Friday, December 1, 2006

Everythings Free In America - Volume 2

Well I need someone to bring me my dead horse because I have some beating to do. I was blessed to have some really good e-mails from some people who were reading my blog on illegal immigration two days ago, one from a writer, and several from some people who own businesses that are going bankrupt because of illegal immigration. When I say that these businesses are going bankrupt, the first thought that goes through your mind is that it is someone who is being put out of business by cheaper competitors, and actually no this is different, and may be as shocking to all of you as it was to me. I scratched the surface of the issue two days ago and that was what alerted my writing to these people who I will keep anonymous {unless they tell me differently later on} because they were searching for anything to help them in their plight. This also ties into the Invidia that I talked about yesterday because some people might actually dislike the people who are being put out of business by the illegal immigrants and the state and local bureaucracies. Impound lot owners all over the state of Massachusetts are losing their shirts because of illegal immigrants, and the state is doing nothing to help them out and worse yet are assisting the illegal immigrants to do it.

Here’s some unknown circumstances that never crossed my mind that happens in most states but is effecting the Communist ones like Massachusetts a little faster than the rest, but I guarantee it is coming to a locality near you really soon. You see in the State of Massachusetts you can’t possess a driver’s license if you are an illegal immigrant, but as I mused the other day, it doesn’t stop them from driving, just makes it impossible to prosecute them for committing vehicular violations. What you can do is register your vehicles if you are an illegal immigrant, and this is creating a rather large cottage industry in Massachusetts and probably other places as well. Where you don’t actually have to be a licensed driver or even be able to produce identification to have a State Registration, you can register a car, pay the taxes on it {which makes the state happy … free money wooohooo} and then have a license plate on it regardless of whether you have even given a real name or not, then who cares if it is road worthy or inspected or not. As it is with anything to these people, you can’t get me I don’t exist! They simply buy cars that are illegal to even be sold for the most part {un-inspectable brakes on an automobile for an example makes it illegal to sell in most states} to an illegal immigrant for almost nothing, they register it, when they are caught driving it then it gets impounded, and they never even bother to go get it of course. This also applies to when they are simply sick of it or it dies on the street, then they simply leave it in a parking space and forget about it.

The State or the City mandates that tow trucks pick them up, and then mandate that lots take them, and then they sit there for the State Mandated 20 dollars a day impound fee. Now since these people are never going to go and get the cars they tend to sit there for a long time taking up a space that would be making 20 dollars a day, and worse then that, the state and the City are not going to go without their 8.75 cut of that 20 dollars a day, and they expect it every 90 days regardless. The obvious solution to this problem is that the lot owners would be able to auction off these cars and try to recoup the money that it is costing them, but it isn’t quite that simple because it is not only illegal to sell a car of any sort even if it is abandoned without a title, but it is also illegal to JUNK a car without one as well. To actually get the title after the “mandated” 90 days that they have to wait is a long and very expensive process that nets you ownership of a car that the junk yard is going to charge you to take because again it was full of holes, with no frame, no brakes, and probably broken windows. From what I was told these cars have absolutely NO salvageable value on them at all.

What pisses me off in all of this is that a lot of people would hear the plight of the lot owners and tow truck drivers and think, “Well screw them, who likes these people?” and it simply falls to common logic that these people are extremely important to civilized society. You can’t even imagine what it is like living in an area that has “dead” cars lying around, blocking up parking spaces in busy urban areas, or littering the side of the highways. It would make the cities and towns look a lot like the places that most of these people come from actually, and to be totally honest with you is another concern about the lawless nature that these people who are “only here to work” seem to think that everyone should accept when they move in. I am not prepared to accept an entire glut of people running around who have been disrespecting the laws or the rest of this country from the very first day that they “illegally” came here, and every time I hear their rally cry “Today we march, tomorrow we vote” I am terrified to think of what people who disrespect the communities that they are invading would vote like, but considering that the State of Massachusetts just elected a Governor that openly supports drivers licenses for “illegal immigrants” that he calls “undocumented immigrants” and holds strong to his words that they are only here “because they want jobs” I might have to agree with half of his premise. They only want jobs, they don’t want to make society any better, or at the very least integrate into it. Good thing he wants them to pay “In State” tuition as well because it’s unfair that they lived here their whole lives and graduated from high school and can’t get a discount on college. Lord knows after spending their entire lives here illegally, college will do them some good. It falls under the real plans that the liberals in this country want, which is a permanent underclass to vote for socialism at every turn. Who says they actually would vote any worse? ;8o)

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