Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Living Life On Tap - Volume 3

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So I had an idea today that I have mulled over in my mind and so far it hasn’t injured anyone, so it probably is a good thing. Through no fault of anyone else’s you have officially crossed paths with someone who is very opinionated and quite often I am not opinionated in the best way possible. I ran into this guy Landry yesterday that made my night, because his whole reason for being on CherryTAP is to rate the ever loving hell out of ya, and he is very proud of that. He’s damn good at it too actually, and I had more fun going through comments from him and making comments on him, that I figured I would do something to express what I like about people here on the TAP. It’s a cross between a “Meet my friends” and a “Best of the Best” and I am going to share it with everyone who cares to see it. Being a rather anal retentive {shut up Charlotte} person I had to sort out all of the rules for it today so that it is fair, and then write them out so that people understand why and what and how.

The rules are pretty simple actually, and I am going to list them below …

  1. You have to exist to make the A+ list … This means that you have to have an actual photo of yourself for me to grab and put into the gallery. I am not a Bouncer, so I am not bound by any rules as to whether I believe a picture is you or not, and some may be fakes, and others I might deem fake are actually real. Live with it.
  2. You have to have interacted with me in one way or another BEFORE now. This will eliminate all of the “OH ME OH ME” people that see a list and have to be on it. If I wasn’t good enough to communicate with before now then you ain’t good enough for the list. This can be amended at a later time should a genuine person come along that needs to be on the list, but chances are slim.
  3. I am the Almighty and Benevolent Dictator of this list, but I may consult people on things {as I actually have already} so bear in mind that there probably was one or two very close friends that thought I made a good decision ahead of time, so you earned it if you make it and don’t argue with the Benevolent Dictator, about whether you are worthy!
  4. The whole thing will take quite a while to complete, so if you are not on the list today you most likely will be {and I can say that in all honesty because those that actually read my blogs are all the ones I thought up immediately} but the A+ list will be limited to the amount of slots that can be in my “Family” list. If you make the list you are Family to me. Last I looked at it that is 25 people, but I think it goes up, and if I have to I will change this rule. Benevolent Dictators can do that yanno?
  5. I originally was asking permission but now I am too lazy and I am just going to grab, add, and comment, but anyone that wants off the list will be taken off asap. Nobody owes me anything for being on the list, and you made it there for a reason anyway. Nobody on the list is obligated to visit anyone or even rate themselves either. This is Jeremy being Jeremy, and you all will just have to learn to deal with it. There will be no hard feelings on this end and I only hope that there isn’t any on the other end, as well.
  6. This is NOT a contest, and I am not out to get anything out of it. This is not my veiled attempt to get 100,000 free Cherry Points, but I AM trying to get Cherry points for the people on the list. Please go see these people, because they are special to me, and treat them well.

So with that said, I have the first batch in there right now, in my A+ List folder in my images, which were the very first that came to mind when I was coming up with the idea. The list includes the two Co-Winners of most thoughtful {Charlotte and Lady Vic} who you need to know, because they are the types of friends that just know what’s going on. They both see the real you, and make you feel appreciated by their actions, which everyone needs more people like in their lives. Year Of the Dragon {YOTD} has been “The Queen of the MUMMs” in my mind for a while now. Her MUMMs don’t get out of hand because she does a great job as a hostess, and steering the angry people’s comments away, so that the people who want to participate don’t have to feel attacked, and I so appreciate that. Mary “The Cherry Bomb” kinda spooked me at first because she looked just like any of the “Diva’s” out there that puts up their gorgeous pictures, and let’s everyone come and worship them, but FUCK NO, she gets right in there and gets her hands dirty. She’s probably second only to the Master Rater himself when it comes to going out and earning friendships, and takes amazing pride in how she bombs a page. She also gets credit with Landry for helping inspire this blog and directory because as I was bombing Landry’s pictures, she was on every one herself. Then there is Lynn, the fiery Vamp that probably could have been a runner up to Mary’s “Coulda Been a Diva” crown until you look through her galleries. Her eclectic tastes and her good nature made her a shoe in for Fun People, because I dare you to get to know her without being a bit fascinated. Then there is Jag, who just kinda pops in and out of your page, but always does those random things that make you scratch your head with a smile on your face. Tammy get’s true blue because that poor woman has followed me from place to place, no matter what type of chaos I bring upon myself, and like my Cyber Mom and Dad {Cathy & Don} is just always there, no matter what. Last there is Landry … well let me just say you really need to go learn about Landry yourself, because he is extremely hard to explain, but well worth the learn ;8o)

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Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, fuck ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! .. Jeremy

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