Monday, December 4, 2006

Things You Learn When You Pay Attention - Volume 6

Well it appears that the whole concept of getting our word out about illegal immigration could simply be a matter of a month now. When the Democrats take the house, then it is my opinion that it all becomes moot. All of the window dressing that GW gave us all on the right side of the isle {the wall, certain levels of accountability, etc etc etc} go down the crapper. I can here it now from the far left as they start to tell me that I should give these people a chance and the reality of it all is that we gave the very same cast of characters their chance back in the 60’s when the exact same amnesty program that they can’t wait to get on this graduating class of illegal immigrants, was implemented before. It was the same thing that has gone on in the liberal extremes of America for over 40 years and all it ever takes is a conservative president that thinks granting “legal status” to people that are already stealing, and living a criminal life will simply make them remember him. The fact of the matter is that it never works out that way. Reagan was torched by the concept of illegal immigrant amnesty, and so shall GW.

Listening to Ted Kennedy talk about his new program when he actually was the framer of the old one is amazing for two reasons, first and foremost is the fact that people are drinking his Kool Aid without any accountability, and then the fact that it forces you to note that Kennedy has been sucking at the public nipple known as the Senate for over 40 years is the second. His father made most of his fortune off of the illegal importing of liquor during the great depression, and thanks to that Ted has never had to have a real job in his life, and as it always does it forms that amazing rift that separates him from the people he is supposed to be representing. As I see the people’s behavior, just south of where I sit, it doesn’t surprise me that they send him to Washington every 6 years to represent the people of Mexico, Colombia and Brazil so vehemently, but what worries me is that the legislature that had been holding off the Senate and the President from opening the flood gates is gone now. This includes my legislator who was replaced by a person whose only claim to fame before the election was that she would actually stand in downtown all by herself, holding a sign that said “Stop Bombing Iraq” and that was many years before 911. She gained momentum as the bleeding hearts in the area started joining her after 911. Don’t fool yourselves on that attitude either, as the area I live in was out there protesting the invasion of Afghanistan before we invaded Iraq, so it wasn’t to be surprised.

Even with this level of Moonbattedness all around me I don’t meet anyone that likes the idea of illegal immigrants being here at all. I don’t meet anyone that simply thinks that it is racist to want illegal immigrants out of the country, and I don’t even meet anyone who thinks that there are any jobs that Americans won’t do. I live in one of the parts of the country where all of the stores have help wanted signs, and everyone swears that 90 percent of America is starving because they don’t have jobs, and the other 10 percent steals their money. It’s the compounding of our problems that is killing all of us. Nope, the numskulls that live around here are your generic version “war is bad” types that believe that the rest of the world needs to be left alone, unless it is about American foreign policy, then they are smarter then us. Do you understand that conundrum, because it is a bit confusing, but I can explain it a bit simpler for you, like this? The Ubra-Moonbats in my vicinity are the stereotypical type that simply hate Bush, hated him before he became president, gritted their teeth when he was standing on the ashes of ground zero, and have done nothing but root against anything that would have made him look good. To simplify this even more and totally spell it out to you would look like this. If a country is run by a dictator that hates us, they have a good reason {Bush is evil} and if the people there live in abstract slavery, then that is too bad because they don’t deserve freedom, unless of course Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, or Bono think they are worthy. If they find them worthy then we can ignore the fact that they hang out with the people who can stop these things and blame us {Bush is evil} because we aren’t sticking our nose in that country’s business. They will defend with every last breath “their guys” who placed us in any and all financial and security related quagmires {Clinton is good} as long as they respect a woman’s right to choose. If a European country comes out and talks about how bad America is {Bush is evil} then they do care about THAT country because they are “enlightened” and deserve respect. Illegal immigration has nothing to do with any of this, and more over as GW is a big fan of illegal immigration it has to be completely ignored or outright hated in public.

I have been researching a rather disturbing couple of things that has been going on in the media lately. Fabricating stories has become very commonplace over the last few years as the Associated Press is in hot water because a radio show host by the name of Glenn Beck realized that a certain law enforcement official {Captain Jamil Hussein} that the Associated Press quoted for all of the worst acts in Iraq that made our skin crawl didn’t exist. This was not a man that had the resources at his command that the major news services do but was able to uncover this and, even got the Iraqi Security Minister to address the false information that was being reported by sources that didn’t exist. The AP is standing firm on its “reputation” that the lead is real even as the entire Iraqi government has proven them to be out and out lying so it is about time we change their “reputation” as it is one of a liar. As we are sitting here today knowing that the New York Times with the assistance of the Associated Press has done nothing but totally lie to us for the last 4 years, and better yet they have been undermining anything that keeps our sovereignty, or security, by posting “leaked” Top Secret memos etc, I want to give everyone a homework assignment for the next week or so, if you are willing to undertake it.

All you need to do is simply read your “major” local newspaper and see how many times they tell you when an illegal immigrant commits a crime. You won’t see any because they won’t do it, and it is all a part of the indoctrination process that we have been suffering from over the last decade. They are slowly poisoning your mind and keeping the information from you that you need to form an honest opinion on anything. The “major” newspaper in my general vicinity is “The Boston Globe” {a wholly owned property of The New York Times} and you can read about all kinds of criminal activity that goes on all throughout the greater Boston area. Gang member wars, murders, riots of some sort or another, rapes, vehicular homicides, and a growing number of them you find out are in the country illegally from other sources, because The Boston Globe won’t tell you that. It used to just be apparent that they were Marxist when Republican politicians had a big R next to them whenever they were in trouble and the Democrats were simply Politicians devoid of letter. It’s getting a lot more confusing to read through the spin nowadays ;8o)

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