Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Let's Talk About God Baby - Volume 5

Well I have to give James Cameron some credit on this one, since he has finally broken me. Jesus was simply a man, and the Catholic religion and all off shoots of it are simply falsehoods, and I can now go about my life simply hating those that disagree with me like the enlightened among us. It never ceases to amaze me how far some have to go in society to bring Christians down in one way or another, and this is not anything to do with politics, it actually has more to do with anti-establishmentism in the highest regard. Cowards like James Cameron and the likes of them actually want to tear at something that is far more powerful then them to feel more powerful themselves and it gets rather sickening after a while. I am not one of those people that bash Dan Brown for the DaVinci code as it is a work of fiction regardless of what he has said since, but I do have to smack in the face of those that truly want to just make as many people as possible miserable in one sitting as they can. Using the theories in the DaVinci code has become a new form of religion to those that say they want the truth, and in reality they just want the discourse. This is where it all stems from realistically is the ability to say “Nya Nya, You all are stupid!” when the little drama is finished and somehow becomes true.

Realistically James Cameron is already making a large sector of society look stupid now with his ranting of the tomb of Jesus, Mary and Judah purely based on rehashing old discoveries and relying on the dupes that didn't pay attention the last time. People clinging on to the Holy Grail of “we will show those evil Christians that they are idiots” have seemed to forgotten that this tomb was unearthed in 1980 and has since been proved not that of Jesus Christ several times before now, but that's what happens when you are willing to fall for everything just on a wish. You don't have to be Christian to be educated so I don't know what the excuse on this account is to begin with. The cowardice factor in all of this comes at the behest of my own opinions of Christianity haters in general. I am not saying that hating religion makes one a coward as I know many people that have legitimate gripes with certain factors of Christianity {take people that have legitimate issues with Catholicism for example because that religion has done some serious wrongs and recently} but I have never found anyone who is hell bent on bringing out “the truth” of Christianity as a whole to be anything more than weak in their own right. Let me explain that a little further though before I get back to this tomb.

There are many religions on this planet, and none really do carry the stigma that Christianity does, aside from that of the Hebrew. In general the most successful cultures on the planet all have Christian roots of one form or another and the jealousy of that is mind boggling but at least understandable. What alienates me from it all {and I say this knowing full well that even writing something that defends the word Christian has at least a few people sitting there reading this and just seething} is that despite the ranting of the secular zealots like the Rosie O'Donell's who would like to always paint the worst possible slant on Christianity, we don't actually have defended whackos in the Christian faith by today’s standards that kill or maim in the name of their God, while other religions do. We don’t actually have such innate hatred for others that the thought of their extermination makes us feel better {and those sitting their disagreeing might as well stop reading now, you may be hopeless} because it just isn’t in the nature of the religion as it stands right now. Why can't James Cameron or one of the other Secular Progressives in this world do a few tales on the Hadith for example? Now there is a religious and sacred book that over glorifies the wholesale slaughter of any culture in the name of God and never appears to be brought up. Almost all Middle Eastern Missiles are named after battles from the Hadith that were complete and utter unprovoked massacres on Christians that happened well before the crusades. Instead it's all about going after the Christians assuming there are no Jews to go after first. We all remember the way that “The Passion of the Christ” was portrayed amongst the Hollyweird and that was horribly unfair regardless of how violent the movie was, and I am no fan of Mel Gibson. It’s cowardly based on the fact that Christian and Jew bashing are protected speech, while the inference towards any other religion is a hate crime.

Getting back to the topic at hand, we have an entire news cycle dedicated to a man so desperate to simply disprove God that most people have overlooked the whole factuality of the tomb in which he speaks. Despite the fact that at the time of that tomb being closed Jesus, Mary and Judah were the most common names in that region of the world, and also the carbon dating of it all placing the time as about 200 years later, we also have to deal with the harsh realities that the average Roman is not going to bury the wife and child of someone they brutally crucified in the same tomb. They usually tend not to even remember where the tomb of those they brutally crucified is. Realistically there is no going back in all of this as he just really wants to prove that the crucifixion never happened. That is all well and good except for several major problems, and the first being that it really doesn't do anyone any good, and the second being that his own hatred for certain sectors of America {meaning roughly 80 percent) have guided him to the point of actually ignoring the most probable in the name of proving his point. Whether you believe that Jesus died on a cross or was the son of God, or is God, or any of that is totally irrelevant to the whole argument as most scholars believe that he lived and he was crucified at the behest of Pontius Pilot even if they believe that he was merely a lunatic as did Pilot. These varying beliefs have coincided for many centuries in a form of harmony and to simply try to rock that boat is pointless unless as I said you want to make people look bad or simply lose faith, in the name of humiliating large numbers of people.

In either case or any of the scenarios I really just don't care. I am like anyone else in this world that simply does what I have to to get by. I take joy in what I can and where I can. In all reality I have shouted it from the rooftops that the bible and the teachings of whomever, be it Jesus Christ, the disciples whatever if done in good faith are not damaging. Like anything else there is good and bad in everyone and like being a racist, a sexist, a homophobic, a xenophobe, or even a secular zealot you are the one that is damaging, not the things that you are pointing your hate at. The bible as a survival tool for the first millennium was essential or people would still be dying from tainted food, mass human sacrifice, or simply dying off from their own fighting and killing amongst themselves. As I look towards that book today I don’t see it as being the source of life's problems, but in a few ways like anything else if looked at without hate can be a very good source for some solutions. I think that we do people in general a great disservice, when we paint everyone with the same broad brush, and just like I have no tolerance {and I mean absolutely NO tolerance} for anti Semites I have no use for completely secular progressives either. That has nothing to do with whether you are a Christian or go to church. It has more to do with the fact that if you hate me, I hate you. That is how the human mind works after all, and human beings can only accept being the hunted for so long before they become the hunter. I know it's a touchy subject thanks to poor educational systems over the last half century, but feel free to study up on what was happening just before the crusades since most people I have met don't actually know. We love to beat up on the Christians for that and many cultures stepped WAY over the line, but nobody ever talks about what was happening in the century that led up to the crusades in general. That piece of revisionism is the downfall that we are feeling today, and I would never wish those times on anyone, ever again, but then again I would never wish anyone anything other than tolerance. We can’t have tolerance without disagreement to begin with, so all that is left without that is apathy ;8o)

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