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Living Life On Tap - Volume 15

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Well we all know that CherryTAP is one big calamity wrapped in a pandemonium on it’s best days, and there are actually quite a few of us that defend the place to the teeth for we understand the growing pains that a site goes through, and get sick of the drama that gets created over people freaking out over little things too quickly. Sometimes though I find that I have to be honest about things even if it isn’t exactly towing the company line, and I found myself very curious about something this morning when a friend of mine was locked out of his page. Yes it does happen and I admit that. It also appears that there are ways around it that work for some and don’t work for others which is quite curious as well. I know of one person that was able to still get into their account by way of a proxy server and two others that were able to have someone else log into their accounts and run them for them. Others weren’t able to get into their pages at all by any means, but were still able to make up new profiles and log in perfectly normally. In other words it’s good to see that the bugs aren’t just on our end.

I have surmised that the admin at CherryTAP simply locks people out of their profiles for a while to give them a “cool down” period during periods of great drama and chaos, and let them think about what the hell they are doing, but it was the thing that got someone banned last night that put the radar on full alert. I didn’t even personally see the point in it, but it was because of an online article about CherryTAP in general {and if I get booted for bringing this up then it becomes even more curious in my mind} where he wasn’t even insulting the site, but there obviously is some sort of big secret involved to it that worries the powers that be. For what at this time I have absolutely no clue, but as always I am willing to dance on the third rail and see if I get electrocuted. I had gotten my hands on the link before he had his bulletin eliminated and then of course did some sleuthing to see what the big deal about it was anyway.

I found some amazingly curious data that again to the best of my recollection is no big deal but I will throw it out there anyway. The article was located HERE and a brief rundown of the blog entry was that it was talking about the news articles that were out there about CherryTAP and how they appeared to simply be press releases that were published. In these press releases the company mouth piece was a man named Bill Lee who coincidentally has been re-written {or originally written and I missed it} into CherryTAP lore as one of the 3 co-founders. The links in the blog were talking about the other two sites that were related to Social Concepts Inc {the parent company of CherryTAP} called CherryPhotos and CherryStash which I think more than enough of us have come across here and there. Doing a simple whois {who is} of the two other sites places the domain registrant as a man named Joseph Lee {common knowledge as it is in the public database} and his e-mail set for a domain called Looking into that I found them to be a capitol investment firm that has invested into the Capitol of Social Concepts Inc. Many of you already know that and seriously it doesn’t appear to be a big deal yet to me either.

Now here’s what is rather interesting though because all of the photos that are being funneled through CherryPhotos can be rated and lord knows where the ratings go. You don’t have to log into the site to do it and it is just like using the I’m Bored feature only unlike the rating system on CherryTAP there are no "rating too fast" warnings and you could actually scream through things on CherryPhotos. I think it is a great way to get new users to sign up, but it also doesn’t appear to sign people up to CherryTAP either, as it signs you up for a total clone of CherryTAP on a server called I didn’t feel like playing around with it too much at the time, but for all I know it could simply be another domain shell, or it could be something totally different. After a while of thinking about it I then decided to play with it and found out something very fascinating as the CherryPhotos worked exactly like the “I’m bored …” part of CherryTAP only it looked different and had a very interesting caveat. That caveat would be that it doesn’t actually put you on the people’s pages so they can’t tell that you have been there. It is also set to automatically rate 1s on almost everyone and 10s on very few. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

After you rate about 10 pictures you are then showed a “Log Into CherryPhotos” page much like when you first sign up for CherryTAP with 4 images at the top that if you click on one of them it signs you up as one of their friends. In other words a referral for that person and it appears to be a rotation of the same 20 people as I tried it about 15 times {hitting refresh will put you at the beginning of the rating process} and I am pretty sure that it was the same people. The system if it is an accident or it is actually a con {I am not making any judgments} gives a slew of people’s profile images that can be down rated way too easily, and then at the end of it all that person is another referral for a hand picked {or erroneously computer picked} bunch of users and the rest of us are none the wiser. It's why I haven't sent out any referrals in a while anyway because as I have said all along, that is so obviously fixed, why should I? The Top promoters over the last few weeks have been the people that were the photos here by the way, so I am not blowing it out my ass either. We are all screaming about down raters and that we can’t see AT ALL, going on witch hunts for the down raters, and they don’t even exist in the system yet, or even worse probably don’t even know they down rated us. In other words all of those 1s people have been getting on their primary photos could actually just be an accident, but nobody actually knows that we are getting rates from an outside source.

In my best summation I really do hope that this is all an erroneous flaw that they are trying to work out. I don’t see any problem with maximizing capitol and having several pages to generate revenue because there is no point in creating something unless there is a profit in it. That is how the world works, but the black helicopters and secrecy are just out there creating drama that makes everyone angry. It makes me angry that as I defend this site tooth and nail all of the time, I get blind sided by crap like this that really makes me look foolish, and gets others deleted for pointing it out. I am pretty sure that I could end up a CherryTAP casualty over this, but then again I may not. At least I am one of the people here that will admit when I am wrong about a theory, so perhaps I am wrong here.

With all of the cloak and dagger maneuvers over all of these types of things and simply covering it up or whatever I have to throw out there that I am skeptical about the whole thing that happened with Golden over the site that she posted which was amazingly similar to these. The site that she was shilling was called CherryPoints, and the screen caps that I have of her blog are eerily similar to the whole CherryPhotos. I would be foolish to simply dismiss all of that drama as not being related some how. I looked into that Cherryblaster thing that people have been talking about {and I started thinking might be another CherryTAP run shmoz} and can confirm without a shadow of a doubt that it is NOT related to CherryTAP and more over all of the improvements that they have made recently are to combat that program, more so than the grease monkey people. It all still makes me rather sad though because I am pretty sure that my rather short life on CherryTAP is changing or perhaps ended at this point because I am just too jaded to see anything the way it probably should be anymore. Time will tell. ;8o)

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