Saturday, March 24, 2007

Living Life On Tap - Volume 12

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I think I am going to officially drop it after this one, if the blog doesn’t get deleted, or I don’t lose all of my friends. I have to tell everyone that I don’t actually mind frauds, because some bring great humor to your lives. I have frauds in my friends list that are online to simply have fun because we all know those, and I try to weed out the frauds that are on my friends list that are up to no good. I realize that we all have different opinions of what someone is actually up to when they are online, and I seriously don’t stick my nose into other people’s business as much as I get credit for these days. Sorry if I appear to be too involved in certain things but such is life, and like a lot of you do live my life out both online and offline.

Now it would appear to a lot of people that I am having a tiff with a rather popular fraud on CherryTAP these days and I actually am. You see unfortunately as I said before the advantage of being a fraud is that you can play both sides of the coin to easily, and he has a very bad habit of using his friends to create drama. When he is finished with them he simply makes up stories about them and then gets everyone to hate them, so that he again can look like some insider, out to save everyone from themselves. It’s a typical con game that such wonderful people like L Ron Hubbard, Jim Jones, and many other interesting figures throughout history have perpetrated quite expertly. It isn’t new and nobody is immune from it.

The problem again is that sooner or later the games get harder to play, so you have to make bigger and broader games in order to keep your relevance. Certain people get really hurt when the con men have to resort to complete “scorched earth” tactics to create their drama. I have watch this person completely lie about a few people and even resort to making up stories about how he flew across the country to meet with the most polarizing figure in CherryTAP history just so that he could start more chaos. It doesn’t pass the smell test that for most human beings 3 days is not enough time to go through 3 time zones and then learn all of the magical secrets of someone who is so complex as he is pretending to put it. But then again I imagine that we all have flown completely across the United States in 3 days just to befriend a fallen martyr. Most people would ask to see a picture of the two of you together or something but I guess it’s just too easy. Commence with the drama because that’s more fun anyway.

I want everyone to be clear that I am not actually angry that he posted a blog about me, because at best it was the most childish thing I had ever seen, and really made no sense. A friend took screen caps {because he always posts his idiocy when I am asleep or at work and deletes them before I get up or get home} and it was like watching second graders getting together to “git someone” on a playground only a bit less intelligent. Again I simply wait to see who plays the games with him, wants to come bully me and remove them from the friends list, just like I did before. I am far from perfect, but I know when some things have gotten too outrageous to even be associated with, and I am sorry for the friends that I removed over it, that don’t understand. Playing with frauds that are out to cause trouble will make me the loser every time, they can just create a new personality and start over but this IS my personality so I don’t want to.

As for why I am not bringing names into this, I don’t actually have to because they do all the talking in that regard but before I post this I want to ask anyone reading this a couple of questions. When you see that person creating hell for everyone and acting like a martyr, does it not sometimes appear to just be too much? Has anyone noticed that the fraud calling out the frauds, his brother, and his girlfriend are moving slowly up the legends list while they trash the people above them for being frauds? I actually went and became friends with SweetySuzy because for all the hate that gets thrown at her by these monsters she only just started retaliating and I say, “You Go Gurl!” because it is crap, and just subject changing tactics. I mean, I am actually quite convinced that the new incarnation of the most polarizing figure in CherryTAP history isn’t even that person when I did start poking through their new things the other day. I may be wrong but I am pretty sure that their new “best friend” is just playing a con on everyone again, but what do I know. I’m just a cut rate writer after all ;8o)

P.S. I do have screen caps that I could have used for all of this but I am trying to be above it all, as hard as it is … sorry

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