Thursday, November 16, 2006

Things You Learn When You Tune Out The Noise - Volume 3

Well those crazy little liberals are at it again in San Francisco as the school board banned the JROTC {Junior ROTC} program in the high schools. The student body is in an uproar over it and so are about 1700 parents because believe it or not, even in a city that is more noted for rampant anti Americanism like San Francisco, the JROTC was actually a very popular program. The school board cites that the American Armed Services are racist, and bigoted as their reasoning, and that any form of “indoctrination” is not allowed on school grounds. This actually doesn’t hold water because the only actual “bigotry” that goes on in the Armed Services that the school board of San Francisco can actually cite is the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy of the United States Military, and that is totally moot as it pertains to the JROTC program. The program in San Francisco itself was about 25 percent openly gay students, because the JROTC program doesn’t have such rules. This of course is quite typical of the most left leaning region of America, but what has me up in arms is that the San Francisco school system was practically set up to be an indoctrination center from the get go, as long as it is the “right indoctrination” and actually goes a long way to explain the military’s point for them.

We all know that there are gay people in the military, because almost every one of the lesbians that I am friends with served in the United States Marines, and are quite proud of it and now that they have left will tell you quite frankly that most of the women in the Marines are lesbians. I have also met a few {not many to be honest} gay men who served in the armed forces, who either accepted that it is not discussed, or at the very least didn’t discuss it, but to assume that it is a slight on people’s rights means you should probably pay attention to what goes on in the world. If we take San Francisco as our example, there are 6 separate Gay and Lesbian organizations set up in the school system, that use school facilities to do their “non indoctrination” work while the JROTC is told that they cannot. I don’t actually have an issue with them being in school and never have, but for anyone to say that they are NOT politically motivated, or don’t promote some sort of values that some people find offensive and wish were not in school is bull crap. More over to even assume that openly gay people when placed into certain environments, doesn’t immediately make them political or combative is also being a bit disingenuous. I am not even going into the logical cases of what type of people actually fight in the front lines and what type don’t, but I will.

We have seen this all before with the “women in combat” issues all over the world. I love the concept of having women in the front lines myself because I have always believed that women make far more passionate fighters than men do, but the dynamics don’t completely mesh up with the purposes and goals of the military in general. Psychologically speaking an average woman might indeed be more timid than a man when it comes to holding a gun and shooting at another human being {and I have had this confirmed by well over 20 women who were in the Marines} but when the person standing next to them is gunned down there is an instinctual “shift” that differs completely between men and women. Women actually through maternal style instincts and their own heightened passionate responses will more likely than not become a far more emboldened and passionate fighting machine than any man has the instincts to become. Physiologically speaking when “the shit hits the fan” men tend to become more distant to what is going on around them and although they do respond to the situation, are NOT totally emboldened and justified to their core like women are. This is not an entirely good thing in all circumstances as peace tends to be the objective of wars, and such amazing passion in the killing of those that now “completely deserve it” is a lot harder to shut off in women, but in other circumstances where that is not an issue {Vietnam would be a good example, where as many areas really did need to be cleaned out of all human life, because inevitably enemies that were not killed would take out your people at a rate of 10 to 1} then the ability of a woman to commit such atrocities are far superior to a man’s and these things personally translate well to gay individuals as well.

Now the problem being that the average person who is actually in the front lines is probably not a Harvard graduate, who went through rounds of sensitivity training at some far left leaning liberal high school in New England or Northern California. It would be really nice and all, but the chances are more likely than not that it is someone from the deep south or someplace where sensitivity training just wasn’t an issue. San Francisco’s ban on JROTC helps to make sure that that imbalance will always be the status quo. These are not bad people, but I hate to be blunt when I say this, “The Gay Agenda Crowd” thinks that they are. When people on the far left set up some sort of agenda that pushes “Gay” into the forefront, it is every bit as much to some of them a moratorium on who is good and who is bad, and THAT does not belong in the center of a profession that involves getting shot at and potentially killed. I have never personally met a Gay member of the armed services that didn’t understand that, but have met many Gay people who have never served that totally reinforce this belief of mine. This includes my totally “Marine for Life” uncle, and his favorite drinking buddy who just happens to be gay and served with him. They served together WAY before there was even a “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy, and the way that the media and the idiots in charge of certain school boards would make it sound, all gays in the military were simply thrown out. The answer to the question is “No, gays that made it an issue were,” and we are talking about two men in their sixties in Tennessee now who have run 4 separate businesses together.

Again, unfortunately what you are seeing is another sector of the political world using Gay people to reinforce an anti American agenda that makes many people in this country angry. This used to be what they did to black people but unfortunately using black people to reinforce these agendas got old, and wasn’t oppressively inclusive. By using Gay people to stomp on free speech or choice you have what some people {a very small sector of society mind you} would consider a malady that effects absolutely everyone. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, women, men, can all be oppressed by Gay haters equally, and it also happens to effect more people this way as the race baiters have finally set up most of the country in “zones” that place the larger bulk of “like minded” ethnicities divide. We all know people of the other race in the rural areas, but we simply don’t look at them that way because if they live in your community, then they are probably of the same mind set. None of the black people or Hispanic people that I know cry about being oppressed because they are at the same job as me and living in the same style home, so in reality they don’t even register as being any different then me. I could give a shit what is being said in a “largely black” community out in the Midwest because it doesn’t effect my little world, and when I think about it, they did actually heard themselves out there like little sheep to whine in unison. Now if you take the same circumstance and apply the word “Gay” to it, then we all know “Gay” people, and have a vision of them being oppressed in some way or another {be it bans on Gay Marriage, the fact that they aren’t allowed to be Boy Scout leaders … etc} and now we are talking about a sector of society that can be used as sticks to beat up people with guilty consciences with.

What this translates out to in San Francisco is that 1700 students are being disenfranchised form a school group that they liked being a part of. It was a group that required the signatures of their parents, unlike the majority of the other ones at the school. The people who are being taken advantage of in this circumstance are the children who are being told that their ideals are not welcome in that school system, and it is NOT being reported by anyone that the gay students who are in the JROTC program {or should I say were} have even brought it to the attention of the school personally that at 25 percent of the JROTC program that they are without a doubt the most effected by this decision as a much larger percentage of the “Gay” students were in JROTC than even heterosexual students. The other disenfranchised group that was heavily represented in JROTC {the Asians} are considered to simply be a part of the “white” community in San Francisco dynamics, because they actually integrate. The school departments answer was basically “Shut up kids, we are speaking for you,” which is basically how it goes when the “enlightened” people determine that you are a protected minority. They take your voice away and then they speak on your behalf, and usually quite incorrectly.

That entire region of the country is already the laughing stock of the nation as the Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals {affectionately known as The Ninth Circus} is the place that every lunatic that wants to oppress the majority goes. They made it illegal to say “Under God” in the pledge of allegiance, they have made Christmas illegal in schools, and they have ordered several monuments to be torn down because of religious artifacts or symbolism. In almost every case, they have been blown out of the water by the supreme court, and they practically don’t even serve a purpose because they are usually overturned by the Supreme Court, but still keep at it. The good news for the rest of America, is that the new House Speaker is one of the legislators elected from San Francisco, so pretty soon we are all going to have a front row seat for this idiocy daily ;8o)

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