Friday, January 5, 2007

God Bless the Idiots - Volume 12

The big question that has been on the minds of a few people are when I am going to start going on my political rants again. I have gotten a few “fan letters” pointing out to me that I have been rather mum since the elections back in November and as most people tend to do in these situations they A) Only write me outside of the blog .. and B) Don’t pay attention to anything else. There was this little holiday that passed which had me writing and posting holiday things, and then you throw in the fact that the idiots haven’t done anything stupid yet aside from the usual criminals being passed off as “sterling examples” and neither political party is without those. The fact is really that I needed a breather from all of that crap because the new Governor of Massachusetts alone will give me so much hilarious fodder to belt around within the next few months that I will get sick of it all really quickly anyway.

I will admit though that the noose around his neck that he dragged over the finish line with him is back in the headlines again {the most violent rapist who I have ever personally heard of that he was pen pals with} as he is arguing for a new trial yet again. It appears that the new governor probably won’t be writing any letters about how eloquent, and personable the scumbag is this time, but it doesn’t bode well for the timing of it all. I still find myself infuriated that a man who raped a 59 year old schizophrenic grandmother for 8 hours and tried to kill her but was too stupid for that even has advocates to do these things for him. Deval came in on this and paid for the the DNA test that proved he was on and in just about every part of her body when he begged him for it so it could prove his innocence, and now the man still runs around crying about being innocent, and Deval still calls him “thoughtful.”

Now the defense that is putting him in the newspapers and torturing the family of his deceased victim is the fact that they found another man’s finger prints on the phone that the cord from was used to strangle the woman, and I have had it up to my eyeballs with this creature. It makes me just want to jump up and down about the death penalty and how certain people in this world should simply be killed because they were a waste of semen to begin with and this animal keeps coming back to remind me that I am right on that one. This freak will never change and at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars a year the people of Massachusetts get to take care of him so that his fan club {including the Governor} can grant him audience. This of course is why I have decided not to use his name because I am done with it all.

I also find myself perplexed this day as well as the whole “Global Warming” issue is being rammed down our throats out here. There was an article in my local newspaper about a person from Denver Colorado who was in Portsmouth New Hampshire to protest the obvious Global Warming that is going on here because it is 70 degrees in January, just like it is every 10 years when an El Nino hits the Pacific Coast. I bet if this Peckerhead called his parents out in Denver and tried to talk about Global Warming with them right now he would be disowned. The people out there are in a freezing cold snowbound hell and he came all the way out here to bitch about Global Warming? He is in the center of the universe now for irrational lunacy as it pertains to the whole art of ignoring the truth after all. I actually happen to believe in Global Warming every bit as much as I believe in Global Cooling, but I just happen to think about it differently than these knuckleheads do.

It never ceases to amaze me that in 100 years the earth has risen in temperature by 1 degree and the basis of all of this is coal fired electricity for the most part and the carbon dioxide. Fine I understand and I relate, but again the problem with the whole strategizing about how to prevent it is that these pinheads suck at the nipple of the people who harm everything the worst. The Happy Klansman that everyone adores from West Virginia {Democrat} is the biggest lobbyist for the coal industry and makes damn sure that coal is the method of making electricity in this country by over 50 percent of all our resources. His two biggest allies over in the state below me cry and whine about alternative energy yet when someone does finally come up with the money for a wind farm that would feed a good sized portion of that state with clean electricity; they have been blocking it like a hockey goalie. The reasoning being that it would disrupt their view of the ocean from their billion dollar mansions. Actually the reality is that if you hold your arm out as far as it reaches and hold up your thumb that is the amount of view that will be obstructed. It’s a pile of crap and it is really to place the agenda of punishing people with their environmental whackoism.

I have finally developed a way to end all of the global warming issues once and for all that will allow Senator Byrd to ram coal down our throats, and let Kennedy and the Gigolo live life without obstructed view, because as always I am a man of solutions and not just a whiner. The easiest thing in the world for us to do is either destroy the Sun {which is the leading cause of Global Warming} or destroy the Earth which whether anyone wants to admit it or not, is the only thing preventing the little human “specs” from finally killing themselves. Funny thing the Earth is in the way it simply does it’s own thing in spite of us. You have to hate how Greenland isn’t melting fast enough for some of these people despite the fact that under all of that ice is towns that used to be there BEFORE it iced over. This worries a lot of people “in the know” as it used to not be iced over you see because it tends to insinuate that … um … that shit seems to happen. I am assuming that destroying the Sun is the big prize to a lot of these lunatics since it is about saving the Earth.

The bad news is that destroying the Sun is a lot harder than it appears on the outside. Most objects that we project at it wouldn’t make it half of the way there before the Sun was able to simply incinerate it. I thought about some evil scheme to attach rockets to Mercury and somehow move it towards the Sun and in the end hopefully place too much fuel into the fires of the Sun for it to handle, but a scientist friend assured me that humans wouldn’t even be able to endure the heat around Mercury. Then he pointed out to me that Mercury wouldn’t make it to the sun either without exploding and creating asteroids of sorts that at best would simply burn up in space. After coming to the conclusion that I was an idiot he assisted me in the plan of potentially attaching rocket boosters to the Earth and moving it closer to the Sun which would only require about 2 times the weight of the Earth in processed Rocket Fuel to move the Earth about 7 feet. I’ll call Exxon Mobile and see what they can come up with, because as I learned when I was in school {about 30 years ago when I first heard this} the Rainforests will be gone in about 20 years. That should at least tell you that those nutjobs don’t care if they are right or not so the least I can do is help them out for everyone’s sanity. Yeah I guess I won’t have anything to write about now. ;8o)

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