Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Living Life On Tap - Volume 5

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Well I had seen the thing for the happy hour last weekend when Scrapper was trying it out, and thought to myself that it looked really cool. I figured it would cost under 20 bucks probably like the whole posting your bulletin all day thing or having a blast, so I clicked the little link. I almost gagged when I saw the 100 dollar price tag on it, but thought about it for a few minutes and then said “what the heck” I could spare the cash and have something to write about in my blogs. I’ve been down the roads of popularity before on Yahole and MySpace, and this should be no different. Unfortunately they weren’t accepting slots, so I didn’t get to do it. Oh well, that saved me 100 dollars anyway.

The golden little secret in my life is that I came upon a large sum of money selling the rights to one of my screenplays lately so I have been at times a bit foolhardy with my money anyway, and as always anything to get some research material. God or Goddess or whatever spared me on that day. Then yesterday came and I was sitting down at my computer after getting my youngest daughter tucked into my bed {she was throwing up all night, and the cure for that is always sleeping in daddy’s bed} which worked off and on at best, and then the alert popped up that second. I said “what the heck” again, and it worked this time.

Now amazingly enough I immediately started getting rates like mad, even though it was hours away from my Happy Hour. Friend requests were pouring in too, so I was rather busy between moments of going and checking on my daughter. It all died down finally after the Happy Hour that was sponsored by BabyJesus was over, so I decided to just call it a night and go lay down with the sickened princess. As fate would have it, she was restless and still throwing up and when she finally did fall asleep it was 15 minutes to Midnight so I decided to go and see what was about to happen. Sitting down I saw that I still had a flurry of rates and friend requests going so I reciprocated on all of them {because that is what I do} until Midnight hit. I was already working from my heels here because I could already see that the trash piece I had anticipated writing on the whole Happy Hour experience was flying away from me.

I’ll just try to give this to you all in real time with the statistics so that you can understand better what happened. When I signed up for the Happy Hour {mind you the first from an actual CherryTAP user, so my statistics might be inflated a bit above others} I was sitting at Cherry Rock Star with a Rating of 10.06 (991) with roughly 540,000 points, 299 fans, 9990 or so profile views. That’s not bad, but as I make most of my points from people going through my images, and I going through everyone’s images, I was not really that popular, so I didn’t have a “Today’s Rank” and my Points Ranking was 147 as it had been floating around for about a week. Mind you I am not one of those people that hosts contest or anything like that so I’m pretty boring, but I like me. I was about 240,000 points away from the next level so I would have been happy to just knock a bit of that off since it’s pretty hard to level up once you get past Level 19. That was me at the time, and I will now take you to the first 8 minutes of the Happy Hour.

Within seconds {and I mean seconds} of the Happy Hour starting my Alerts and my Shoutbox went nuts. They looked like treadmills, and I couldn’t keep track of anything. Now bearing in mind that I like to rate back and leave a comment, I knew right then that that was out the window immediately. My messages started piling up from all the gifts and friends requests were coming in by the tens, comments were coming in so fast that the second I cleared them it would say 25+ again the second I got back to my home page. That was now out the window. Shouts were out the window because I couldn’t catch them fast enough. My fan totals were skyrocketing. Points were flying in. I finally decided to just send thank you notes for gifts, with a gift attached, and I couldn’t keep up with that. It was amazing, and I was an Uber Cherry within a half hour. I was reading all of the friend request notes and some were really cool. A lot of Red Sox fans {and a few Yankees fans that wanted someone to talk smack with} lots of music fans, people telling me they love my skins. This was when I noticed something that I will talk about in a few minutes, but I was laughing my brains out over the whole experience because it was like a KoRn concert, chaotic and uncontrollable. I was very happy I did it actually, even though I didn’t even see the end of it because I was still trying to send out thank you notes.

The Grand total of the experiment was Uber Cherry with a Rating of 10.07 (1261) with over 825,000 points, 386 fans, 11,071 profile views and my alerts for my pictures went off for the rest of the night right until I got up in the morning. Now here was the amazing part that wasn’t factored in at the time but I saw after I woke up. My picture rates had gone from around 80 to 120 to mostly over 300 to well over 400 in a lot of cases. I was in total shock to see that my Profile Rank for today was at 14 and my Cherry Points Rank was at 97. I was extremely impressed by all of this so I was thinking about it all at work, and wanted to give a concise reasoning for or against the whole Happy Hour sponsorship, which I am pretty sure I won’t be doing again, simply for the fact that, at this point it is now too expensive.

Being your average person with curiosities I also went and checked out how the other people who sponsored a Happy Hour did and it was rather fascinating to see that they didn’t really fare as well, as I did from the stats I could muster, but there are probably good reasons for that to which I will make some guesses. First of all, being the first doing it has it’s advantages. I would love to know how the others experiences went but they aren’t people that I am friendly with. I don’t think it is anything against them that I am not, but I’ll be honest they aren’t people I am friendly with {said with a wink} so we will leave it at that. One of the people I am friendly with signed up for this weekend and I will make sure I pimp her out good when it is her turn so that hopefully I can get a broader scale of it all.

One factor I do think leads to it all is that the other were already more popular than me {or less in some circumstances} so they didn’t have as much stuff for people to play with in their pages, that they didn’t already. One I noted in particular were rather aloof to those around them usually so there is a chance that others simply avoided them or had already rated all their stuff before. A few friends had stated that my page is a fun place to go, and because I make things and such, it is more fun to go through my galleries than those that simply have a bunch of cam shots {I actually got a few messages pointing that out which made me happy actually} so I lucked out in that regard. I will say that I sent out a note to the lucky winners of the next Happy Hour wishing them luck with the chaos and as you would expect it went unanswered.

The long and the short of it is this, I was extremely happy to see that NOT ONE hater came out at all in all of this. On Yahole or MySpace I would have been inundated with as much hate as happiness in all of that. It’s the way those places operate and I knew CherryTAP was friendlier and that is why I am here, but that floored me. You all rock big time and don’t you ever forget that. The second thing that totally floored me was that people would have gotten double points no matter where they had gone and spread the love, and so many people decided to do that on MY page instead of some person that they are trying to chat up, or someone that is more popular was amazing. Most all of my images had an extra 200 rates this morning {and remember I have over 1000 of them} and the gratitude for actually sponsoring the Happy Hour was so amazing that I happen to be a bit misty over it now. I realize that it is not for everyone, some people can’t afford it, that’s for sure, but it benefits everyone when someone does one, and it benefits the Tap as well. In my case it worked wonders for my ratings and my rankings, but I am a bit pissed off at myself right now because there are at least 150 people out there that added to my page and I don’t even know who they are, and for ME, I want to keep it more manageable in the future because I like to interact with the people out there in CherryLAND and that was NOT the way to do it. I will make it my personal cause to get all of those people rated sooner or later even if I have to rate everyone, and I have decided that I am going to use the 300,000 or so Cherry Bucks I earned to slap Platinum Cherries on people {during a Happy Hour of course what do I look like an idiot???}, because without you all there is no CherryTAP, and this place makes me happy ;8o)

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