Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Living Life On Tap - Volume 6

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Yanno what gets me are the filthy thieves that hang out all over the world. I know that my motto is “I am not getting an ulcer over things that are stolen from me” actually but I do get a little pissy. Its human nature really so when I came across a CherryTAP page that was basically stolen photos from other CherryTAP members a while back I simply blocked her and went on with my life. Today I came across a page of someone that simply steals other people’s things and then lies about why they do it, like most of them do but it was my things. I was actually pissed off because quite frankly I make skins for everyone to use, and this person simply took a bunch of them and saved them as her own skins, and then gave me a cock and bull story about redirects, and not knowing what she was doing yet. She then turned it into an advertising campaign.

This doesn’t bode well with my nature to be a self righteous a-hole so I decided the best thing to do in the scenario was just start keeping a “shit list” of Bad cherries, because it amuses me. She managed to be my very first, but unfortunately the world is made up of a lot of bad cherries, so who knows how long that list will get. For the most part CherryTAP is made up of a lot of good Cherry’s too. I loved the fact though that that Cretan hadn’t even rated my page when she stole the skins, so she was definitely shit list material, and earned herself on my very short block list. This brings me to a new problem that I have found with CherryTAP and I am hearing a lot of ranting about lately. Fat Sonny has dedicated quite a few bulletins to it and I have to say I agree with him whole heartedly. The block feature here isn’t even adequate. I mean it is great for making it so that someone can’t down rate you, or leave you harassing messages, but it doesn’t keep anyone from stealing your stuff, or keeping tabs on you.

I think the funniest thing I figured out this week when I finally decided to try out that “crush” feature is that it is the stalkers Ubra Tool! Right on my page now I can have a picture of whomever I want to, know exactly what they are doing without even having to look for them now. I mean seriously, if you are a depraved psychopath hell bent on wreaking havoc on someone this is the way to go. When you see them online you can simply jump over to their page and see who is hanging out there. Go harass them a bit, repost all of their photos NSFW whatever you choose. After you start up a bunch of new profiles you can simply keep track of your new obsession to make sure that you get all of the same friends with your “other” profiles” just in case that person has told them what a freak you are.

We saw a variation of this with whomever the nut burger was that was putting all the redirects up on everyone else’s pages from the 30 or 40 profiles that they created. I don’t blame anyone for that because it is hard to do anything about that, and in reality the person is simply trying to get everyone to have to start forcing their comments to be private. It’s fun for some people to take the fun out of being open, just like your average thief does when they steal your pictures. SweetySuzy {who hasn’t made my shit list yet because I hear she is probably mentally disturbed … but I leave that option open as I always see her on my page} simply downloads your pictures and re-uploads them to her own galleries and then makes them private. It falls under the heading of “she knows damn well what she does is wrong” and the common theme amongst most people is that everyone else should have to make their galleries private. Some of us really don’t want to force people to be our “friends” to know us or see what we do. It’s the same thing with skins and whatever else. If someone wants my photos or skins then for the love of God at least let me have the link, because 99 out of a 100 times the person looking at it is NOT going to click it anyway.

The advantage of all of this for any of us in the long run is that we should simply know who the shit bags are, and not associate with them if we chose. I am never going to tell anyone who to, and not to hang out with. I think the “fan creators” on CherryTAP are pathetic at best and for the most part I just pick on them. I realize that a lot of people thoroughly enjoy harassing Fornicates for what seems {because I have no proof and again don’t care} to be creating hundreds of profiles so she can fan and rate herself, or the Greasemonkey cheats who are sitting in the top 100 because of their cheating, but in the long run it doesn’t matter at all to me. Don’t ever start thinking that those people are happy in the least because they know what they do is fake. I may be a point whore, but I feel I earn my points either by actually looking at photos and commenting, creating tags, and having stuff worth rating, not to mention the 200 dollars I plunked down for a couple of Happy Hours. Some of the unknowns are just plain obvious when you come here to begin with and takes a lot of lying to believe otherwise. Like the fact that the purple square around your name almost immediately signals “cheater” and because of that I wouldn’t want one. How many fake profiles on MySpace with a link to your CherryTAP profile does it actually take to make Top Promoter anyway? When I was researching that I lost count because I had better things to do.

While I am on my soap box I might as well finish off by pointing out another interesting fact that came to my attention as of late as well. I think that they really should start charging Cherrybucks for stuff more often like they do to repost bulletins. I think they should charge Cherrybucks just to create a bulletin, and make it hurt a little. 50 Cherrybucks, then you can go out and do something for someone to earn another one. A hundred Cherrybucks for a MUMM and then maybe they will be more thoughtful and less superficial. Don’t get me wrong my two bulletins a week are always self serving but I would easily plunk down 50 or a hundred Cherrybucks for them just like pay the 5 bucks to make them sticky. They disappear too quickly with all of the pap that is out there. Wanna pimp a contest out, then great, because you’ll need to replenish the Cherrybucks anyway. You’ll never hear me cry about the cost of things around here because there is plenty of free stuff on here to play with, and I like the place enough to pay for things. If you can’t afford to pay for things then you just have to keep using the free things is all. This place isn’t pay only, it’s pay for what you want, and crying about it isn’t going to get you anything but ignored sooner or later ;8o)

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