Monday, January 8, 2007

Living Life On Tap - Volume 1

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As it has now been about a month since I joined CherryTap, I think it is only fair that I give it an evaluation like I had back in the Yahole {yeah that pretty much describes my opinion of that place} 360, TagWorld, and Myspace. The pictures are very much the same really with a few caveats that CherryTap has that all of those other ones probably never will. You still have the “friend grabbers” that look at their list as a sign of popularity. You still have the people that come along and use your comments section as their own personal billboard, and of course beg you to rate them, and I am sure that there are a lot of perverts and even a stalker or two out there. Realistically though I have been really impressed with what CherryTap has to offer me as a user, and more over I still can’t get enough of how the whole system is set up to reward people for being nice, as well as being popular.

You see if we start with my 6 months of being on Yahole, and what it did for me, you come to a rather interesting tale of a person who became a form of Rock Star overnight with very little talent, but the ability to berate himself very well. It turned into the very thing that I hated Yahole for anyway well into my life on Yahole when they simply “ended” it all. I had been watching them simply deleting accounts for whatever reasons {usually jealous stalkers making problems and it was easier for Yahole to delete the people that they were complaining about then to deal with the nameless and faceless cyber stalkers in general} and really knew it was coming anyway. Another few months on Myspace and I watched what little time I had as single father with 3 kids go down the toilet because that place {as fun as it was} was so God Damn slow and riddled with spyware and even an occasional virus, that I couldn’t even be bothered with it after a while. TagWorld was a wonderful whim but the damn place was always broken and it became even slower than Myspace. We’ve all seen it and we all knew it.

Then came The Tap which actually surprised me the very first night I had signed up for it, on a whim from a friend’s e-mail, because I had gone up two levels and had a bunch of comments and ratings when I had gotten up in the morning. It didn’t take long to realize that the Cherry Points system actually encouraged people to be nice and interact with one another and that was a refreshing change actually. Myspace had turned into a rather frustrating place as you could see yourself as number one in things which I had had the honor of being on quite a few occasions but then people could simply manipulate your ratings by making sure they never read your things until the next day or days later. Watching people actively campaign to manipulate these things had made me squirrelly to put it mildly. The instant gratification of actually getting points yourself just for telling someone “good job” or “you’re cute” actually makes the interaction a lot more rewarding as I had said before. This also helps out people like myself that likes to write and create things because I have a forum for both and my popularity is not only based on my talents or friends but also in my own ability to go out and make friends or appreciate what other people do. It’s one of the reasons I do raid entire photo albums and it endears me to the cast of characters around me.

Then you have the Cherry Bucks which you can buy presents with, and let me tell you that is a lot of fun really. Rating people’s stash items, or adding music to your music player or again people like myself who encourage ripping of my skins and my images increases the popularity quotients. Most of all I love how I have melded my older friends with my recent friends and have been making new friends all at the same time. Running into Dex {Paul} and Ladeee {Tammy} has rejuvenated my soul every bit as much as having a place to hang out with my cyber Mom & Dad {Cathy & Don} and dragging all of my friends from the E-Mail Paint Shop Pro groups that I hang out in { mostly the girls and KC of course from PSP Wonderland … } without what used to be a dark cloud that followed me around. The new people that I have met in here have been every bit as worthy as the old ones and I thank any of you that still pop into my page from time to time. More importantly I guess are the lounges that they have here on CherryTap {especially Club Illusia … … where the really cool people hang out} really gives you that feeling that you are amongst friends at all times, and you can’t replace that for the world really.

I’m sure that anyone new around here would be wondering when the drama comes in and of course there is drama here as there is anywhere else, but thank God it just doesn’t effect you the way it did in the other places. I’ve seen a few interesting ones too, like the bulletins about how Cherry Tap is really a Corporate entity in disguise as Mike and a bunch of lovable albeit gruff Gen-Xers running a place that is different. To be honest with you I am pretty sure it is but who gives a shit. It beat the at one guy who is convinced that it is a guy running off of a 90$ a year server with no overhead “fleecing” everyone, which you couldn’t talk the guy out of in the least. That was about the extent I could handle in the Geo-Politics of CherryTap because quite frankly I don’t care. The place is a lot of fun and a great way to kill time between trips to the school with the kids, and I am pretty sure that the only person who can ruin all of that really is me. Now with that aside I am great at ruining a good thing, but as long as CherryTap rewards me for being nice to people then that will be the path I choose. Have a great week everyone ;8o)

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