Sunday, April 8, 2007

A Murder Of Crows - Volume 1

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I am sitting here thinking to myself that I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet, as another one of those wonderful holidays is about half way over, but I figured I better write something now before I don’t have time to write something later. For anyone who has been following my blogs the last couple of years, you might think it is rather strange that I even have a blog on Easter Sunday, and there is a good reason for that, as I am usually crazy this time of the year and have given up writing FOR EVER!! This year it hasn’t appeared to affect me as it had in the past, so I am sitting here finally doing an Easter Blog. Now the question is, what do I write?

Now I could go on a long rant about how fucked up my family is, but that would make it stand out as just another Thanksgiving or Christmas blog, and I am thinking that my first Easter Blog should be more special than that. Yes I did go to church this morning, and I am happy to say that captain ADHD finally got us thrown out of church again {doing his howling dog routine and refusing to stop during the sermon on the most holy day kinda does that yanno?} so he and I sat out in the car for most of it. We managed to miss Imtoocutus as she was the star in the Easter Play, because she is going to be a diva like her grandmother {my mother not Greektradgedius who is her great grandmother but definitely a fallen diva in her own rights} and is the star in almost all plays now. Needless to say I am not one of those parents that sit there and beam when his kids do musicals, and put it into its proper perspective … fingernails on a blackboard.

I am sitting here at the moment thinking about all of the shlock that gets fed in on any religious holiday to be honest with you and wondering what the point is. I know that it is all about the truth but Easter is one of those religious holidays that are best left alone in my mind. It IS the holiday for those of the Christian faith, and it tends to get forgotten with the other ones that are out there like Christmas. I can tell absolutely anyone the stories about why certain religious holidays are the way they are and why they were put into their dates and the like. I know Christmas was a stolen pagan holiday, and that most of the traditions of Easter were stolen from there as well, but it is the one holiday that is spelled out in the Christian faith above all else. I mean let’s face it, without the resurrection of Jesus there is no religion, and that is why I tend to leave it alone, because I have always found it to be rather mean to pick on anyone’s religion including the big mean Christians.

When you take out the Easter Bunny aspects of the holiday {stolen from pagan rituals of fertility as it was often the case that people “did it” a lot more when they wore less clothing in the spring … heaven forbid it get brought up that they simply co-opted natural traditions} which basically should be easy to see the “humping like bunnies” and “distributing eggs” angle of it all, there are other things to think about. You don’t have to believe in Jesus to take a lot of historical knowledge from what people did know of him. I mean realistically most people don’t leave this Earth as amazingly as he did, and the strength and endurance alone should be taught in military academies all around the world. The teachings that he had taught throughout his short life also aren’t bad things despite the spin on it all. I was very fortunate that the church I was ordained in totally respected the pagan customs and celebrated them along with the religious ones, and took a far more “old testament” approach to Christianity, for I learned a lot about the Halloween holidays, and the add on rituals to Christmas and Easter through my church than most people learn through their study guides. It kept me interested, and we never spoke bad about any of them, as the church was always adorned with Halloween decorations, Easter Bunnies and Santa Claus. I thank God for the true tolerance that I was given.

The reality of it all is pretty simple, that we were all put on this earth to live our lives and get along as best we can. We are never told the truth about human nature, which is that we are all different and we all disagree, period! You can’t have tolerance without descent, because if everyone agreed then there would be no need for tolerance it would all be consensus. Consensus bores the ever loving shit out of me, and the tolerance is what makes people grow as a system. New ideas are always considered weird at first but without them then there are no growing moves throughout any society, and it is best not to “force” anyone to see things your way, but to fight the good fight to get people to just see things your way. It eliminates all of the inner hatred that festers and grows within people who truly believe that their feelings or beliefs have no validity and that goes on all angles of the spectrum. As deeply religious as I actually am {believe it or not} my tolerance towards all of those that don’t exactly fit my norm is what makes me grow as a human being, and like anyone else being told that I “have to” will do nothing more than make me want to NOT. This goes both ways unfortunately as throwing stones and hate at what is the perceived norm makes you more of a pest than an ally to change, and that is human nature as well.

So on this Easter Holiday I ask everyone to take a moment to simply learn how to tolerate each other. Don’t simply agree with those that you don’t because that doesn’t make you productive in the least, but give an ear to those with a different opinion, and then simply state your own with a smile. Leave the perceptions of your fellow man at the door. In the real world I can honestly say that most people don’t understand me and I don’t understand most people, but I am not going to learn anything from an angry face or anyone who thinks that name calling will bring me over to their opinion. I am as self righteous as any of you and if I believe I am right then I can simply shut down because the person who is angry is just that, angry. This goes in reverse as well, as I try to give an opinion and then give up when it is so obvious that it is unwelcome. Tolerance knows when to stay and when to go, because there are billions of people in this world, and some of them want to know me even if they don’t yet want to hear me. Happy Easter is not an insult, so to all of you Happy Easter ;8o)

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