Wednesday, December 6, 2006

God Bless the Idiots - Volume 11

When I was a kid the worst thing you could possibly be was a “juvenile delinquent” {youth failing in obligation} and like every other role that one plays in society there were people that actually strived to be one of those. The generation that my mother hails from, for example, is quite famous for their desperate need to be a bunch of juvenile delinquents and it manifested itself into wonderful events like “The Summer of Love” and a few years later “Woodstock” which realistically weren’t “all that” but it is something for them to hang their hats on anyway. Later on the whole irrationality that a bunch of juvenile delinquents propagating the same tired crap over and over again with the stereotypical lack of focus and intelligence that your average juvenile delinquent are bound to have brought out the more realistic endeavors of the baby boomers like “spitting on soldiers” as they were coming back from Vietnam, the over glorification of cocaine {leading to the violent criminal underground} and the worst of it all, Jimmy Carter. Like I have often found with the baby boomers, the reality of the “end game” doesn’t get reported very much, and more over gets blindly denied, but I happen to be an asshole, so I am willing to remind people of these things.

As these people were forced to integrate into society because being naked and stoned really don’t pay the bills, and most of the bands from those days refused to learn any new riffs anyway, the country was plagued with most of these people that filed into the bottom 5 percent of society reaching out to get “influential” jobs in society, so they could continue to change things. The first thing they changed as hard and as fast as they possibly could was the environment of the “Nuclear Family” that their parents had raised them in. I can’t say that it was a totally bad thing as I see what it had produced, but I also think that over “enlightenment” will do that regardless of upbringing, but things tend to drift down as culture changes. As more families started falling into the habits of double income households, the houses started falling into the category of double income prices, and the major glut of inflation started looming throughout the seventies, until the final embodiment of the sixties irrational enlightenment forced into the culture the “anyone but Nixon” culture that brought us to Jimmy Carter. Now with that said, the problem of this is that with the prices of houses growing out of reach of the single income family, the ignorance on foreign policy that allowed the Middle East to embrace Theocracy, and a president that was way over his head as a Governor, much less a president, the economy of the country went south, and the security of the country went further south.

The damage has been totally done at this point and an army of Ronald Reagan’s was not going to fix it, and I am sorry to break it to everyone like this, but I am willing to explain it a bit better. You see, while all of this was going on and creating the outrage and outcry of the last great generation {meaning those that fought in World War 2 and supported the country and the world through it} created the push to elect Ronald Reagan, and give us 8 years of pride, and rebuilding, the “enlightened” bunch were creating greater strangle holds on the places that really change society. This would be the journalism and education sector of America, and their outlook of “sensitivity” over “substance” were being installed so quickly that nobody could have seen it coming. I know, because I was there sitting in classrooms growing more angry over the lunacy that was passing as education. I probably wouldn’t have escaped the shackles of sensitivity based education, had I not been labeled a “juvenile delinquent” and bounced out of the public school, and ended up in a rather good private {non religious} school, where I actually learned about things that even during the eighties were taboo in the public schools. No more rampant whining about the rain forests, or Reagan being evil, I was learning about things like “Ancient Civilizations”, “Modern European History”, “Earth Science”, Biology” and none of it was “feelings” based.

By the time my oldest daughter was going into first grade the “system” had changed the terminologies of “Youth Failing in Obligations” to a new term that the news departments all over the country were assisting in ramming down our throats and it was so subtle that I never noticed it. The new term of “Children at Risk” had totally replaced the concept of being a “Juvenile Delinquent” and along with that the Greatest Generation were starting to die off, while the new guard of the country were very quickly becoming the baby boomers that brought the greater conscious of the country into the toilet to begin with. The average juvenile delinquent of that time ha either completely changed around their views on the world or found a way to continue to be a lay about, and the best way for a lot of them to do that was to get into politics, if they hadn’t gone into education or journalism, and many of them have crossed all of the paths. We have managed to watch the last 3 Democratic presidential candidates be totally from this pool of human fecal material that has aided in the changing of a terminology that was created to be a stigma into a touchy feely term of endearment and I really do believe that it was to rewrite the history of their own coming to be where they are at this point.

“The Pervert” who was our president for eight years made his people feel good because he was the rotten influence that could finally get away with everything. People still look at him with those wide eyes of a sycophant that looks at a Rock Star and just dreams of what it would be like to bang all the girls like THEY do. While watching all of the Kool Aid drinkers that bought into every single illegal endeavor that he embarked upon with wide eyed enthusiasm and total denial, made me ill. The fact that he violated every single aspect of America from the sale of nuclear technology to China, so that they could be a menace to us, to the ignoring of terrorism because the work was a bit too hard, to the very violation of women’s legal rights as outlined in the constitution and seeing people simply give him the “Thumbs Up” because he showed everyone had the 60s written all over it. We can simply say that he was a “Child at Risk” and as a matter of fact, as his manufactured life’s story went I actually had heard that about him quite often. The only thing he really was is a Risk to Sanity.

He then handed over his mantle to “The Liar” who ran an entire campaign that was completely false, and about half of the American People saw right through it, thank GOD! After losing his election, he then brought in the greatest cast of criminals to try to steal the election and turned the entire country into a circus, which reveals some of the biggest Kool Aid drinkers in the history of mankind as they still believe that he won. Even the New York Times proved that he lost the election afterwards, but the people that have been indoctrinated into the poor sportsmanship mentality of the “feel good” generation always manage to have blinders on when it comes to the seething hatred that they really have in their own camp. Then after the game was over he of course went into education to try to reinforce the whole ideals that doesn’t work, but will never be admitted. After laying low for a while he then went out to show that all he did in his entire campaign was lie, as he started preaching against everything that he supposedly supported when the White House was on the line. Once he had finished doing that he went to the Middle East to speak to rooms of seething America haters about how America hates them. Nobody denies that Al Gore was a “Child at Risk” but the problem is that most people still don’t acknowledge that he is an “Adult at Risk.”

From here we actually did find something even lower as “The Gigolo” ran for president. Most people knew from the very start that he was a total liar, but by this point of society, that was simply an acceptable norm. This total creep gave video tape at the United Nations denouncing the country but framing it in a way that made the soldiers appear like criminals during Vietnam, and placed the lives of the soldiers that were being held prisoner there in severe jeopardy. He started his reign of overblown publicity stunts on the backs of the men and women who were still serving in the armed forces and he DID NOT care despite what people who are choking on the Kool Aid at this point think. To this day we have still never seen his discharge papers from the United States military because by all accounts he was dishonorably discharged {and there will be people pissed that I said that because I don’t have proof, but I’m sorry that I do have logic} for meeting with the North Vietnamese when he was in Europe {in a publicity stunt} but still very much in the Navy, which is a dishonorable discharge offense of meeting with the enemy against the wishes of the government. Who cares though because he has married two of the richest women on Earth, and is willing to spend every single penny of the second ones fortune {because the first one did finally get him cut off} to keep his power, and no matter how many rotten things he says or does to try to humiliate the people in the United States Military nobody will ever get rid of him. Not bad for a “Child at Risk” huh?

What brings me to all of this ranting about the change in terminologies pertaining to “Youth Failing in Obligation” is the fact that the brilliant people of Denver Colorado {just south of that place where it is legal to murder your children as long as you are rich} have done it again with their wonderful educational department. They have finally determined that it is time to raise the bar with the whole “Children at Risk” analogy that one time meant “Juvenile Delinquent” and lord knows many years before my mother’s generation probably was called a “Loser” and have mandated that the term “Children at Risk” will no longer legally be used. The new term will be “Children with Promise” and they have made a big deal out of this, which leads me to wonder if the entire school board there were “Juvenile Delinquents” or Children at Risk” who were probably raised in a household of total IDIOTS, but I can actually take this and run with it a bit. While on the subject of running, was OJ Simpson merely a “Husband with Promise?” Perhaps Dylan Klebold, and Eric Harris were “Children with Promise” or maybe now that we have retired the term “Children at Risk” from it’s bullshit meaning we can finally attach it to actual “Children at Risk” like JonBenet Ramsey or Jason Midyette who were at risk because they were born to rich parents in Boulder Colorado? Maybe Jimmy Carter wasn’t a flaming idiot; he was simply a President with Promise? Now that he has had 30 years to show that everything he does is stupid he can be a Flaming Idiot with Promise? Maybe Bill Clinton wasn’t a draft dodger he was simply a Soldier with Promise? Al Gore wasn’t an Ivy League drop out; he was a Pot Head with Promise? I see it all now as I think that perhaps a Gigolo with Promise can even see that if you rename everything in this world to make it less “stigmatic” it doesn’t mean that naming a turd “Old Food with Promise” is something that people are going to eat, but then again, what do I know, I still think Iraq is a Nation with Promise even if by the terminology of the Denver Educational system it actually is on both sides of the debate ;8o)

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