Sunday, November 19, 2006

Things You Learn When You Pay Attention - Volume 5

What can I say, I happen to be a big fan of getting my point across by being absurd, and I am sure that everyone missed that, but I was listening to the radio this morning and the University of Rhode Island Republican Council {which yes I have laughed a few times assuming that there is probably only 4 of them in the whole state} was on the radio talking about it’s plans this week. Now I am sure that most people have never heard of these guys, but they do some of the funniest things to a Right Wing Whacko like me, which included a “Social Security Bake Sale” last year that originally was going to be a “Minority Bake Sale” until the school squashed it. In the “Social Security Bake Sale” you were charged less for each item based on your age. The older you were the less you paid, and the younger you were the more you paid. The original concept of charging more based on your ethnicity was considered to be too racist in nature {even though the white people paid more} and the school threatened to expel them if they did it, so they did back off. So much for free speech, but they still were able to get it talked about quite a bit, so I guess that was a victory.

This actually isn’t about their absurd ideas as much as it is about one of their not absurd ideas that were dismissed as an absurd one that really got me thinking. The talk show host had called the president of the organization up at 6am to razz him about their newest idea {a scholarship drive for white, male, heterosexuals only, and a new school organization for the same} and the two of them talked for a bit about the fact that University of Rhode Island has 8 different groups that are for certain ethnicities, or sexual orientations, that actually ban members who are not part of those ethnicities or sexual orientations. As usually is the case, he was using the absurdity of starting a group for white, male, heterosexuals to create a dialogue about how THAT is racist, since the school would ban it outright. I agree with his arguments, and simply laugh at his methods, but as they were talking about all of his different schemes there was one that got brought up nonchalantly and talked about for a minute or two and then forgotten. They had a fund raiser last month to buy a poor woman a gun and get her weapons training, and after they talked about how they raised 1500 dollars and chose a woman, they sent her off to New Hampshire for the weekend to get her certification in fire arms safety, and a new SigArm {which the people at Sig donated} and then they had a chuckle about how Rhode Island won’t let her keep it. Then they went back to talking about the white, male, heterosexual scholarship.

My mind started churning over this one {as it does about everything I know} because I have always been a big second amendment advocate, and a huge women’s safety advocate. The other night I was listening to Nancy Grace on CNN Headline News {and if you have never seen her you really should, talking about pistols, she really is a pistol} and she said something that really stuck with me and I am going to make sure that my daughters know this too, “There ain’t no man ever going to abuse me without fearing for his own life,” and it was part of a long story because she was a Atlanta DA for a long time which she had gotten into the profession because of abuse as a young girl. She then went on to talk about how she doesn’t own a gun but when she was a DA she employed a man who carried at least 3, and his job was to kill predators, not understand them. Now again, Nancy Grace DOES NOT do politics on her show, it is all about legal cases across America, and as I said, she really is 100 pounds of dynamite, so as I was listening to her simply explain the problems with women in today’s society, as far as abuse goes, she held a lot of credibility to me, and the most important thing she could say to any girl out there, was that being a victim of abuse, be it rape, murder, battering or all of them is NOT an option, and what women learn about it all is just plain wrong. The point she was getting at was that all women have been taught to scratch, bite, grab keys, whatever, and then run, but what they need to learn is to kill if they have to, without being so jaded by the ethical issues of killing, or at the very least seriously disabling a predator. They have every opportunity to stop what they are doing that put THEM in this situation and the free will that they have is what is in question, not the woman’s.

Being friends with a lot of angry lesbians, most of them being quite gorgeous, has taught me a few things about these issues because I know that it would be suicide to mess with any of them, and so does EVERYONE who meets them. My friend Jen in particular could be one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. She’s sweet, kind at times, and she displays the confidence of a woman that would actually kill another human being who threatened her, and nobody does, regardless of what time of night she is out, or where she is. This doesn’t mean that she commandeers fear, or that nobody hits on her too hard, or that she even loses her composure about these things, she just says no in a way that makes it obvious, and she can very easily get as aggressive as anyone else, if that is what the situation mandates. 12 years of martial arts doesn’t hurt in her situation either, but it goes beyond that into the fact that she doesn’t have the moral issues that a lot of people have when it comes to trying to understand someone who is just plain rotten to the core. Self righteousness in these circumstances is NOT a bad thing, and she has said quite plainly “I would rather explain why I killed someone than have someone else explain to me why I should get over what that someone might have done to me, if I am alive to talk about it that is,” {and yes I called her to get the quote right … grin} which is NOT considered a viable option in one of these scenarios for some sorry reason.

This brings me to the “Second Amendment Sisters” who are a real organization of women who believe that the oppressive gun control laws are what keep women oppressed in society. I have ALWAYS believed in this one myself. The fact remains that creating more gun control laws have done nothing but insure that only criminals have guns. Nothing is going to keep a person hell bent on getting a gun to commit a crime from getting one, but the thought that almost anyone who is NOT a criminal might have one is always a deterrent, and the proof of that is out there if you look for it. Washington DC is a place where if you are a law abiding citizen you are NOT allowed to own a gun, and what does their crime rate look like? Chicago Illinois? Boston Massachusetts? Everyplace that there are a ton of violent gun crimes there are oppressive gun controls in place, the concept of being shot back are non existent unless you are fighting a rival gang, and the crime rates always go through the roof and people are scared. In a state like Rhode Island where hand guns are illegal {which is the Mafia protection plan because Rhode Island is actually owned by the Mob, and THEY have guns}, you don’t hear very much about violence, but the rape rate in Rhode Island is astounding, and I happen to be an ideologue to think that perhaps the fear of being shot in the head could bring this rate down. Mandatory fire arm safety classes can be given out a lot cheaper than rape counseling which at the very least will be a permanent part of a woman’s life. Fire Arm safety, and proper training on how to use it would be a finite thing.

Of course there will always be the detractors that like to assume that women will start shooting people accidentally, or without provocation. Someone will get the gun from them and use it on them or others, you can almost hear it now, but the fact remains that that is tantamount to someone saying “Women are too stupid to own a gun, un-teachable, or incapable of knowing the difference between right or wrong” and that is a crime as far as I am concerned. Most decent men know when they are being intimidating, and some are either doing it on purpose, or by accident, and in either case all men have the ability to stop their behaviors. Those that don’t or are incapable of doing so deserve to die, and this is another problem with society as a whole. I realize that I have a rather “tainted” at best, black and white view of society, but if you have been warned that you probably will die if you continue to do what you are doing, then the chances are pretty good that you are up “slated for extinction” on the old Darwin table anyway. This is what we are missing in society is the whole belief system that some people actually do deserve what happens to them and others do not. Nobody is going to say that a woman who is brutally raped deserved to be brutally raped, but many people are going to say that the man who did it deserves to die. Those that don’t believe that they do probably don’t live in the same world as you and I anyway {basically the one called Earth} and perhaps it would be perfectly ok to eliminate the middle man in the process, if the woman doesn’t have to have torturous memories for the rest of her life for the man to get what he deserves anyway.

I’m also sorry to point out to a lot of people that this becomes a precursor to fixing a lot of these issues to begin with. The chances are pretty good that the fear of death could actually keep a few of these creatures from crossing that line between the real world and the world that sings the song of physically attacking a woman. Heaven forbid that we point out here that the “attacker” that sneaks up on a woman is going to do it anyway, and the chances of a 50/50 prevention are better than 0. I am horribly sick of being reminded also that women are more often raped by a man that they know. Shoot them too! I am not being sarcastic in the least here either, despite the reasoning that this was brought out in my mind, because I did teach self defense classes when I was in College, and the number 1 thing that I told every woman back then was “Don’t assume that you will get through the memories, the most important thing that happens is that YOU get out of there unharmed,” I would then tell them the things that you say when you believe you are being followed “Please cross the street, because you are scaring me,” which any man that can be called a man would understand, those that don’t get what they deserve. I would also tell them that above all else, no matter what they have heard about defending themselves, when you are under an attack, you punch strait in the throat with everything you have, FIRST! The facts are quite simple that even the weakest person physically will disable an attacker that way, and you know what it did? It made it so that every woman I run into from college that went to these self defense classes, has never been afraid, but I still wish I could have just handed out guns, like the constitution says I can.

Women who don’t want to own a gun don’t have to but the deterrent of not knowing who has one could so easily change the dynamic of hate crimes against just about anyone in society based on the fear of whether or not THAT person is one of the people who does. This grows the whole argument of whether or not a gun in the hands of a “good” person could have prevented anything. We’ve heard of this shooting and that shooting, and I remember one that happened in Wakefield Massachusetts a few years back, when a psychopath walked into an office building and started killing people. He walked down the halls looking for the people that he wanted to kill, and people started barricading themselves in their offices. He simply smashed the doors in and then killed the people on the other side as they cowered behind the locked doors. The criminal had the gun, and because in Massachusetts it was illegal for all of the innocent people being slaughtered here to own one, their option was to cower. I’m sorry to beat a dead horse here, but if the constitution wasn’t toilet paper in Massachusetts then the person {or people} who wanted to carry a handgun could have taken this guy out at some point along his route. Would everyone survive? Well of course not, but that doesn’t mean that all the people in there had to die to make the point that guns are bad either. Some of these people would actually still be alive today more likely than not, and again it would send the message that DOESN’T get sent in today’s society, “Damn I might die before I even get to do any of the bad things I want to?”

I also happen to think that gun control laws are racist in nature. Sure a lot of black, Hispanic or otherwise criminals have guns. It adds to the stereotypes that the leaders of the different ethnic communities propagate so that they can hold power over their communities, but what about people like James Byrd? He didn’t have a gun on him when the redneck assholes jumped him and dragged him behind a truck. Wonder what would have happened if he had been encouraged to own one by his parents? Perhaps he could have killed one of them, maybe two. Knowing what we know now, would that have been a bad thing? Sure he’d be sitting in a jail cell right now, I am sure, but bloggers like me would be out there crying about his rights to defend himself {while the media covered up the evidence so that they could have a better story line} but I bet if you ask most black people out there, it beats the shit out of “dead” and especially the kind of “dead” that he got. I think above all else though in society, we need to understand one thing about all of this “gun control” bullshit that goes on around here. We’ve tried it the “gun control” way and it is an unprecedented failure on all levels, Switzerland hands out guns to every man over the age of 16 because they are “officially” in the military at that age. They also mandate that you are not allowed to be more than 1 mile away from your pistol, at any time, and we don’t hear very much about their violent crime rate do we? With all of the people who are so fervently for gun control totally in charge of the mainstream Marxist media in the United States alone, they would have done anything to prove that point wrong, and never have been able to ;8o)

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