Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Things You Learn With A Bad Back - Volume 12

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Well I am never happy to write a new “Things You Learn With A Bad Back” because at best they are amusing revelations of a somewhat humiliating sort, but almost always are a veiled crying rant about how I am in pain. It's amazing how easy it is to forget that anything anyone reads from me is always a result of my debilitating injury that resulted in my having to retreat into my fantasy land online even worse than it had already been to begin with. My rantings of life were actually started because of my inability to do anything else but sit around for long periods of time to write a blog. Since then I have been told by countless thousands of people that I happen to have the ability to write. This year I didn't actually talk about it much but my horrible back pain had resurfaced the day before my birthday, and my strong face finally lost it's smile yesterday when I had to admit that I am in extreme pain. It had gotten worse on my birthday and became intolerable yesterday. It actually isn't that bad today, but I couldn't take it enough to go to work and figured I would stay home to heal.

Now the revelations that have come from this all are that I know most of what causes my back to get like this again, as that nasty cold had weakened me to the point of non stop fatigue and my weakened state allowed the coughing to finally pop the back. The constipation added to it from all the stupid decongestants that made it so I could hear again and I walked around for as long as I could actually walk around yesterday yelling at God because I couldn't just take a shit!Yep it rears it's ugly head again, but the worst enemy of those with lower back injuries is the inability to take a dump. I was pissy and blocked up, right up until the school called and wanted me to go get my son because he was sick. It was just the out that this coward needed to escape the pain of walking around on cement while one of my legs was giving out from the pressure. The amusing part though in the end was the doctor telling me that the pain was actually happening because I am getting fat and my back couldn't handle my pants being too tight! I felt so much better learning that, let me tell you. I should start showing naked pictures of my self on CherryTAP now that I am getting that Diva figure that gets all the points! Ok it still isn't going to my boobs so I guess I will have to keep humping out my skins and give up on my own skin in general.

On the plus side that woman who is taking over for Edie on Fox & Friends who I usually wouldn't get to see is wearing something leather and really short, but it is a very small consolation in all of this. I'm pretty sure that I could simply lay here for the entire day with my trusty laptop, and I will feel a lot better. I actually have not had a good winter thanks to my various diseases, and will barely have a weeks vacation left when summer rolls around, but the kids are starting to get a lot better about respecting daddy when he is in pain, so I guess you can teach the new Evils's the old tricks but they reserve the right to change their minds on a moments notice, as they always do. It's the old lady upstairs that might have to be retrained though. She hasn't done it yet, but she always goes out and buys a ton of heavy stuff that will require carrying whenever I am laid up. Those that have followed my existence might remember that breaking my back in half is far less painful than dealing with the guilt of not jumping through the required hoops. I may need to lock my bedroom door actually, but it rarely works anyway. Realistically though, I picked a good day to be out of work because driving a fork truck in the minus 30 wind chill today can't be really fun.

I'm not really going to go on and on about the misery because life doesn't need that. I will do what I usually do during times like these and actually try to see the good side. It was almost 2 years ago {wow} that I hurt my back at work. My girlfriend at the time dumped me because I was no “fun” anymore {yeah go figure} and it's been an interesting two years. I started writing again, which I never thought I would do at that time. I wrote blogs that got hundreds of comments daily, chronicled my life as strange as it is, created my own set of recognizable cartoon characters, wrote about major life tragedies, major life victories, and much nonsense in between. As I lay here trying not to twist my body, I actually am looking at things more self aware, as I am what was woven into my basket. Some of it was good, some of it was bad, but it is MY basket, and I don't actually comprehend things differently. I have heard that it isn't a very bad basket after all, so with that I will bid you all good day, and I am going to go harass Staz because I just heard his peeps killed Captain America today. Realistically that is a much bigger tragedy than anything that has happened to me today.

In the interest of posting something CherryTAP related, I just want to point out to everyone out there that is whoring for points, that I learned something today that you all may not have figured out yourself. For those that fight and crawl and scratch and cheat to get points, there is an unknown caveat at the end. A friend of mine made Godfather today. Very sweet woman whom I enjoy talking to, and she thought she was the third person to ever make Godfather, which isn’t true, there have been many people to make it to level 25. I have met a few, chatted with a few, and I am happy to have learned the secret at the end of the CherryTAP puzzle. When you become a Godfather, you disappear. As far as the top charts are concerned you no longer exist. Sin DeReLla was smart getting a bulletin in the top 10 because her ranking is gone. Engla will be gone tomorrow. LC Man and his fraud calling the faker cheat blog is all that keeps him in the tops of anything. All of the Godfathers I have met found all of the fun of CherryTAP to simply disappear, as they were so obsessed with getting to the top that they totally lost any friendships that they had made except with those that were so totally jaded in it all themselves that they didn’t feel like coming back anymore either. As I watch “Need points fast, Let me steal them from you because I am a fraud” going into position number 1 tomorrow, I am thrilled to say that she will be the next on the list to disappear. I hope Engla doesn’t forget us, but most of the others … already forgotten. Hold on to your friendships here. Find a niche and stick to it.

Even if you end up like me with too many friends for mere mortals, don’t forget what got you where you are, like I hope I haven’t. I would miss the reactions from my tags, and I hope everyone reminds me of these things. I haven’t found it to be daunting either. I stole about 500,000 points by hosting two Happy Hours, but otherwise haven’t come up with any schemes to get points. Unless you count sharing stuff freely, but I had been doing that for years before I came here. I like to just rate people at random because at least 50 percent of the time it is a very easy introduction to new people. As I said, and I really mean it, if you don’t want to be forgotten at the end, then pay attention to those that are doing everything they can to be forgettable. Don’t use it as an excuse to “Just make friends” either. I have found a lot of them to be as vapid as the people they complain about, and it is usually an excuse to NOT get to know someone more than know them. It translates to “I want to chat with you when you are fun, but fuck your pictures, and make sure you stay interesting, or I’m gone” .. Come to think of it maybe I am turning into the faker calling the fraud idiot in my blog … LOL … Have a great evening ;8o)

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