Thursday, March 1, 2007

Living Life On Tap - Volume 8

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I came strait home from work yesterday because my grandmother had to get her eyes examined and I couldn't leave the kids alone for long. It isn't that bad really as the oldest one is 14 but I still have some of those doting tendencies and don't like to have her babysitting her brother and sister for longer than 30 minutes tops. It actually stems from the fact that she can't be trusted alone either more than the fact that I don't trust the kids with her, but it is one of my parental hang ups all the same. After I got home I was greeted and then the kids scattered to do their own things so I turned on the computer so that I could finish up yesterdays blog and check out the bulletins on CherryTAP because I had already been getting Instant Messages all day about the drama that the usual cast of characters was perpetrating, It's sad actually because I read the drama alerts, and then started reading the comments and then started getting somewhat emotionally involved purely based on the feelings that I saw get trampled on. I have a doting nature after all as I had started off saying.

Yesterday actually was s slow day for bulletins and I think it might have had more to do with the one that stood out as it had been made sticky before I had even gotten home. In my usual “wise ass” fashion I made my Wednesday comment tag about Drama and “Hump This On Ebay” to realistically say that I was fed up with it all, but unfortunately it wasn't really because I kept going back to that bulletin and checking the comments which got worse and worse until I finally saw that several people were getting caught up in the crossfire, and it was nothing more than a few decent people who had been taken in by the con artists and frauds being thrown to the wolves, and for what? Typical drama shlock one would think but regardless of what I was doing I was caught up in it just for paying attention to it. By the end of the night I really felt bad about myself. I had spent all of that time paying attention to useless jack offs and had been neglecting my friends, but felt pretty damn good about myself when I removed all of them from my friends list, before I went to bed. Good riddance eh?

This morning I woke up to yet another round of blinding chaos from more idiots that were upset about having their NSFW pictures forced and were storming around all of the bouncers pages stealing their pictures and visiting other pages. I blocked them but again it completely threw off my morning, and for what? Don't get me wrong because I think drama and in fighting can be amusing but only if you are reasonably interesting to begin with, and from what I saw it was nothing more than people who obviously have miserable lives. I spent most of the morning coming to the realization that I have finally been on CherryTAP long enough now to have to start thinning the herd a bit, and a good douching of the friends list is in order. This means that I am going to have to spend the weekend going through profiles and seeing who stays and who goes, but some are definitely going. Could be 3 could be 700 who knows, but a certain criteria is going to have to be met. Let me say first off that absolutely nobody reading this is going to find themselves off the list {assuming that it matters to you I guess} because that fits the criteria of “pays attention to me” along with those that drop me comments once in a while. The phony pieces of dung that were deleted last night were definite “does not pay attention to me” candidates and worse “wastes my time” candidates and I was a moron for doing them that service. See how that works? There are of course the people that don't pay attention to me, but have good reason, who will stay, and then the people that I just find interesting regardless of whether they know I am alive or not.

I do get jaded rather easily I am starting to admit because this morning I went to the Top Bulletins to see if that bulletin shot strait to the top which of course it did, and had me prompted to finally delete the one of mine that had been steadily climbing into the Top 10 {even though until today I was rather proud of it} because I realized the hard way that shit floats. Most of the top bulletins like a lot of the top other things are polluted by shitbags, but after I looked at my bulletin that still gets readers and still gets comments I realized that it may be one of the half dozen worthy of something. For those of you that haven’t seen it or forgotten about it { } I had used that bulletin as a trick to pimp out my friends. In turn I had actually gotten a lot of people to know these wonderful people and all of them to know each other, and deleting it would be a crime really, so I didn’t. I think I may have grown enough to at least be thoughtful, and for that I am grateful.

This doesn't mean I am going to start ranting about what is wrong around here like Fat Sonny {bet none of you noticed that most of the Fat Sonny “evidence” when he left was forged did ya?} did or start pretending to lurk in the shadows like these other morons, I am just going to keep better control of my own environment around here. I am still going to be my own type of “point whore” by encouraging people to know me, and by knowing others, and by just de-friending a lot of the knuckleheads I did last night my bulletins almost immediately came under control. I am looking forward to it staying that way. Now don't get me wrong as I am not going to be on some sort of fraud crusade, as I still like some of the frauds and the fakes and even the cheaters around here, because it is still all about me in the end. I am still going to keep my eye on total frauds that are up to no good, simply because as goes one so goes another, but I am just going to go about it from a distance now, and not when I really have better things to do. I may not have a wonderful life, but it is mine and I intend to live it however I chose to and not be completely beholden to the cool kids anymore. Well ok maybe in this case the overdone kids anymore. My new motto will be “If I don't see ya around, then I don't see ya around for a reason.”

These startling revelations really hit home when I went to work today and found out that the person I affectionately call "No Feather" at work had an accident last night right after I left work. They had asked me to stay because a few trucks hadn't showed up and I couldn't because I had to get home for again the eye thing with my grandmother. While I was sitting here watching all of the morons being morons on my computer screen the 19 year old that I work with wound up herniating a disk in his back just like I had two years ago, and I was feeling the pain all over again as I watched him come into work today with a leg that wouldn't work. It was all too familiar except for the fact that I was 34 when it happened to me, and he is just 19, and here he was going through the same insurance company bullshit that I did. It was the capper on my already heightened state of "No longer amused" ... At least he has a very vocal and unabashed advocate in me to keep them from turning it into a rupture, and again, for that I am grateful ... Have a great afternoon everyone ;8o)

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