Thursday, November 23, 2006

Things You Learn When You Tune Out The Noise - Volume 4

In 1979, Jimmy Carter appointed Alcee Hastings to the bench for the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. He was later indicted of conspiracy to solicit and accept a bribe in 1981, and was placed before Judge Edward Gignoux of Maine who presided over a jury that in turn acquitted him. A couple of months later the Judicial Council of the Eleventh Circuit filed a complaint against then Judge Hastings under the Judicial Disability Act. It was a rough couple of years for Alcee on the bench as you can see, but it gets better, as about 3 years later the Judicial Council issued a report and sent it to the Judicial Conference of the United States. In 1987 the Judicial Conference met and determined that the findings of the Council be sent to the Speaker of the House that Judge Hastings be impeached, and that he was. Later the Senate removed him from the bench, and despite all of the legal appeals and other wrangling about it all the fact still remains that Alcee Hastings was impeached and removed from the bench. The vote in the Democratically controlled House was an astounding 413 to 3 and included Representatives Nancy Pelosi {soon to be Speaker of the House}, Steny Hoyer {soon to be House Majority Leader}, Charles Rangel {one of the predominant members of the Congressional Black Caucus} and again almost all of a highly Democratically controlled Legislature. Alcee Hastings now sits in the House of Representatives, as the people in the twenty third district of Florida {you know the geniuses that were all staring at hanging chads and were upset that they couldn’t do a butterfly ballot} found it necessary to have him represent them from the year of 1992 until now.

I can’t even tell you how it warms my heart to see the Democrats in the House acting like Democrats again, and executing the back room deals that they accused the Republicans of doing, and Nancy Pelosi showing how “The Most Ethical Congress” ever will conduct itself. First I almost spit up my dinner the night I heard that her choice for Majority Leader was John ABSCAM Murtha who is one of only 4 members of Congress listed on the {amazingly left leaning to the point of being socialist} Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington’s list of 20 most corrupt members. After the Congress chose the “lesser” of two evil’s instead {Steny Hoyer} he will sit as the chair of the House Appropriations Committee {where all of the “real” criminals yearn to be anyway} Chairman. Murtha’s own brother Robert and a former Murtha “senior aid” run KSA Consulting and the PMA group who Murtha gets billions of dollars piped into yearly on the public nipple, so they really had no choice despite how much they love his socialist agenda.

Steny Hoyer who ended up with the House Majority leader’s job by default is one of the slightly more conservative Democrats in the house {but doesn’t compare to the pure “blue” dogs that were sent to Washington in the last election} but his own corruption issues are staggering as well, as he is very addicted to special interest money and actively pursues K street donors. It’s very easy to track anything that he breaks ranks with his own party on based on the amount of money that has gone into his coffers. 120,000 dollars is what it took to get him to vote in favor of a dark ages Bankruptcy bill that will keep most Americans from getting out from under predatory credit card debt from questionable agencies that fronted him that “special interest” money last year. His practices in the future will get him into enough trouble, trust me on that one. This brings me to Alan Mollohan of West Virginia who will join John Murtha in the leadership of the Appropriations Committee who is under investigation by the FBI for getting over 500 million dollars sent to his rural section of West Virginia and a bulk of it going to 5 organizations that HE created with his friends. Don’t get me wrong, I blame the Republicans every bit as much for letting that clod get all of that hush money so that the Appropriations Committee could get anything done at all, but now he doesn’t even have to use a rubber stamp.

Back on Alcee Hastings, we have to simply say that it is very easy to see how the less informed people in America can get caught up in the spin by the “Hit and Run News Department” of the Democratic Party, and miss out on those little issues that Murtha, Hoyer, and Mollohan have going for them, but here we are talking about a man that the House and Senate confirmed the complete impeachment process of as a Judge. He was the fifth in the history of the United States and even after adding another corrupt Judge to that role, that list now only totals 6. We are forced to have to say that his lack of ethics should have precluded him from chairing the House Permanent Standing on Intelligence {HPSCI} Committee alone, but the arrogance of Nancy “The Most Ethical Congress In History” Pelosi, and the pressure of the Congressional Black Caucus appear to be all that it is going to take to place him in that very position. This entire scenario had been unfolding as I have been paying attention to it, but it was one of my friends who happens to be Black {and he is a new found conservative that hates being called African American because he likes to be called an American that happens to be Black} who was telling me at work yesterday that he is offended that this is still what the Democrats offer the people of his race, another Black man with no morals, which I really liked and gave him a quarter to use in my blog.

I told you all before any of the elections even took place that in MY world as a writer, these people are a lot better for having things to write about, and in the same vein said that I still wanted them to lose because they do place personalities before principals. Those that voted out of spite in the last election cycle got what they deserved and are going to force it on all of us for at least 2 years to come, but lets get real about something here, as I point out that these people haven’t even “officially” taken office yet, and they can’t wait to make lunacy out of everything they do because they just can’t help themselves. The part that should really scare anyone reading this blog is that I have only told you all about the incoming House Leadership that will make your head spin if you read about their actions as apposed to their fake promises. Wait until you all read about who the Senate has been placing into their leadership positions, which starts with the top dog over there Harry Reid, and the whole story about his “land deals” that the news never told you about ;8o)

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