Thursday, February 1, 2007

A Tale Of Two News Stories - Volume 3

I got a wonderfully thoughtful comment yesterday on my last “A Tale of Two News Stories” which I had written back last November, from an anonymous reader that went strait to the point! The comment of “you’re a fucking idiot” got me to thinking that I should try this little experiment of rambling along to two news stories and see what comes out this time. Here’s what I came up with …

Well I hate to get all preachy on everyone here, but I find myself rather sick to my stomach over the actions of the New York Times as I usually am, but this time it just gets beyond what I can even comprehend. I mean the newspaper itself has been an Anti American liberal rag forever and that is why it is hemorrhaging money, but to see pictures of mortally wounded soldiers is totally morally bankrupt even if it wasn’t against the rules of being embedded. There will always be the people who think that it is perfectly ok to show dead soldiers and gleefully count the bodies of the dead, as if it is the best testament to their agenda which was exactly the same as it was before the war ever started. That is what makes me really ill is the fact that we all have to be treated like we are stupid enough to buy the whole “accident” scenario, to explain yet another example of stepping over the line. Some even want to go as far as to think that it is a right to see these sorts of things, and realistically it is not a right to see anything that is going on in a foreign land regardless of who is in that foreign land.

Here’s the rub though, that the New York Times knows they have going for them as they broke the cardinal rule of being granted “embedded journalist” status in a combat zone, in the sense that they will be defended. They will get away with this just like everything else they do, because most people really don’t care that they did this, and combine those with the people who think it is perfectly fine for the soldier’s family to have to see this, and you now have a consensus. I have always hated the word “consensus” because it is very self serving. People use consensus to cover up poor behavior all of the time, when in reality there isn’t always a consensus, just the 33 percent that think one way lumped together with the 33 percent that have no opinion and then muddled up against the 33 percent that think the other way. The Revolutionary War was a good example of this because realistically only 33 percent of the country wanted to succeed from Britain, and another 33 percent didn’t. The consensus was created by the people who owned the printing presses that 66 percent were NOT in favor of remaining a part of Britain, and the rest was history. We still have that issue today as the printed news media is still slanted one way or another and think that “creating” news is more important that “reporting” it.

Let’s assume for a minute that we want to believe the New York Times when they say it was an oversight that they happened to show a picture of a mortally wounded soldier. I happen to believe that the cameraman should have been shot and left for dead by any soldier that was in the area for even taking a picture of it, but that is why I can’t be president. I happen to be a bit too black and white, self righteous for the job after all, and you wouldn’t even want to know what Iran would have looked like by now, but I digress, as we are pretending that the New York Times is telling the truth. How does this explain away the actual video of the soldier being shot and mortally wounded being on their website until yesterday when they took it down because of the volumes of hate mail they were getting? Most of this hate mail coincidentally being from the family and friends of the slain soldier who were downright mortified to have to go through this. I want to actually know who the fucking asshole is that would look them in the face and say, “Well YOU didn’t have to look at it,” … strike that, I don’t want to know, because I would want them laying next to the cameraman in the desert.

This is what nobody seems to understand anymore about the whole “hate the other side of the isle” issues that we have in America today. I see the problems on both sides these days, and it is making me sick. One side says that human lives are being thrown away and the other says that they are willing participants in a higher calling. I happen to agree with the latter but only get huffy with the other side during times like this. It is NOT alright to harm others, and the family of that soldier got hurt, PERIOD! We have soldiers that are hearing rotten things about what they are doing, and the don’t deserve it, and worse than that, we have families of soldiers hearing that their family members died for the wrong reasons, or worse yet “ a stupid reason” but this is how it is being portrayed by media organizations like the New York Times. This type of propaganda arguments that worked so well in Nazi Germany to simply break the wills of the people, should not be tolerated here, but they are because we are so polarized towards anyone with a differing opinion nowadays that we will accept any way of accomplishing it. I’m just ill over it all.

As we are watching all of this being applied to the whole “Global Warming” arguments, the polarization gets even worse. Both sides have valid points, but the problem is that nobody is willing to accept that NOBODY KNOWS. The United Nations has dictated the entire Global Warming debate, and I will always be leery of anything they come up with. Sorry, but history dictates that the United Nations is actually an evil empire unto itself, and until they, or anyone else actually has scientific research that involves all areas of the discussion, then I will have to go with my gut on that one, and simply steer clear of the people that I don’t trust. The knowledge that the same people who told me thirty years ago that the Rainforests would be gone in 20 are now trying to get Al Gore’s movie to be required in schools will be argued vehemently by me until they finally take me or him away for being insane. His “consensus” didn’t include a single person who disagreed with him in any way shape or form, and worse yet, that includes ALL of the Paleoclimatologists who actually study these things, and are all trying to get the word out that the sun is about to go into a cooling cycle.

Nobody who stands on the side of Global Warming even acknowledges that the founders of the “Global Warming” theories are all coming out and admitting that they were wrong these days. We are crying and complaining about the ice falling off of Greenland despite the evidence to the contrary, and worse yet, we aren’t even saying “So what?” because under a great deal of that outer ice is farmland that the Vikings used to use before the ice even GOT THERE! Heaven forbid we acknowledge that it must have gotten a hell of a lot colder there over the last millennium, and we managed to go on without the ice there before. I’m not a scientist {but I play one in the blog} and that sounds to laymen like me, an awful lot like the forces of planet Earth at work to me. The wheels have come off the cart and we are at the mercy of the New York Times and the other newspapers of record. All it takes is the usual 33 percent to get a consensus anyway, despite what people seem to think, but just remember that when science is involved it only takes one person to have facts, and all the “consensus” in the world won’t change it. ;8o)

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