Saturday, April 21, 2007

Living Life On Tap - Volume 17

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Before I even start on my partially incoherent rant on a lot of different things I want to make it perfectly clear what CherryTAP is and what it is not, and then I don’t have to explain myself every step of the way. CherryTAP is a site for adults and it is NOT an adult site. It is wholly owned by someone other than YOU and it is set up to run to the best of its ability while upgrading itself to have a more broad appeal. Things screw up and things will be fixed but above all else the site will run with or without any of us. With that said I want to cover some topics that I am just sick of seeing because it is infantile at best.

First and foremost there is a very simple reason why NSFW content does not get points and has to be in NSFW folders. THIS IS NOT A PORN SITE! If they were to allow NSFW content to accrue points then it would be the only thing that you would see. All of the amateur porn princesses on the site would be the only ones gaining levels and the site would totally go to shit as no decent people would want anything to do with it. “Grow the hell up” is the only thing that goes through my mind when I see the whining and complaining about this crap. There are hundreds of free sites dedicated to posting your smut if that is the most important thing to you and most of them have very lax rules about who can see it. This is a sit FOR adults, which does not mean we are all perverts, and it doesn’t mean porn.

Second it is a really sad fact that most of the men on the site are simply fixated by their sense of sight. I actually have come to start to assume that there are people out there that are more pitiful than me {and if you know me that is saying a lot} because they are so obsessed with fans and rates that they are willing to totally prostitute themselves for them. Enough with the fake pictures of models and stuff for your profile pictures, because realistically it just means that you are such a loser that you have to resort to being a fraud to get attention. I would rather not have attention myself personally, and it just makes me shake my head and wonder what the hell I am surrounded by here. I know it works, but for what? Look at me I am such a loser I am willing to be a total fake! The argument that everyone else is doing it is old and sad now too.

Third and equally as important, am I the only one sick of people counteracting hate with hate? You shouldn’t hate this person because we all should hate this person, is a common theme these days and it makes me ill. I have a shit list just like anyone else but it doesn’t mean that I am so great that I am allowed to bring pitchforks and a gang to go roust someone. The worst of course are the total frauds that I just mentioned earlier. It becomes a sort of “Operation Change the Subject” whenever they get called out for being total frauds. Makes everyone whining about it look like losers, if you ask me, and I am sure that nobody is. Feel free to go to work and so openly hate on someone as you do in here so that at least you can get punched in the nose like life used to dictate before all the cyber bullying came along.

While on that subject seeing bulletins that are totally dedicated to hating on someone in any way shape or form is just pathetic. I am sick of using every ounce of my self control these days to not tell someone off. I am also sick of the cowards that don’t also do that. I gave it a couple of weeks to allow the dead to rest, but that bulletin that Fat Sonny {a total asshole and if anyone doesn’t like me saying that then remove me} posted with the Fat Tony block list on it. Fact number 1 for those that never said anything about how tasteless that was, most of those people were added to that list by Fat Sonny and not Fat Tony, and fact number 2 it was the most pathetic thing I had ever seen the day after a man had died using his death to spread your own hate list. This unfortunately is part of the drama and hate circuit around here so I simply accept it and laugh about it, but you may want to stop bringing it and then acting above it. Especially if you are a hating asshole that doesn't have the balls to be real in the first place.

Fourth, stop whining about giving up your VIC and leaving the site. For the love of GOD please just give up your VIC and leave the site. People that do this all the time are drama bitches and it is annoying to a lot of people. I realize that it is very difficult to stand up to people like this because they seem so amazingly popular but after about a day of being hated on it all goes away and then sweet serenity ensues. Nothing changes around here unless admin wants it to, and I have been looking around and realized a big secret that the drama bitches don’t and that is that most people DON’T agree with you. In the estimated 60,000 real users on CherryTAP most of us at best only have about 500 to 3000 of them on our friend’s lists for a reason. A lot of the other ones don’t care if we even exist. The ones that whine all the time about leaving {and never do of course because the drama is a drug to them} are usually just making it so that more and more on their own friend’s lists agree with the other 50 some odd thousand. For the record those that had their VICs locked should have because it was about time that admin say “Fine we don’t care if you have it then!”

Fifth, Fan Me Fan Me Fan Me! Blow Me Blow Me Blow Me! Do you know how big of an asshole you are if you actually put “I rated you and fanned you and would appreciate you return the favor” in someone’s profile comment? Hell when people do it to me I copy and paste the comment and send it out to my friends and we have a huge laugh about it. Fan me before you add me? Why don’t you work on giving people a reason to fan you beyond the usual “Look you can see my tits!” Damn I can’t even tell you how many people a day come to my page after I rated them and don’t even rate me back. Oh well realistically I don’t care anymore because it is just sad. I make skins and graphics for people to share and hope that in the end it gets me points and popularity and for the most part it does. It will never make me a legend but I am very proud of the fact that I am going on Henchman and have never run a contest or forced anyone to do anything to get something from me and in turn get me there. I am also saying it publicly, that those that do manipulate the system or cheat to get where they are, ARE LOSERS but I am never going to change them so I don’t care. Just revel in knowing that they are losers and stop bitching about it because it doesn’t fucking matter.

This system is easily manipulated and it always will be. If it is too much of a strain on you to deal with that then you may want to go see a doctor about that and get your meds readjusted. I’m human just like everyone else and have great disdain for quite a few people on here because of their ill gotten gains, but in the end I have more important things to worry about. There have been thousands of sites just like CherryTAP and more are being created every day. There will actually be a day when you come to log onto CherryTAP and you will either be sick of it, or it may just simply not be here anymore. Feel free to use your time that you spend here as a tool to grow up a bit and take that experience to your next online destination, or suffer some cold hard truth about it all no matter where you go. In the end it is just an electrical bulletin board just like we had back in the Commodore 64 days, only it has a lot more people with less experience to add to it all then we had back then so the drama like it has now will inevitably get worse no matter what you do about it. I have chosen to work on myself in the interim, keep writing in my blogs instead of the bulletins, and suggest it for anyone else that needs a bit of a change of pace as the same ol same ol around here gets a bit too over the top. This place is no better than a video game some days ;8o)

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Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, fuck ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! .. Jeremy

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