Friday, January 26, 2007

God Bless The Rest Of Us - Volume 2

I often find myself in situations that are uncomfortable as it pertains to my children because I am after all a single father, with very limited verbal skills, despite my ability to write things. I have no problem admitting that I am a self righteous ass, but other people’s irresponsibility, forcing me to have uncomfortable talks with my children about things really pisses me off. It’s been a really rough few weeks and it actually looked like it was drawing down towards being a bit more manageable as I left the Psychiatrists office with my two youngest evils’s and went to pick up my oldest evils’s from her “Big Sister” duties across town. We were driving along talking amongst ourselves when my son out of the blue says “Dad, what’s a blowjob?” which was {surprise surprise} met with giggles and sniggers from the oldest child. The gas guzzling Dodge Dakota, with a woman older than myself loaded with children had a large bumper in the back window {eye level} saying “Will someone give Bush a blowjob so that we can impeach him?”

Now keeping in mind that the sniggering and the laughing from the 14 year old, now has the 8 year old realizing that he has an audience, so he is repeating the word “blowjob” over and over again. I passed the Durango, and was still making my way homeward when the vehicle pulled right up beside me again so that the woman could stare at me, most likely because she saw the “W04” sticker in my back window. Any series of slowing down or speeding up had this woman matching my speed, and my son in the backseat saying “blowjob” over and over again thanks to her wonderful bumper sticker. Now keeping in mind that I analyze every aspect of my life and always remember it later for prosperity and the ability to write about it, I actually know all of the hateful things I wanted to do to this woman, and was tempted to act them all out, but I didn’t. When I finally did get to the road where I could make my left turn she did slow down but finally just drove off. Keeping in mind that I was about to get out of the minivan and smash her windshield with my fist if she had actually stopped next to me. I am human after all.

Here’s the problem with this whole scenario, as I see it and I know that a lot of people have their opinions on these things, and fortunately you all have me here to tell you that you are WRONG! Most people in this world don’t have the capacity to listen to the things that they don’t want to hear and unfortunately it is ruining the world. Reminds me of my first wife who had learned as a child that when you fart it’s because your body is creating enzymes to pack your poop {I am not shitting you, pardon the pun} and despite my degree in nutritional science, I couldn’t convince her that it made her an idiot to keep repeating this gem all the time. She would flip out on anyone that passed gas, while explaining this to them. It is one of the things that were ingrained into her, and she is going to die with this tidbit of knowledge and force everyone to listen to it for many years to come. There are several things to be learned here from the events that happened on Route 1 the other day, but the first of which being that it is possible for idiocy to breed hatred, and I can barely take it any more. Freedom of speech is no excuse for bad behavior and idiocy, I’m sorry to say.

I’m sure that poor woman really believes that Clinton was persecuted for getting a blowjob, and she also believes that displaying words like “blowjob” proudly on her vehicle is an ok behavior, and she probably believes that the very sight of a “W04” sticker makes me evil. I am sure that I am never going to convince anyone of these things, and that feeling of hopelessness eats at people like me. In less than 2 years she will be rid of my president, and she will still be a very shallow, and miserable person who doesn’t care about how she effects others as long as she has her say. She will find someone else to hate and blame every misery that she claims on, and I should simply be happy that it might not be me, but you never know. That’s fine, because she is her own punishment, and I have seen these scenarios before, as her own children will become worse than her {in one direction or the other} but I still have the right to be angry as I am trying to explain away the word “blowjob” to my 8 year old son. She’s already spent most of her time explaining the expression W02 to her children I am sure, so it is NOT a fair trade. The fact that people still look at the violation of a woman’s right to a fair trial, and more over the systematic destruction of her at every level of the media, by the President of the United States, and his wife, is what scares me.

The whole argument of “what did it hurt, it was just a blowjob?” has collapsed our society a lot more than anyone on that side of the argument will ever see, because realistically, they all support the bad behavior. They all went through the history books and did whatever possible to make a mockery of this country's forefathers to explain away the fact that that man was a scumbag {when in reality just owning up to being a scumbag would have ended the argument} and NO I WOULDN'T perjure myself over a blowjob so don't say we all would. I have finally come to the conclusion as I am watching the whole bullshit lawsuit that has been going on for over a year down in North Carolina. Mike Nifong {who better end up in prison for this, or the world is doomed} crippled an entire University, and has ruined the lives of 5 young men purely based on their status. That rape case down there has been the exact opposite of what had happened in the case of Bill Clinton, in the sense that the evidence was overwhelmingly there to clear the accused, but was hidden by Mike Nifong. The class envy involved made it all ok, when in reality we should have learned a valuable lesson from all of this {don't hire hookers to dance at a party, or at the very least don't hang out at parties with hookers dancing at them and you won't have to deal with this shit in the first place} instead of "right or wrong" behavior, and the justification of it. He became the exact opposite, while being in the position of power he was using that to victimize the innocent, as opposed to using it to get away with violating the Bill of Rights. Cheerleaders wanting to get those students, just for being rich and white were every bit as much at fault as those that wanted to get Clinton off {damn another pun} for being Pro Choice and a Democrat. None of the actual legal issues, ramifications, or out and out corruption, ever get brought up, it’s just “blowjobs” and rich white people.

I guess now that I have pissed off half of the people reading this I might as well add {now that we are blessed to have the smartest woman that ever lived ramping up for her presidential run} that a vote for Hillary is another vote for polarization. I am not ready to accept {after 6 and a half years of mind numbing Bush Hating} that Hillary Clinton is the answer to the people who just want to stop the hate. It isn’t even acceptable to me, based on the argument that the people that will support her are proving me right. Anyone who would drive around with “Will someone give Bush a blowjob so that we can impeach him?” and start getting aggressive with a man who was in a mental hospital 3 times in his life, is completely un-teachable anyway. The only choice I will have unfortunately is to stop being above the fray, and that is what worries me, seeing that there is at this time at least a class of people that try to be above it all, that that option is being removed from the table. Politics is hatred now, and it doesn’t matter who is being destroyed as long as the person who says what you want to hear has the power. I am not particularly thrilled with the man represented in the “W04” bumper sticker that almost created a fight on the side of the road the other day, but believing that the woman who accepts her husband humiliating her in public for the last 2 decades just to get the power, is the answer shows that there’s enough “full of shit” to go around. ;8o)

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