Monday, April 9, 2007

A Murder Of Crows - Volume 2

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Well it appears that Don Imus managed to get his name back into the news again last week over a blunder that he had perpetrated when he called the women on the Rutgers basketball team “Nappy Headed Hos” and then it apparently was followed up by his producer Bernie saying “Jigaboos” which now has the world outraged over this sort of conduct. People are bringing up the Michael Richards incident again as a prime example of how racism still exists in America and the famous race baiter's are out there creating a calamity over it. It's the same tired old story of an old idiot defining life in America all over again, and I am pretty sick of it all. Everyone involved does not speak for me, and here’s the rub on it all.

Let's be honest about all of this here as we talk about Don Imus, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and we'll even throw in Michael Richards for posterity, when I say that we are talking about a bunch of people that are old and useless. Seriously speaking here I have to say that none of these people actually speak for America, and the more anyone allows any of them to take up time in the media, we are simply saying the same thing as “I don't like electricity, please bring me my candles.” This is quite understandable as the people that happen to be in control of the media are the same old people with tired ideas that are creating the type of “real world” drama to support their own legitimacy, and anyone who follows these bandwagons are not only sheep they are tired old following sheep, and don’t speak for anyone of any legitimacy anymore.

The case in point on all of this is that if you want to take what Don Imus said into perspective he was doing his “black” act while talking about the basketball game, and was doing nothing more than quoting the common street thug language that is spoken repeatedly in rap music. He has been doing that for ten years at least, and he didn’t just pull it out of his ass when he did it. I don't personally care what they say in rap music because it to me is garbage and I don't listen to it, but to assume that ANY white American can disrespect the black women of America any worse than the “artists” that are feeding this shit to your children on a day in and day out basis makes you a candidate for Sesame Street. Nobody will ever disrespect black women in these country worse then black men, and if you don’t believe it, then I have a bridge to sell you. I am not in any way excusing Don Imus or Bernie for the stupid crap they said because nobody in their right mind can make it to the age of 754 or whatever the hell he is without knowing that WHITE PEOPLE AIN'T ALLOWED TO SAY THAT! Of course it also leads me to the Al Sharpton’s and the Jesse Jackson’s that pretend to lead while not even exploring the idea of cleaning up their own streets, aka “You know better then to act that way YOURSELVES!”

It really isn't about the solutions as much as it is about the problems and it is time for the youth of America {and I mean anyone under 50 or those that can at least think that way} to tell these people to just shut the fuck up. If you want to live in a world where racism will never go away then go hang out with Reverend Al and Reverend Jesse. They will find racism for you in every angle of the world except their own. Feel free to listen to Don Imus apologize but as always put it into the perspective of “we” so that he doesn't ever have to take responsibility for what he does. “We are very sorry,” but in my opinion, “You are very sorry, and I am not accepting that apology,” and then turn off the station that he is on. Stereotypical of the “Tired and Old” way of doing things at it’s best. The American people spoke with their purse when it came to Michael Richards and they should do it as it pertains to Don Imus. It isn't a media crusade to protest the FCC like the good reverends want because in turn it is none of the FCC,s business. That is purely to remind the American people that there is still racism, and thanks to Reverend Al and Reverend Jesse they will always be there to force people to agree, or else!

This becomes a problem as people either gets censored by force or they are forced to tow a company line regardless. The bullies in all facets of today’s life have been changing the landscape on behalf of large volumes of people at the behest of honest exchange of ideas, and shrouded in a really obscene form of hypocrisy. Even as I write this I know that someone will tell me that these leaders work within their own communities to deal with the stereotypes that get brought up, but before that can even start I might as well ask, where? I personally had heard speeches by Reverend Jackson back when he was angry at his political party, telling the black community to take responsibility for their own actions, but that was well over 13 years ago now, and it's all prime time whites hating blacks now. Despite the idiocy in what was said by the clowns on the Imus in the Morning show, it is still their right to say it, and it is still my right to hear it if I want to, and then I can form my own opinion as most of the American public does that it is wrong, and then punish him with my own ignorance of him thereafter. Making that type of speech illegal doesn't get rid of it, as we have found with the wonderful prohibitions we attempted on alcohol and drugs, it simply creates a less public forum for it that people will find if they want it bad enough. It will also turn into something far worse and more nefarious.

Again I bring up the fact that these people DO NOT represent today's America, and they don't even really represent the America of their own generation. They represent years that were before my own parents in fact and are the last in line to tow the line of hatred on both sides of the debate. Jesse Jackson for God’s sake is still living in the 60’s where he became famous, ad if you don’t believe that a lot has changed since then I really feel for you. I myself grew up in very racially diverse areas of the country and knew nothing of all of the racism talk until I was older and “leaders” were able to try to convince me that it was more prevalent than it actually is. Growing up in a town that half the population was the Air Force Base that occupied it meant that most of my classmates were actually black, and I never even realized that there was a difference in us until it was driven into my head at a later age. Innocence was corrupted by those that swore to abolish the corruption that they are still perpetrating today. The poor examples of rural parts of the country being filled with white Americans who do nothing but assume the worst of blacks should easily be offset by much more heavily urban areas like New Orleans that proved the opposite takes effect and some stereotypes are not worked on until it is WAY TOO LATE. Again it never has to be that way but it is and it is purely based on the new slavery that is the ownership of the hearts and minds of black America by the black people that seek to exploit them and not the white.

To change these things actually takes a much more broad approach then what most people are willing to do. Reverend Al and Reverend Jesse need to be told to shut up by black America every bit as much as Don Imus and Michael Richards need to be told to shut up by white America, and then the new America needs to become the united America. No more divisions based on race, creed, gender or sexual identity, and to do that everyone needs to cross over the picket lines that are formed by their own leaders that seek to keep them polarized and separated. Nobody has to believe that the people that speak for them really do, but only YOU can speak out against those that seek to keep you oppressed and that goes on both sides. Enough saying things like, “Well that Jesse, I can't do anything about him,” or things along the lines of “That Imus has always been an old jerk,” it doesn't get us anywhere for what we really need to say is, we're all human, we all have opinions and some suck, but NOBODY speaks for me, but ME ;8o)

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