Monday, March 19, 2007

Living Life On Tap - Volume 11

I remember when I first came around CherryTAP and thought the place was just amazing. I believed that I had found online Nirvana and in a lot of ways I still believe that I have, but a lot of things have changed the more jaded I become. I happen to be a big supporter of the theory that this is an adult site and we should all act like adults but rarely do a lot of people, and simply expecting everyone to have their own personal “where with all” to deal with the cons and the cheats is often infantile on my own behalf as well. Some people just don't have it in them and that is perfectly ok, because there are so many times that if I had my own way, I would simply go back to being a know nothing with wide eyes and fascination about everything but I can't and that is my cross to bare. It also doesn't mean that I should always sit back and take pleasure in watching others get conned either and for that I apologize. I am not a super hero as I portray in a lot of my comedic writings but I do care enough to want to simply say something on something that is totally none of my business.

I remember the first time I saw “Golden always rates her friends” scroll across the top of the screen, and I went to check out her page. Thought it was cool for the most part what she did for her kid, rated her, added her as a friend, went through a bunch of her photos, and on to the next profile. Whoever that person is never came back and rated me, so I did remove that person from my list about 2 weeks later because the name implied con artist the more I saw it. No big deal, but I started seeing the name changing and the other things “Want Points Fast?” and of course those amazingly self serving bulletins about the contests and all made me start to take notice because this person was an outright fraud and to be honest with everyone, I like to see a good train wreck now and again especially when it involved so many people that had no concept of the obvious. It wasn't until I had my first happy hour {which was the first user sponsored Happy Hour, so it was pretty huge} that I finally saw that whatever {it} on my page for the first time.

While everyone was bombing the crap out of my page and my photos and everything I followed around that person and saw that he/she/it {who again, came to my page and didn't rate anything} was skimming people. By simply grabbing on to the people who sent gifts and commented “thank you” for the Happy Hour etc it was running another one of it's cons to get people who easily displayed “gratitude” for things. It was after all it’s MO to make people believe that it was doing them a favor all the time. The con game continued as I checked with other “good” friends that had Happy Hours and again, they all had the same experience, as did I again when I had my last one that Saturday morning so that I could simply be an ass and post “Just Whoring Points Thank You” as my Happy Hour message. I had started actually paying attention to it assuming that it was up to no good whatsoever and I told anyone that I was close to that it was simply out to do something wicked, but I never really said anything otherwise.

During that period when it started playing the whole “My boyfriend, My husband, My pregnancy, My loss” crap which had gone through a whirlwind of illiterate messages, cons, games, and talking about how great it was to allow you all to rate it's photos. I started making that page a part of my daily rounds simply because I wanted to watch the inevitable “train wreck” as all of it's promises just couldn't be fulfilled and I am sorry to all of the people that got screwed in it's last contest, but again I have to say lesson learned to you all I hope. I had blocked it the day after my Happy Hour anyway so it can't simply eliminate me and my speech, but when the fit hit the shan and everyone was posting the wah wah bulletins, I couldn't help but find humor in the lack of obvious again. I still want to just get on the floor and roll back and forth as people are mourning the loss of her imaginary baby that came up in an amazing case of “Operation Change The Subject” that conveniently happened after the big scandal with it's contest. Again the sheep follow the lead.

Well I continue to monitor the page when I realize that the name has changed again to “The Blog That Will Change CherryTAP Forever” and my mind did immediately think “Oh Goodie” she's going to make idiots out of a lot of people again and I can watch it .. Yeehaw!” while finding amusement over it's image changing to some movie characters from Lara Croft or something, who knows, who cares? I had been following the blogs because it was hilarious watching it now be the boyfriend or whatever shouting people down one day and then sicky sweet the next, and I also placed the page in my bookmarks because I didn't want to miss my seat to this one. I had a lot of I told you so's to dispense when the great plot finally unfolded. Don't get me wrong I had been warning important peeps for a while, but after all I am just a pawn in the great CherryChess board like the rest of you, so when the blog came out Pimping Out some total knock off of CherryTAP I actually was laughing my balls off here. Falls under the heading of “Order Shit Eat Shit” really because I actually had thought all along that it was some sort of scheme by Golden Palace to funnel out CherryTAP users, and apparently I was more on the money then I had thought.

I did of course alert one of the Bouncers that I was close to and it was eliminated but not after I took my screen caps of it all. If there is one thing you learn in the CherryTAP world you screen cap everything, if only so you have proof when a total fraud {like say an Owl} happens to accidentally leave screencaps of you that end up in bulletins. Once that went down and everyone was all proud of getting it quickly I went back to look again because I knew that it would take another stab at it, and sure enough there it was again. More screen caps for me, another bouncer deletes, and I guess one of the Yellow People finally got involved because realistically only the Yellow people can do most of the things that bouncers get blamed for. The site itself wasn't ready for prime time quite yet but they had to strike while the iron was hot because the bridges into that fraud's island are burning into the water a little fast huh? I knew when it had finally gotten it's warning from the Yellow person because the entire page changed completely. Innocent looking little “Golden” was displayed in the profile picture again and “Need Fast Point's Blah Blah Blah” was the name again.

Most people never knew it happened, and thank God most don't care, but I wanted to make a few observations here while I may that might make a few people think about it all, and others it will piss off. While the Yellow People are deciding what features of CherryTAP will get fixed, and what ones won't. Who gets salutes and who doesn't {because lets get one thing perfectly strait here, this is one of several total frauds on this site that do NOT have legitimate salutes but are allowed to be above the rest and the Yellow people know it} who gets to be purple and who doesn't {because if you pay attention people get swapped vicariously over to different referrers and the day I log in and see that I was spontaneously put under a porn star as my referrer I am going to be furious} and until they actually use the resources that they have to rectify their own crap {like they know who's name is on the credit cards of the frauds for their VICs, blasts etc, or at least their Paypal records} then I am fiddling while Rome burns. I still have my friends, and I still have my fun around here, but the con men are going to get every last one of you if you don’t pay attention.

Why do I bring all of this up now? Many people may be asking because it would appear to be water under the bridge at best, but there is a simple solution to all of it. As I watched the most foolish crap happen throughout the bulletins all weekend involving different frauds that are still very much out there, still very much out to get anyone, and there are new ones coming in here every day, that people need to know what makes CherryTAP suck, and learn to avoid it. I like to believe that most of my friends have, but just in case here’s a bit of a reminder, as I see up in the Cherry Spotlight a person who spent a whopping 1.4 million Cherry Bucks to simply try to get that last 20,000 or so points it takes to get out from the stigma of being a target {as in #1}, and then wait for a new crop of sheep to lead over the fence. It reminds me of that old saying “She was so ugly that she had to put peanut butter on herself to get the dog to play with her,” but also want to remind you of something I said the other day. Frauds don’t have to worry about the ramifications of what they do because they never lost their own credibility, they stole yours. They can simply start over as someone else, and you are finished as you. Don’t play with them, don’t call them out, don’t think you are helping them to change the world, because you are only being led at all times. If you think you can beat them at their own game, don’t forget that the only reward is that they become a different character and not the original one. ;8o)

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Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, screw ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! .. Jeremy

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