Friday, December 8, 2006

Prologue to the Jeremy Crow Christmas Countdown 2006 - Part 2

Now the proper time frame needs to be established here so that when my grammar gets bad you might all understand, but as I am sitting here on Thursday afternoon planning to publish this tomorrow morning, I am writing about yesterday which was Wednesday as I sit here now. Now that I have you all confused I may continue and hope to keep the proper tense. After tomorrow morning I am going to be doing a mini best of as I post the Seven blogs I did last year which comprised the Christmas Countdown {which was a hit at the time anyway} and use the seven to ten extra hours I manage to recover from that to get the rest of my Christmas stuff done, or a writing vacation if you will, and then I will do ten new writings this year for my Christmas Countdown. God help us all huh? Now with all of that said, let me think of how I shall frame part two of the prologue here.

I found myself at the Pink Mafia Headquarters like I would any Wednesday at around 8am after I had cleaned the offices across the street and then driven around for a bit in downtown hoping that some little cuties would be wearing those hot little business skirts as they walked out of the coffee houses. Fortunately perverts like myself don’t assume that the twenty something degree weather is going to keep the ladies from showing off their legs for wonderful young gentlemen like myself driving around looking for them, so it was business as usual. Well yes the twenty something degree weather has kinda made me sad because I may have to admit that they all put the legs away for the winter {but it didn’t keep me from making that drive today, and guess what I will be doing tomorrow?} but I was still in a rather good mood. Chaos hit the PMHQ the second I walked in there as one of the hoses on the silos that holds the asphalt burst while a truck driver was trying to pump the hot flux into the silo from the truck. Flux is the black liquid that is kept at around 200 degrees at all time, and is sticky, and the driver {who was in his proper gear} got hot flux all over him.

The problem though was that as he was opening the nozzle when this happened so all of the flux flew up and fell strait into his gloves immediately scorching his hands, and when he pulled off his gloves to get the pools of flux away from his fingers the sticky flux grabbed the sleeves of his protective gear and smeared it all down the length of his arms. The flaming hot flux completely coated his bare arms and his fingers, and panic set in, not only in him, but everyone around him. One man right on the scene was cool headed enough to get him inside so that we {meaning him and I} could get the man to the rinse basins and get cold water on the flux to at least cool it down and stop the damage from the flaming heat that was already visibly blistering all over the place. He was handling it all very well and doing his best to remain as calm as he possibly could but one look in his eyes told you the amazing pain that he was in. This was a very good time though for someone like me to be on the scene, because I happen to have the perfect balance of “give a shit” and “not give a shit” that is necessary in times like these. My black and white mentality kicks in and I don’t have the misfortune of having to rationalize my reactions as I simply try to do the next right thing.

The locker where they keep the overstock of Instant Ice was locked with a padlock that none of the people with the key were there yet. In most scenarios we have plenty of them on hand and amount of them that are in there are NOT usually necessary, but this is NOT most scenarios, so I broke the master lock with the fire extinguisher that was next to the cabinet on my walk by without even missing a step, while others were going into shock over not having the key. I know that if it is that much of an issue a new lock is about five dollars, but the plant manager later in the day told me that I did the right thing so that is moot. Next the supervisor that was on at the time closed off the bathroom and I started filling a trash bag with Ice while he was trying to pour water into the wash basin with the Instant Ice Packs in there. As calm as this might sound, it was actually much scarier, but at the same time as scary as it might sound it actually was flowing along quite well. His arms were packed on ice as I went to get my car so that I could load him into it and take him to the hospital since we have now stopped the effects of the accident, and in my mind it was “the next right thing” and more over it was going to eliminate the next problem that would have happened. People were already mumbling about how they didn’t want a person covered in flux to ruin their cars, My mind told me that I could clean it up even if it takes me weeks which asphalt flux definitely would.

The supervisor on duty is much like me and believes that ramifications are easier than regrets so he filled out the paperwork as fast as he could to get him admitted to the hospital, probably skipping a few procedures but he needed to be at the hospital NOW. Loaded in my car we were on our way to the hospital and I made sure that he had two fingers that could open and a cigarette in them. He very calmly said “You all are the greatest bunch of people I have ever dealt with, and I thank God if this was going to happen to me that it happened where it did,” which was basically because like most truck drivers he was not only eight hours away from his home, but in another country as well, as this person happened to be Canadian. After getting him admitted to the hospital, I said my goodbyes because I was going back to work, but I had asked him if he needed anything and if I could go get it for him. A pack of smokes and a big bag of Cheetos later and I was on my way back to work because he was going to be there for about ten hours at least, and someone from the other crew would have to go get him. The flux can be removed with solvents but when the asphalt is on top of third degree burns that are probably open under there then the removal of it is a very long and involved process. But there for the grace of God go I.

The amazing thing about the whole thing was that there wasn’t a single stain in my car from the flux, and I really can’t explain it. As the flux is asphalt in it’s oily liquid form it doesn’t ever harden no matter how cold it gets, I was rather shocked by this, but wasn’t about to look a gift God in the mouth. The rest of the day got by at work, and I had a doctors appointment to get through before I went to see the second of my evil lil bastards sing in her “Winter Concert” which despite the wonderful treat of the night prior, I was still of the belief that the doctors fingers up my butt were going to be the highlight of my evening that I might actually look back upon fondly as the Chinese Auditory Torture was being applied for the second strait night, but in reality fingers in your ass looking for polyps {to which I have none … thanks again God … You da Girl!} was worse than the show.

This show started the same way as the one the night before, as I found a seat towards the back, and the rest of the audience gave me my usual “ring of fear” because I really do stick out like a sore thumb in the affluent area to which I live, and never dress up for these things. Captain ADHD’s best friends parents were there again because they have a third and a first grader as well but aside from them, I can usually get in and get out of these things a lot easier than the parent teachers meetings as the parents are usually with their spouse’s. To be fair when the Kindergartener’s took the stage for their show, they were actually adorable and quite amusing as they all have ADHD at that age. Kids slowly become less cute after that, sorta like a puppy. Imtoocutus was in the “almost as cute” batch that followed, and her solo was to be at the very end of that. Yep, I was right, not as cute and quite intolerable to listen to as they sung some song in Spanish that I had never heard of before, but I guess when New Hampshire gets reclaimed by the Spanish {whether they ever owned it or not} then the Elementary Schools will be ready to serenade them. Now the time is finally here though as I see the little girl that I have to admit to because she will be leaving with me, if for no other reason walks to the front of the stage.

As the music started I saw her do the same thing that her brother did at her age, and her older sister as well, as she spotted me out of the crowd, and started waving frantically saying “Hi Daddy” into the microphone which of course got a few giggles but of course I waved back. It’s part of the job after all, and she missed her original cue to start singing, but kept perfect, two notes behind sync with the music teacher playing away on the piano, “Silent Night … Holy Night … All ithhhh” {knew that was coming} “All ithhh bright … round yond virgin …” she continued on as the chorus joined her for the chorus’s and it was very charming. The music teacher was correct to because she did animate the song rather well, and was able to look throughout the crowd and even smile a bit at people as she was singing, which is a big deal when someone twice her age is singing, so I was very proud of her. The end of the song was not a pregnant pause followed by thunderous laughter, and it was more of the “clap quick get it over” variety I had noted yesterday, but there are some interesting little miracles that I drew from this as well.

My little girl could have been so very easily considered “special” by what she has overcome, and where she is right now, but nobody in the crowd knew a thing about her deafness and her surgeries. It really doesn’t matter at this stage of the game, and she never talks about it, and I never actually draw attention to it, unless it is to explain to a teacher why her speech is a bit behind. She was just the little cutie pie that sang the solo at the end of the first grade portion of the concert, because what is a first grade concert without a little cutie pie doing a solo at the end? No bells, no whistles, just a little girl who is happy that she was able to do it, and proud of herself as I am of her too. In a couple of days of miracles for me I must admit that the greatest miracle of all in all of this is that she is perfectly normal, in the eyes of absolutely everyone. Through a lot of hard work she has overcome a lot, and that doesn’t make her special, different, or lucky, it just means that she overcame what she could, doesn’t begrudge anyone for it, because SHE doesn’t know anything different and that is a miracle ;8o)