s the retarded leading the blind and it has gotten to the point where I just know whose bulletins not to open because they don’t have a brain of their own. I imagine that I am starting to settle, and that is a sad thing.

Yesterday as I was looking at bulletins from the biggest gang of haters being reposted over and over again, telling everyone to Fan/Add/Rate them I was simply sitting here perplexed as to whether or not CherryTAP will ever get better because I think the disease is spreading faster than the cure will ever get administered. It doesn’t matter really in the long run because like most decent people on CherryTAP I have already found the next place to go when this all ends. The popularity contest is fine and all but inevitably it all ends up being a big quagmire of cheats and frauds, and as long as everyone just goes along with their games it will never get any better. This place will go on without anyone after all, and sooner or later I will be down to the proper amount of friends anyway.

What I do wonder though is if I am seeing the end of the Internet in it all. It appears that if anything, the internet gives everyone the ability to be the bully that they never got to be in school. I watched Yahole 360 start out pretty innocent enough and then turn into a haven for theft and stalkers. Myspace at one time was a rather nice place to hang out until it became more fun to just abuse everyone, and then the next thing you knew every page you go to had to be set to private and what was the point of adding someone that you knew absolutely nothing about? The downward trend is going faster than anyone can even think to counteract it on CherryTAP and often it doesn’t seem worth being real. Of course the option of not being real is foolish to me, so I assume that leaving a sinking ship would be my last bastion if it ever got to that. I am sick of seeing the real people leave or turn fake here to be totally honest about it. I understand though as you see the tribes on here form, band together, trash, fragment, create drama, it’s just inane at best.

I have taken to being a bit of an asshole about it all lately though, and I apologize to a point. I had no problem today in pointing out in a bulletin wanting someone to be the first male in the Top 10 legends that the only reason he is close enough {like the other ones} is because he pretended to be a woman for so long. I really wish that people would learn to unfan the frauds but that will never happen. I dare to dream often and who knows?

I think my other legitimate gripe this week is how amazingly arrogant and self centered people still are around here too. You can change your profile a million times and people are not going to read it, but it doesn’t end with that. I can tell people specifically how to do anything and they are going to simply assume that they are above that. My profile tells people not to shout me or message me for things and they do anyway. Mostly because they don’t read the instructions but often because they assume that their time is more valuable than mine. Can you believe how many times someone has the gall to say to me, “I don’t have time to do this, so why does it matter?” I don’t even have time to tell them off properly anymore! Seriously, I have 3 kids and no mother to go with them, work 50 hours a week a half hour away from my home, as well as about a dozen skins to make a week {and those that like to remind me that I don’t have to take requests you are quite right but if people follow the rules it is no bother really} and I should just understand that people need to shout me requests because they are too busy? I find it amusing that most of the people who do that will become your enemy and make your life as difficult as possible when you just ignore them. The good news is no matter how many times I throw down my stuff and say “Damnit! No more requests!” I always change my mind because I am not going to let the bad apples ruin it for the good apples that are really happy and appreciative when you do nice things for them.

This is getting so much worse now too as my bulletins for the most part get ignored by a lot of people too. The things get so much longer every time I make them because I have to add more instructions for those that need them and now it is to the point where they are so long nobody reads the instructions. I made tutorials to make it so I don’t have to explain things and now I am getting the shouts, “I don’t want to read the tutorial can you just tell me how to X-Y-Z” and I don’t even have time to tell them off properly. Again I just ignore the people who do that. I also ignore the people who immediately start shouting me the second I leave a tag on their page. You are one of many dozens during a tag run, and my time is so amazingly limited. Unfortunately I have learned that most people who do that need something and I don’t have anything to give usually anyway Weekends I have time to give, but you never know.

Sorry if it seems like I am bitching but realistically that is what a blog is. I bitch, some feel less alone when they read it, and others know to simply go away because my mind set is obviously too different for them. Its part of simply “throwing yourself out there” and in doing so, allowing people to know you or at the very least give them a good enough warning not to. I have that on my side that I am willing to let everyone see what they are getting into before it is too late, and again it reminds me of all the total frauds on CherryTAP that take advantage of the fact that most people not only don’t but don’t care enough either. Who knows, but in a hundred years the internet could include people from other planets, but my first reaction like anyone else’s is to think how embarrassed we would be to let other worlds see how we behave. Then again I am the type of person to remember that when I found out how people from other countries behaved I wasn’t exactly as impressed as they seem to be with it and perhaps there are planets out there that will make us actually seem human. I’ll keep my un-hatched chickens uncounted for now ;8o)

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